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    BlueGuy - Marine Graphics Patch
        for DooM and DooM ][ 


Paul Simpson
<email removed>


Inspired by <email removed> who made
which contains the sprite gifs for the player1
sprite. (Note: I did not use any of the matterial
from, it gave me the idea for blueguy.wad.
Check out too, although it is a bit  
outdated, the gifs look cool.) contains the files required
to make all four players in coop and deathmatch games
look the same.  A completely fair matchup, of course,
you will not know which player you are up against while
you fight, but when a player gets fragged (s)he changes
color, so that you can see your handy work on the floor. :)

Note on Player1 Sprite:

The DooM engine changes the green color
in the PLAYER1 sprite to the other three
colors (INDIGO, BROWN, RED).  If the green
colors in the sprite are changed, the DooM
engine will appear not to change the player
sprites, as long as green is NOT used in the 

BLUEGUY.WAD has no green colors, so all four
players will appear blue, I think it looks
like all the players have 200% armor on. Some
other wad authors have added green colors
on the helmet or arm so that players may
know who they are fragging.  I have not done this
because my goal was to completely even the playing
field for all players.  We all know we would rather
be INDIGO than GREEN in a dark PWAD. :)  In blueguy.wad
all the players look blue, until they are fragged, then
they appear in their "natural" (albeit dead) color.

I hope you like it.

Files Included: 

        DEUSF.EXE    - Olivier Montanuy's program to 
                       make small Sprite/Flat wads useful.
        BLUEGUY.WAD  - Contains the PLAYER1 sprite.
        BLUEGUY.TXT  - This file.


(0) you must have the registered version
    of DooM and/or DooM ][
(1) unzip into your DooM and/or DooM ][ directory
(2) type the following command to build the blueguy.wad
    sprite file for use:

        DEUSF -sprite -app blueguy.wad

(3) blueguy.wad is now ready to use, for example:

        doom -com1 -deathmatch -file blueguy.wad

        doom2 -com1 -deathmatch -file blueguy.wad

(4) after play you can restore blueguy.wad to its small size:

        DEUSF -res blueguy.wad


You may deconstruct and use blueguy.wad to make
other wads. Please, credit the author.

Inform the author if blueguy.wad will be in a CD ROM or
other media distribution.  See the following note
about DEUSF.

Note on DEUSF:

DeuSF V2.8 Copyright (c)1994 Olivier Montanuy (<email removed>)

 Derived from DEU by Brendon Wyber and Raphael Quinet.
 Ported to OS/2 by Mark Mathews and LINUX by Per Allansson.
 Thanks to: Steve McCrea and Elias Papavassilopoulos for their help,
 Matt Fell for the DOOM specs... and IDsoftware for the implementation!
 DeuSF is freeware. It should be available to you for free.
 Selling, lending or leasing this software is not permitted.

DeuSF -help      will give you the available commands

Look for for a complete updated set of Olivier Montanuy's 
program at

*end of file*
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