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--The New Breed-- for Doom][ ver. 1.9   (8/25/97)

-Archive maintainer, please replace NEWBREED.ZIP in the combos folder with this update. Thanks!!-

This is my final contribution to the DOOM community. Currently, I'm employed
with BANJO Software, a new game development company. We are currently wrapping 
up HacX, a fantastic new game using the DOOM engine, but we have given it life.
So many new games lack a story, and theme. HacX will blow you away!!!!

You can also contact me (Fanatic) @:

  email: <email removed>

Please do not redistribute this unless it's the entire zip file, unmodified.
This may not be sold on the net or on a CD compilation. It started free,
and will remain free.

If you're interested in level design using this TC, please email me. 

I've recieved lot's of email from people about there only being one single
player level, and it's not complete. The 'ending' is where the scuba gear is.
There is no actual 'exit', unless someone wants to finish it? (hint-hint)

There are also three death match levels, just warp to them to check them out.
Load up The New Breed and wait for the demos to start. I included one single
player demo on map01, and two death match demos on the other DM maps. This is
most enjoyable played death match style!!

Try warping to other levels too. I did some killer modifications with monsters,
and new ones you won't believe!! If you kill the end boss and watch the monster
animations, the flame thrower dude will cause a crash to DOS when he dies. 
It's an effect I liked in the game, but crashes the ending. Not a big deal. 

The only cheats I changed is god mode and all weapons - no keys. They are
'w' for weapons, and 'g' for god mode. I did this when I was testing and
just got used to it. So there ya go.

To install, type INSTALL2 after unzipping NEWBREED.ZIP in your DOOM2 directory. 
My installation will not touch your DOOM2.WAD or DOOM2.EXE. You can play
regular DOOM2 like normal, or my TC by typing NEWBREED. Piece o' cake. 

Here's the story....
Earth. The origin of many. Hell spawn have ravaged your world,
turning it into a deadly place, where only the strong survive. The marines
sent to destroy the Cyberdemon and Satan himself, have since turned against
the alliance and have ceased to protect Earth. They now live in a state of
drug enduced paranoia. The hell spawn have evolved, while the defenders of 
Earth stand by, watching. You have been recalled to your home to defend it 
and restore any means necessary. 

-Nothing there must survive-

-Your marine brothers are expendable-

They will try to stop you. However, you have an advantage. Your superior 
training in weapons and combat have given you the edge. They have since run 
low on supplies, rendering them nearly defenseless. They are limited to only
chainguns, and have managed to modify them to fire at alarming rates. They 
may have aquired some of the hidden supplies we shipped to Earth prior to 
your departure. We don't know what weapons they've stolen, so proceed with 
caution.........they are aware of your arrival.

We can not disclose the locations of your supplies now, since this is not a
secure channel. You will have at your disposal a standard issue chaingun, 
an accelerator trigger for the chaingun, a two-part Apachee chaingun, a 
missle launcher, a flame thrower, and a super napalm gun.

Beware. The Hell spawn have mutated in ways we never expected. Some have 
adapted, others have evolved. Our reports comfirm that they...............

---------------------------transmission lost------------------------------


The New Breed REQUIRES about 5 to 8 megs to install. 

You MUST have all the contents from unzipped in your Doom2 

You MUST have Doom2 version 1.9

If none of these are true:

-make space on your hard drive

-move all the files from to your Doom2 directory

-and/or upgrade to version 1.9 (patches are available on almost 
 any Doom internet site)


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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