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WAD Type
Name : Funnyweapons

Author : Flame46mon

Description : Not to be a meant weapon mod, but my goal was to show how funny can it be doom weapons
with the already existant sprites, and i added the necessary sprites that i needed, not a lot
but some of them to make weapons funny,this started as a test state of a weapon, but then i got
the idea to make weapons weird and funny.

Copyrights : Decorate code is made by flame46mon, Sprites to their respective authors

"What the hell does this wad have?!?!"

New decorate on weapons
Few sprites Added
Few sounds

"Which are the weapons?!?"

1.- Mightyfist: Your martial arts are in improve
2.- Noob pistol: A weird pistol that sometimes shoots rockets
3.- Asploded shotgun: A shotgun that shoots explosive puffs...really useful
4.- Water Chaingun: A water chaingun toy, and hurts monsters for no reason o_O!
5.- Random Launcher: A launcher that shoots random projectiles out, monster projectiles
6.- Chicken Rifle: Ahoy to the chiken rifle! shoots flying chickens that explode in your face
7.- Happy bfg: Spread the happiness with this weapon :D!

And the weapons have power ups! The berserk gives them power ups

Game modes

Cooperative : Yes
Deathmach : So so, Only thing that would not work is the shotgun, doesnt kill anyone
Ctf : Lol if you want

"What the heck has been changed?!?!"

-More spread and damage to happy bfg
-Increased damage on projectiles of the random launcher
-Decreased damage on asploded shotgun
-A little bit more damage on chicken missiles

And that's it, if you find something weird or a bug, just try to find me as my nickname (flame46mon) or drop a message
to this e-mail: <email removed>
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