ASDOOM][: The Final Countdown
The best unmodified DOOM][ PWAD ever (play it before you flame me).
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08
ASDOOM][: The Final Countdown.  First revision, 12th March 1995.

Please read ALL of this file before beginning play, especially the section
entitled CONDITIONS OF USE as this details what you may and may not do with 
these files.

Welcome to ASDOOM][, a series of completely new levels for id's DOOM ][.

This archive contains replacements for levels MAP01 to MAP08 inclusive 
(essentially all of the files found in the archives ASD2_PT1.ZIP, 
ASD2_PT2.ZIP and ASD2_PT3.ZIP).  The levels are designed to be played in 
sequence, and have brief plot text to link them together and enhance the 
atmosphere (see below).

All DOOM levels these days seem to have to have individual names (like
UNDERHALLS or ENTRYWAY), so I decided to give mine names too:

KINGS, level three is MOODY, level four is GOING DOWN?, level five is HELL 
OF A KNIGHT, level six is THE HEAT IS ON, level seven is A FALSE SENSE OF 
SECURITY and level eight is FINALE.  In each case you'll have to find out 
why the hard way...   ;)

ASDOOM][ assumes that you are a veteran of both DOOM and DOOM ][, and that
you are therefore a capable player.  If you are new to DOOM it is probably
a good idea for you to play through DOOM first (because it is relatively 
easy), then DOOM ][, then ASDOOM][.  If you are a total addict you could
also get hold of the original ASDOOM as well.  ASDOOM is an extra episode
for registered DOOM by the same author, and is a worthwhile addition to
your collection (but then I would say that, wouldn't I?).    :)

To make life as easy as possible for beginners a batch file is included to
run all of the levels for you.  Simply make sure that all of the files
from this archive are in your DOOM2 directory then type ASD2 to play (but 
read the rest of this file first).

For the ultimate experience play these levels in a dark room (the darker
the better!) on Ultra Violence.  If you do this I can guarantee you one of 
your best games ever, assuming that you live long enough to enjoy it.   :)

These levels are dedicated to the people who made them possible:

Thanks firstly to all at id for giving us DOOM and DOOM ][.  I can't think
of any other game that has given me such long term entertainment!

Thanks also to Geoff Allan, the person responsible for writing the DOOM
editor used in the production of these levels.  For reference, I am now
using version 4.2 of Geoff's DoomEd for Windows, available from the Internet
and good BBS's everywhere.

Credit also goes to Colin Reed, author of the BSP DOOM nodebuilder (this 
useful program has helped by rebuilding any wad files that DoomEd couldn't 
cope with, and is REALLY handy if you are designing levels yourself).  
I currently use version 1.2x. 

Thanks to Steven and Rand Phares for providing DSHRINK.  This program
strips redundant sidedefs out of your wad files, which means that they
should run faster, and because they are smaller they take less time to
download.  Lucky you!

I am very grateful to Ian Trevena for the assistance that he gave me during 
the early stages of the development of these levels.

Thanks also to all of those people who mailed me feedback on the ASDOOM
and/or ASDOOM][ levels.  I have listened carefully to everything that you 
said and asked for, and you may just find it here!  Mail me again and 
let me know.

Finally thanks to my wife, Christina.  She's very patient.  Still.

You thought that I was going to demand some cash, right?  Well calm down, 
I'm not going to.  No need to part with anything that you don't want to.
Anyone who is filled with a wild, uncontrollable urge to send me money can 
though.  I wouldn't want you to think that I'll get upset if you do, I just 
won't get upset if you don't.   :)

Decompress this archive if you haven't already.  Place all files in your 
DOOM2 directory.  None of your existing files will be altered by playing 
these levels, but if you feel nervous make sure you back up your DOOM2 
files first.

Once all of the files are in your DOOM2 directory simply change to that
directory and type ASD2.BAT to play the new levels.  This batch file is
designed to get you straight in to the new levels without the need to set
anything up first.  A message will appear telling you that you are playing
modified levels - this is no cause for alarm.  Press Enter to continue.

Once DOOM2 has loaded choose a difficulty level and play as normal.

These new levels will test your DOOM skills to the limit.  ASDOOM][ does 
support different skill levels and life will be harder or easier based on 
your choice.  If you select Ultra Violence, EXPECT Ultra Violence.  Note 
that ASDOOM][ is not designed to be playable on Nightmare skill level - it 
will savagely kill you and kick sand in the face of your corpse if you're 
daft enough to try!  Whatever level you choose, make sure that you save 
fairly frequently (or don't come crying to me about it).    :)

Also, don't cheat.  Pretty much everyone knows the cheat codes for DOOM, but
surely you're just spoiling your own fun?  If you cheat at these levels you
miss the challenge, the tension, the excitement, the fear.  You might just
as well not bother playing!  It's your choice, I just want you to get as
much fun out of my work as possible.  If you cheat, you are only cheating

Oh, and I know that some areas are a bit dark, but don't give yourself the
light amplification goggles.  If I had wanted you to see everything all
the time I would have made the light level 255 in every room, wouldn't I?
If you need a little extra light to help you spot the little "blighters"
(this is a family TXT file) try letting rip with the chaingun.  Much more


CONDITIONS OF USE                            
Copyright for these levels remains with the author.  You are welcome (even
encouraged!) to have fun with these levels yourself, and to pass them on to
as many other people as possible so that they can have fun with them too,

* This compressed file (zip or arj or whatever) must be passed on in its 
  entirety with all files present and unaltered in any way.  You may not
  add to or detract from what is here, just pass it on exactly as it is.

* You may not use these levels as a basis for alterations to produce levels.

* You MAY include this archive, ASD2.ZIP, on any compilation or 
  coverdisk that you are producing, PROVIDED you observe the other two
  conditions noted above.  I would be grateful if you would e-mail me
  (as a courtesy) to let me know that you have used ASD2.ZIP.

Use, decompression or duplication of this software indicates total and
unquestionable acceptance of these conditions.

I am not trying to be difficult here, but I've worked long and hard on
these levels (over forty hours EACH) to enhance and extend your enjoyment
of a great game.  All I ask in return is that you respect my labour, please.

I have extensively playtested these levels and plenty of other people have
tested them too, but please note that I cannot be held responsible for the
use of, or inability to use, these files.

---------------------------IMPORTANT - SEE ABOVE------------------------------


The ASDOOM][ levels were originally released in three separate archives.  The
first two archives contained three levels each, the third archive contained
only two.  Each archive had its own piece of plot text to introduce the
coming levels.

If you want to gain maximum enjoyment from these levels I recommend that
you read the plot - it is designed to add atmosphere, and give you a few
clues about what to expect.

I have separated the plot into the original three pieces for you below.
You should read the first part, then play MAP01 to MAP03.  Save your game
before leaving the third level, exit DOOM2 and read the second part.  Play
MAP04 to MAP06.  Save, exit, read part three.  Play to the end.  If you
win, read the epilogue by going to the DOS prompt and typing EPILOGUE and
pressing Enter.

Alternatively if you hate reading and crave destruction, skip the text.
It really should enhance your game though...


BACKGROUND (Part One - read before starting play)

You walk wearily towards the deserted military checkpoint.  It is almost
an hour since you emerged victorious from Hell itself and you have yet to
see another living being.

Bodies litter the checkpoint.  Some of them appear to have died at least
twice, judging by the number of wounds.  You give one of the zombie cadavers 
a hefty kick, just to remind it who's boss.

One of the human corpses has a communicator.  He doesn't have a head any
more, but he does have a communicator.  Unlucky for him, lucky for you.
Time to find out where everybody is.  You fire up the communicator and tune
to a military frequency.

"Hello, this is the saviour of all humanity, can anybody read me?"  A wry
smile touches your lips as you wait for a response.

The screen clears almost immediately and a man's face appears.  He looks
tired, and angry.

"I'm Admiral Raben.  Over twenty-four hours has elapsed since you freed us. 
Where the hell have you been?"

Yup, he's angry alright.

"Hell is exactly where I've been, Admiral.  And twenty-four hours may well
have elapsed since I toasted that Demon, but the bus service doesn't seem
to run any routes out that far so I've had to walk back.  Did you miss me?"

"You're damn right we missed you.  We're in all kinds of trouble and you are
the only one who can help us now."

"Sounds familiar.  What's your problem though?  The Demon is dead, brains
splashed all over the place, very messy.  Hell is very quiet at the moment."
You smile again, but Raben just seems to get angrier.

"Just shut up and listen, marine.  We don't have much time.  When you killed
the Demon all of the remaining humans were liberated and reappeared here.
Unfortunately during the time that everyone was being held hostage and you 
were fighting to free them it seems that other demons were still swarming
through the dimensional gateways to Earth itself.  When we arrived back here
the dimensional gateways snapped shut behind us, trapping the demons on
Earth.  All hell broke loose, with demons attacking the survivors on sight.
We were too divided and disorientated to offer proper resistance, so we had
to do something drastic.  We voted to evacuate the remnants of humanity to
the lunar bases."

"Take everyone to the moon?  Why?"

"Because we were getting massacred down on Earth.  We didn't have a choice.
The moon has been unaffected by the demon attacks and we thought that we 
could use it to regroup and reequip.  Once we were properly armed and 
organised the remaining demons would not have been able to withstand us."

"So what went wrong?"

"We managed to get everyone aboard a fleet of starships and out into orbit,
but something is pulling us back down.  We are applying maximum power just
to hold our position now, but I'm told that our orbit is gradually decaying.
Whatever it is, it has got the whole fleet - every known surviving human 
being apart from you.  It is slowly pulling us back out of the sky.  We'll
be destroyed if you don't do something."

You know that you are going to regret this.  "What do you want me to do?"

"Find it, kill it.  Nice and simple.  I'm going to hand you over to Colonel
Diaz.  She is the finest military tactician that we have aboard, and she
has a plan for you.  Listen to her.  You are our only hope."

Admiral Raben begins to turn away.

"Hey, Admiral.  If I pull this off AGAIN you'd better make damn sure that
I get a reward this time."

Raben's face is stern.  "You can have a reward right now.  I'm giving you
a field promotion to Major.  Congratulations.  If you stop whatever this is
you can even have my job.  Now shut up and listen to Colonel Diaz."

The Admiral's face is gone, replaced by a woman's.  She doesn't look very
happy either.

"Okay, marine, listen carefully."

"It's Major now, Colonel."

"Okay, MAJOR, listen carefully.  Time is ticking away.  For the last twelve
hours I have had teams up here scanning for whatever it is that is holding 
us, but they could not find any trace of it until a little over an hour ago."

"What happened an hour ago?"

"All of a sudden it appeared on just about every sensor we have, even those
that weren't particularly looking for it.  It is almost broadcasting its
location now."


"Good question, and I'll answer it in a minute.  Let me tell you the plan
first.  Aboard this ship we have an experimental version of a new matter
transporter, based on the dimensional gateway research.  I want to use it
to beam you across to the grid reference provided by our sensors."

"But the demons control the dimensional gateways!  They won't let you use
them to attack them."

"I think that they will allow us to beam you in.  We were unable to locate
them for over half a day, but the moment you emerged back on Earth they
made sure that we could not miss them even if we wanted to.  Why do you
think that is, Major?"

You mull that one over.  Perhaps you are expected to be smarter now that you
are an officer.

Diaz isn't waiting.  "My theory is that they WANT you there.  They know that
we have the capability to put you there, and I think that they will let us.
They will realise that you are our last hope, and they must know that you are
responsible for trapping them on Earth.  There is probably nothing that
they want more in the entire world than for us to deliver you to them."

"Great.  Assuming that I agree, what will I be going into?"

"I was afraid that you would ask that.  Intelligence here is scarce..."

"Well, that's the military for you, Colonel."

"Don't be flippant with me, Major.  My job is to help you to stay alive for
long enough to save humanity.  You are going to need all of the help that
you can get, so I would advise you not to aggravate me any further."

Diaz's expression conveys a very clear message.  You decide to listen.

"Sorry.  Go on."

"The demonic force is pulling us back down directly towards it.  My guess
is that it either intends to enslave or destroy us.  You must prevent this.
I have no way of telling exactly WHAT it is, but I do know where it is:
southern Italy."

"Wonderful, I've never been to Italy."

"I seem to recall that you were not going to be flippant, Major."

"I seem to recall that too.  Sorry."

"There is an underground complex there, dating back from late in the last
century.  As far as I can tell from our records it was originally designed 
and built as a shelter for politicians in the event of a nuclear conflict.
When nuclear weapons became obsolete it was apparently abandoned and sealed."

"And now it's full of demons.  Plus something capable of overpowering a
fleet of starships."

"I am not convinced that it is one particular entity exerting all of this
power.  It may be a sum of the power of many lesser demons.  We will not
know for certain until you begin eliminating a few of them."

"Well the clock is ticking, Colonel.  I'm as ready as I'll ever be."  You
heft the BFG9000 that has seen you through so much recently.  "Any chance
that you can beam me some more ammunition for my toys before I go in?"

Diaz looks distressed.  "I am sorry to have to inform you of this, Major,
but you cannot take any heavy weaponry with you.  The matter transporter
consumes vast amounts of energy in direct proportion to the mass of the
item being transported.  We are going to have to divert substantial power
from the ship's engines just to transport you, sacrificing vital minutes
of our survival time.  Extra weaponry is out of the question.  Retain your
pistol in case you face a hostile reception."

"Are you NUTS?  What do you mean, IN CASE I face a hostile reception!  You
want to beam me in to demon-central with only a PISTOL?  I'd be dead in
a matter of minutes.  There is no way that I can penetrate a fortified
bunker armed with a PISTOL!"

"It will not help any of us if you become hysterical, Major.  I have given
careful thought to this situation.  There is a small garrison directly
adjacent to the entrance to the subterranean complex.  At one time it
provided security for the bunker.  It should now be almost deserted, and
you should be able to improve your armaments and armour by exploring there
first.  When you are done, enter the underground base.  We are trying to
get more detailed scans for you now.  All we know so far is that there are
supposed to be a series of catacombs directly under the garrison, then a
level designed to allow the occupants of the bunker to defend easily against
assault.  Beneath that you will enter the bunker itself.  We have no life
signs from either the garrison or the catacombs, but we are picking up
occasional readings on the long ranged motion trackers...  I feel certain
that you will know what to make of that."

"Yeah, thanks, Colonel.  Any last tips for me?"

"Avoid getting killed.  Do not take too long in finding and eliminating
whatever is down there, unless you feel confident that you can start the
human race again on your own."

"I thought that we weren't going to be flippant."

"Sorry, Major.  Kill whatever is there quickly, or we are going to be
landing right on top of you.  Hard."

"How long do I have?"

"We estimate approximately five hours, depending on whether their grip on
us starts to weaken once they have to contend with you."  She flashes you
a very brief smile.  "Good luck, Major.  We do not have any more time for
idle chat.  Shed all armour and weapons other than your pistol and prepare
for beaming.  And remember, we are on a countdown."

"Understood.  And for what its worth, thanks."

"If I gather anything else I'll be in touch.  Diaz out."

You stand staring at the blank screen for a second, then quickly begin
stripping off your battle gear.  You are still gazing fondly at the 
discarded BFG when you are beamed away.

Your vision refocusses.  You have arrived.  The pistol leaps into your hand 
almost unbidden.  Looking around it seems that you are just inside the
old garrison.  Everything seems peaceful enough - it certainly doesn't look 
like a trap.  But then the best traps never do...



BACKGROUND (Part Two - read between MAP03 and MAP04)

You press yourself further into the small space, trying to ensure that there
are no parts of your body still exposed.  This level seems quiet now that
you have finished blasting merry hell out of everything on it, but you can't 
shake the feeling that bullets (or missiles or razor-sharp teeth) might rake 
across you at any moment.  While you are down here it probably pays to be

You pull the communicator out and power it up.  The damn thing has been
bleeping for the last five minutes, trying to attract your attention but
only succeeding in giving away your position to the swarming demons (may
they rot in peace).  You keep one eye on the corridor, the other on the
communicator.  The picture is fuzzy, but Diaz is on the other end.

"Hello, Major, Diaz here.  How are you?" 

"Well, Colonel, I'm alone on the planet, about a mile underground, surrounded 
by homicidal hell-spawn.  How do you think I am?  What are you anyway, my 

"You are 1.463 miles underground.  And your mother is supposed to look after
you, protect you, help you to stay away from trouble.  I suppose that at this
moment I am indeed your mother."

"Okay, Ma, have it your way.  I have to tell you that beaming me in here
means that you score low marks in the "helping me stay away from trouble"
category.  And do you think that in future you could avoid calling me when
I'm in the middle of a running battle with half of the ex-denizens of Hell?"

"Certainly.  We had heard nothing from you since you entered the garrison,
and you were making us nervous.  Check in regularly from now on and I will
have no reason to contact you."

"Fine.  Anything else that you'd like, or can I go back to chaos and mayhem

"I need to check some data with you.  It is very important, so please pay
close attention."

You treat Diaz to a quick glare, then go back to watching the corridor for
any signs of movement.

"I'm listening, Colonel.  I thought that you were on a countdown."

"We are.  I just need you to confirm a few facts for me.  Since your
insertion we have been experiencing occasional decreases in the demonic 
power currently holding the fleet.  There was a small drop just before you
left the garrison, then two large drops in quick succession a short while 
before you exitted the catacombs.  Finally there was another large decrease
a few minutes ago.  Can you shed any light on this?"

"Yeah, those timings would all coincide with when I iced a major demon.
Are they weak enough yet for you to break free?"

"No.  The hold on us has not weakened at all, but it seems that the demons
are now having to divert their power from other areas in order to maintain
their pull on the fleet.  As a result we are now able to scan their base
much more thoroughly."

"Have you got any useful information for me?"

"Possibly.  I have suspected all along that the force holding the ship might 
be the combined strength of many of the larger demons, and you have now 
confirmed that fact.  My sensor teams have been scanning the levels below
you to try to find further targets for you."

"How nice.  What have they found?"

"You have now pacified the level designed to allow the bunker occupants to
defend themselves against assault.  You will now enter the main bunker.
There seems to be some form of central shaft with rooms arranged around it."

"What's in the rooms?"

"It is hard to tell.  The motion trackers do not penetrate very well to your
depth, and we are obviously reading no life signs other than your own.  If
the records on the bunker are accurate there will just be old storage
material and the odd item of powered-down computer hardware.  The base was
virtually stripped before it was abandoned.  Automated systems will be in 
total disrepair since no-one has been down there for several decades.  Even
the base doors are likely to be unreliable, opening at random or refusing
to close properly."

"That's not much to go on, Colonel."

"As I said, we have been scanning for the large demons, and there do not
seem to be any on that level..."

"Can I have that in writing?"

"No, you may not.  We have managed to isolate several large demons on the
next level down though.  Their power is easy to triangulate while they are 
directing it at the fleet.  The level that they are on provides energy for 
the underground complex, so expect to see generator equipment down there.
Be warned that there are at least three of the larger demons on this level.
There must be more of them somewhere if my estimates are correct, but we
have yet to locate them.  It is possible that we have missed them when
scanning the earlier levels, or they may have somehow managed to get under
the base.  Proceed with extreme caution."

"The thought had occured to me.  How can they get UNDER the base, if you
don't mind me asking?"

"We were not aware of this initially as it does not show on any of the base
schematics.  It seems that natural caverns exist below the base at a depth
of almost two miles.  The environment there is extremely hostile..."

"It isn't exactly friendly up here!"

"...with temperatures in excess of human tolerance in most areas.  You
cannot survive down there unprotected."

"But I do have to go down there?"

"It would seem likely, Major.  The environment in the caverns probably
suits the demons quite well, so they may seek to retreat there.  You must
follow and annihilate them."

"But you said that the heat will kill me."

"Unprotected you would die in minutes.  However the bunker staff apparently
conducted some investigations into the caverns to ensure that there were
no other entrances into their secure base.  They had protective clothing
stored in strategic areas in sufficient quantities for whole teams of
scientists and soldiers to survive down there for some time.  They also
built a number of defensive positions, so not all of the caverns are natural.  
According to the records of the budget for this installation a great deal of 
construction was due to take place in the caverns.  I have no way of telling
how far it had progressed.  However I am sure that you will discover plenty 
of abandoned equipment."

"You want me to use their supplies?"

"Unless you have a more viable suggestion, Major, I would recommend that
course of action.  I have thought of a way to help you.  My sensor teams
will scan for the protective suits that you will need.  Before you enter
the caverns use the interface on the communicator and connect it to your
automap.  I will download the locations of as many of the suits as we can
find.  Check your map carefully, and plan ahead.  Do not allow your
protection to expire, or you will die.  The only areas which may be safe
are those where you find ex-humans.  They are less resistant to the heat
than the other demons, so their presence may signify temporary safety."

"Swell.  Anything else?"

"No, not at this time."

"Okay.  Back to work then.  Thanks for all of that GOOD news.  I'll speak 
to you later.  And don't call me, I'll call you."

"Very well.  Goodbye for now, Major."

"Goodbye, Mother."

The screen goes dark, like the base around you.  Three large demons.  At
least.  You edge out from your hiding place, eyes sweeping the darkness.

Time to go and find them...



BACKGROUND (Part Three - read between MAP06 and MAP07)

You step through the teleport.  A moment of disorientation, then you find
yourself standing in the middle of what looks like a small, deserted town.
The afternoon sunlight is warm on your face, and a gentle breeze rustles
the fallen leaves on the grass nearby.

The communicator begins bleeping in your pocket.  Diaz wants you.  You
power it up and tune to her frequency.

"Hello, Major, this is Colonel Diaz.  Are you reading my signal?"

"Loud and clear, Colonel.  What can I do for you?"

"You have already done it.  The hold on the fleet has been broken and we
are currently clearing Earth's gravitational field.  The mission has been
a complete success."  Diaz affords you a smile that is almost as warm as
the day.

"No problem, Colonel.  Can you tell me where I am?"

"Sorry, Major, but we are unable to track your position in the caves 
beneath the base because you are so far underground, and even slight seismic 
activity renders our motion trackers useless.  We do not even seem to be
able to get a fix on your communicator signal, even though we are running
a concentrated scan to search for you within a ten kilometer radius of
the bunker."

"I'm not under the base, I'm above ground.  I don't know where.  Widen
your scan."

Diaz's smile vanishes in an instant.  She begins barking orders at someone
that you can't see.  "Ensign Hardy, widen our scanning radius to maximum
and get me a fix on that communicator signal.  As soon as you have a 
location begin scanning the surrounding area.  I want a full situation
report, and I want it NOW."

She turns her attention back to you.  "Major, we were not aware that you 
had left the base.  How did you reach your current position?"

"A large demon was guarding a teleport pad deep in the caves beneath the
base.  I had cleared the caves and my protective suit was fading fast.
There was no way back, so I used the teleport to get out."

"Could any of the demons have used the teleport before you?  Is it possible
that the large demon was acting as a rear-guard, slowing you down while
other demons escaped to your present location?"

Your gun moves reflexively into your hand.

"I'm not sure.  There was no sign of anything before I left, and it seems
peaceful enough here..."

Ensign Hardy cuts in.  "Excuse me, Colonel, I have an exact location
confirmed:  1.4 kilometers west of New Mexico PDB.  No other life forms
present.  I have one small moving object registering on the motion-trackers.
It is currently 0.6 kilometers from the Major's position and is moving

"Are you reading this, Major?  One small target, approaching your location
as we speak."

"Understood.  What is New Mexico PDB?"

"Planetary Defence Battery, a large energy weapon designed to defend 
against planetary bombardment or large meteor strikes.  Can you see it
from where you are?"

You look east just in time to see a blinding flash of light.  A pulse of
pure energy streaks into the sky.

"Colonel, it just fired at something!"  The communicator screen is blank.
"Diaz, come in!  Are you still reading me?  Colonel!  Are you okay?"

The screen comes back on.  The picture is lousy but you can see Diaz's
face, bathed in the even red glow of a starship's emergency lights.  
Blood trickles from a cut on her forehead and runs slowly down her cheek.

"Diaz, are you alright?"

"Shaken, Major, but not stirred.  New Mexico PDB just fired on this ship.
I think that we can now reasonably assume that some of the demons used 
the teleport before you did.  Hold this channel for a moment."  She turns
away from you slightly.  "Ensign Hardy, damage report please."

Hardy's voice is nowhere near as calm as Diaz's.  "Shields were not raised
when we were hit, Colonel.  We've lost 46% hull integrity, with most of
the damage being to the aft of the ship.  The starboard engine has been
destroyed and the port engine is currently off-line.  Engineering is
working on it, but at the moment we are dead in space."

"Can we raise our shields?"

"Negative, Colonel.  The reactor has been badly damaged.  All available
power is being redirected to vital systems such as life support."

"What about sensors?  Can we scan the PDB?"

"Aft sensors have been totally destroyed, and we can't manoeuvre to bring 
fore sensor array to bear on the target."

"Which ship in the fleet is nearest to us?"

"The 'Conqueror' is somewhere ahead of us.  I can't give you an exact
distance at this time, Colonel."

"Very well.  Establish a communications link to the 'Conqueror', have them
scan the PDB and feed the data back to us in real-time.  I want to know
what is happening down there.  Major, are you still there?"

"Right here, Colonel."

"It looks as if the mission is not quite finished yet.  Most of the fleet
is likely to escape, but we are crippled, a sitting duck for them to shoot
at.  Ensign Hardy, can we take another hit from the PDB?"

"Negative, Colonel.  The next shot will destroy us.  I have the data feed
from the 'Conqueror' in place now.  New Mexico PDB is recharging for
another strike.  I can't give you any indication of time or target."

"Keep working on it.  Major, start moving towards the PDB immediately.
Running would be preferable to walking.  When you arrive, seek and destroy
all hostiles as quickly as possible.  Depending on how long it takes you
I may be available to congratulate you afterwards."

"On my way, Colonel.  And I'll run all the way."

"Thank you, Major.  Good luck."  She manages a final smile, blood dripping
from her chin.  "Diaz out."

You flip the communicator closed and stow it away.  There is no sign of
the PDB to the east, but most of the weapon would be underground.

At that moment a single zombie soldier rounds the nearest building and
begins moving towards you.

Bad timing, pal.  Very bad timing indeed....


If you want to write to me about ASDOOM][ (or anything else interesting)
I'd love to hear from you.  If you have access to comms post a message to 
Andy Sheppard in the DOOM echo of Fidonet (it should find me) or e-mail me 
at the address below.  I try to reply to EVERY message, so if I don't reply 
to you it means that I haven't received your marvellous missive!  Send it
again.  As an absolute last resort you can contact me via snail-mail at:

Andy Sheppard
89 Gordon Road
SS17 7QZ

I don't actually live there (so keep it clean please) but I'll get your 
mail eventually!

These levels need a fairly powerful machine to get the very best from 
them - 486DX and 8Mb RAM recommended, but it'll run on less.  If your PC 
is struggling a bit please either reduce the size of the playing window 
(by pressing "-") or decrease the detail level (by pressing "F5").

ASD2_PT1 contained no problems that I am aware of.

ASD2_PT2 contained the following two known bugs:
Only three Deathmatch start points on MAP04.
No Deathmatch start points on MAP06.

Fixes for each of these have been implemented in ASD2.ZIP (this archive).

If you encounter a problem please let me know.  I'll try to fix it ASAP.

Enjoy these levels.  I certainly enjoyed creating them.

I am not intending to do any more ASDOOM (but you never know...!).

<email removed>



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