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Cold As Hell (patch 2)
If you've got a slow machine, this will get rid of all trees in the game,
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WAD Type

Archive Maintainer      : Please place in same directory as

Update to               : 

Advanced engine needed  : ZDoom 2.63a or higher (anything less will crash with an error)

Other requirements: You need the contents of to play. You should be able to find
it where you got this patch. Make sure to unzip first, then this patch.

Primary purpose         : Update for Cold As Hell. Do not use unless you're having severe speed
issues, as it will look kind of crummy.

Date Completed         : November 21, 2004.
Title                  : Cold As Hell (patch 2)
Filename               : cah_p2.wad, cah_notrees.bat
Other Works            : "Sacrifice In Blood", "The Corrupt Priest", "ZPong v1.0"
Author                 : Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)

Email Address          : <email removed>
Web Address            : 

Description            : If you've got a slow machine, this will get rid of all trees in the game,
as well as greatly reduce the time that ejected shells are on screen.

Important Notes        : Use the updated BAT. It's smart enough to see if you've got patch 1 as well.

Additional Credits to  : All the people on Wads In Progress who helped pin down the speed issues.


* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2 w/ ZDoom
Level #                 : N/a
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No, no starts
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No, no starts
Difficulty Settings     : Yes

Note                    : Requires Zdoom 2.63a or higher. Requires Cold As Hell.

New Sounds              : N/a

New Graphics            : N/a
New Music               : N/a

Other Stuff             : N/a

Demos Replaced          : None.

* Additional Information / Hints *
Turning snow on/off should now work in ALL levels, not just map03 and on. This was one
of the main speed issues people were having.

* Construction *

Base                    : Modified Cold As Hell levels.

Editor(s) used          : Zeth, Doom Builder

Resource Editor(s) uses : N/a.

Build time              : N/a.
Known Bugs              : May still be speed issues on slower computers.

 * Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional

You may distribute this file as is without 
permission from the author.

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