Continuous Wave
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                                  Continuous Wave.
Title: Continuous Wave
Game: Doom
Filename: CWave.wad
Author: Raphael Cheney
Email address: <email removed>
Please Note: You don't need to know Morse Code to play this wad!  In fact, it's more fun if you don't.  In the immortal words of PFC Jeanette Vasquez, the female space marine in 'Aliens', "Look man!  I only need to know one thing -- where they are."  When things get really tough, you can also try saying, "Let's rock!"  
Terrestrial venture capital was raised to establish a secret UAC base deep in enemy territory, because the foe was so adept at formulating cybernetic viruses to botch up human-engineered computers and robotic CPUs, and you, knowing that Morse Code had made something of a low-key comeback (no pun                  intended) for its relative simplicity and corresponding immunity to such sophisticated viruses, and thinking it would be a ticket to high adventure and fast upward mobility through the ranks of corporate clones in their plodding multitudes, applied for and received a Terran liason assignment at the Cypher Communications Facility, where you have only just arrived from a galaxy-spanning trip.
Before you have time to take over your proper duties from your former replacement counterpart, an alert is sounded and you discover that the base is being invaded by monsters, and while you look on in frozen shock, the human defenders fight fiercely back against numerically and logistically superior alien forces, causing you to finally retreat to your duty assignment, where you discover to your horror that the source of the enemy breakthrough is the last place anyone would ever have thought to look, the formerly impregnable Morse Code Training Unit, where you discover that the enemy has been invading through a malfunctioning teleporter.
Coal-black smoke pours out of the building where the malfunctioning teleporter is located, but you quickly find the main circuit board and disconnect the power to the teleporter in question to try to bring the stubborn electrical fire under control, and while savage gunfire from desperate last-ditch firefights echoes across the rest of the base, you work single-handedly to get the ventilation system switched over to external ducting so you can air out all the smoke.
Relays continue to spark and smoulder as you search frantically for a weapon, but you find nothing.  
Then the door behind you opens, and you almost turn to run in futility before realizing it is a wild-eyed and dishevelled-looking human operative, so you immediately ask what the layout of the complex is like, or where can you find something to defend yourself with.  
Handing you a pistol, the operative gasps in a hoarse voice, "The entire Morse Code Unit is infested with mosters; you'll just have to do your best and 
clear them out yourself!" 
Watching in horror, you stare numbly as he collapses to the deck, obviously a goner.
Map headings flash through your mind as you sort out too much recently-acquired data from your synapses, seeking to remember the precise layout of the Morse Code facility.  
However this invasion is going to be stopped, you can pretty much guess by now that it's either going to be stopped by you or by no one, because the gruesome sounds outside the building aren't very encouraging.  
Then you dimly recall that the facility consists of a long series of chambers or open-sky rooms, each with an alpha-numeric character set in the floor just inside the entrance, and to either side of it, a correct and an incorrect Morse Code signal (consisting of a string of dots and dashes) also set in the floor, leading to two exit doors, one correct and one incorrect.  
As seen from a map you only glanced at earlier but wish now you had rote-memorized, you recall that wrong answers lead through doors that result in dead-ends, and correct answers lead through doors opening out into successive chambers, starting with the alphabet, followed by all ten single-digit numbers, and ending with a few special characters, normally a fun and engaging exercise, except that now, behind every door may lurk monsters. 
Are you the only UAC operative left alive, you wonder, and if so, can you get through the maze, and save the base?  
Hints - If you're feeling especially manic, you could try brushing up on your Morse Code with a deep-space download of Morse Academy.  Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled and stay frosty. Morse Academy can be found at MilkyWay/Sol/Terra--http://  A copy of the on-line Morse Academy User Manual can be found at MilkyWay/Sol/Terra--http://  If any website listed in this readme should become outdated, it is suggested that you consult the search engine located at galaxywide.
Additional Notes:  CW is the official abbreviation for 'continuous wave', or pure signal, which is another name for Morse Code.  Any Amateur Radio operator who helps coach another person on how to learn HAM radio or Morse Code is an 'elmer' (Yep, as in 'Elmer Fudd').  Anyone who lets in monsters for fun & games is a traitor to his or her own native Terran race.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level #:   E1M1 - for the original Doom sky.
Single Player:   Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player:   Yes, but untested.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player:   Yes.
Difficulty Settings:  1-2 = no monsters; 3 has a lot; 4-5 has more still.
New Sounds:  No
New Graphics:  No
New Music:  "Very Cool" mus. file.  Cakewalk did a real nice job of cutting down the original 76kb soundtrack to below the requisite 64kb maximum Doom limit.
Demos Replaced:  None
Cyberdemon:  Yes, on #4 & 5 skill level only, for diehards.
3-d:  No
Linear/non-linear status - Basically linear because otherwise players could cheat on the answers by going backwards.  Next time I will try for non-linear.         
* Construction *
Base:  New level from scratch.
Build Time:  Sorry to all you almanac junkies, but I lost track.
Tools & Editor(s) used: WinDeu, WinTEX, BSP, RMB, Cakewalk, midi2mus, dmmusic.  
Additional Credits to:
--Id Software.
--Ron "chizotz" Allen at <email removed>, co-author (not with me) of "The Unofficial WAD Designers' Handbook"; the website for the Handbook is at  The link from the New Doom main page for the U. W. D. H. is to the "Handbook".
--my older brother for the original idea to make a 'Morse Code tutor wad', and for the donation of a PC.                
Known Bugs:  Build bug made me stop enlarging when WinDeu and WinTEX finally started malfunctioning from overload, so I backed off to fine-tune for final release.  Seems pretty bug-free otherwise (but I would appreciate an email if anything is found, or for any other helpful suggestions).  Other than that, just a few BEMs (bug-eyed monsters).  If you see em, shoot em.                  
* Copyright / Permissions *
You MAY use this wad as a base for creating additional or derivative wads, SO LONG AS a readme file including acknowledgement of the author of this wad is distributed with any such additional or derivative wads.  This wad MAY NOT be distributed in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) or included on any disk or CD  that is sold for more than the actual cost of the media, i.e. no profit may be made from the sale of this wad, without the written permission of the author.


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