Demonic Spirit for DOOM II
In my opinion episodes 1 and 2 of Doom1 are still the best. Of course I had those two episodes in mind when I worked on this WAD, but texture choice is somewhat different.
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MAP01, MAP02

Title                   : Demonic Spirit for DOOM II   
Filename                : SPIRIT.WAD
Release Date            : December 94
Author                  : ANDY BADOREK
Email Address           : <email removed>
                          (He is a friend... Go ahead! Keep him busy!)
Misc. Author Info       : Still not sick of the game

Description             : In my opinion episodes 1 and 2 of Doom1 are still
                          the best. Of course I had those two episodes in mind 
                          when I worked on this WAD, but texture choice is 
                          somewhat different.

                          This is NOT my first WAD, so give it a chance!
                          It is a serious attempt in WAD-designing.
                          By the way: SPIRIT.WAD is fun to play, not hard 
                          to play. I wont call you a worthy Doom Player 
                          if you cheat or save the game...

Hints                   : Some rooms were designed not to give you an easy
                          shot at the enemy: if life is too hard for you try
                          to use a different strategy and/or different weapons.

                          If a large metal block is in your way look out for
                          another one which has exactly the same size.
                          All other switches/trigger lines are local affairs.

                          There are three ways to get the Soul Sphere: 
                          The invisible barrier can be removed with a switch
                          in the next room but it is impossible to get back 
                          once the door is closed.
                          This means (a) you have to be quick, (b) convince
                          one of the monsters to keep the door open for you,
                          or (c) do something clever with the barrel.
                          Of course the puzzle was designed for solution (c).

Additional Credits to   : * MIGRU, play-tester & Internet access
                          * ID Software, creators of DOOM, the best game ever
                          * The authors of all the editors I used

*** Play Information ***

Map #                   : 01 (and 02 as a SMALL bonus level)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, try MAP02 with -RESPAWN or -ALTDEATH
Skill Settings (MAP01)  : 2 - Super Shotgun Festival, Easy
                          3 - Normal Play, Easy 
                          4 - Normal Play, Not So Easy...
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes, a few
No Music                : No
Demos Included          : None
Par Time                : 15 Minutes for 3 x 100% on Skill 4 (MAP01)
Cyberdemons             : None
Sucks                   : No

*** Construction ***

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Construction Time       : MAP01 - 30 hours + play-testing + graphic patches
                          MAP02 - 5 hours
Editors used            : DEU521GCC, DEUII(hacked), DMGRAPH10, BSP11X
NO Bugs                 : Indeed     
                          (Well, honestly: MIGRU the Official Play-Tester
                          reported mysterious system crashes on his notorious
                          386/40. But never mind, he spends half his life time
                          talking about system crashes and other reasons why
                          he uses OS/2... -- spirit.wad never crashed on me)
Additional Remark       : A former beta-version of SPIRIT treated with REJECT
                          to make it faster for players using excellent 386's
                          ;-) crashed sometimes during the DOOM loading process.
                          This does not happen with this version!!    MIGRU

*** Technical Information ***  

Load it with something like: Doom2 -file spirit.wad -warp 1 -skill 4

I used the DOOM2 Linedef Type 126 in some places: it is a monster teleport, 
so it is not a bug when YOU cross the line and nothing happens.

I do *NOT* recommend including this WAD into an episode-like compilation WAD
together with other WAD files because it uses texture patches which may
cause other levels to look strange. It is okay if those other levels dont
use the Wolfenstein textures. If you omit the patches, THESE levels will
look strange - and I dont want that!

*** Future Plans ***

There might be an update with one more level released within the next few
weeks... but dont count on it!

*** Copyright / Permissions ***

You may use this WAD as a base to build other levels, provided you give 
credit to the original author.  

You are encouraged to distribute this WAD, provided it remains intact 
and you include this file (spirit.txt) with no modifications. 


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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