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IKBASE texture wad for Quake levels , revision 2
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WAD Type
Title                   : IKBASE texture wad for Quake levels , revision 2
Date                    : 11/10/1999
Filename                : ikbase.wad
Author                  : Iikka "Fingers" Keranen
                          (or Keränen if you like em dots better)
Email Address           : <email removed>
Home Page               : (visit there!)
Description             : This is the texture wad that I used in my
                          Q1 level IKSPQ5. All the textures in this
                          wad are made by me from scratch. I have all
                          rights to them, read the legal information
                          before you do anything with these.

                          This is a set of well made military base
                          textures. Since I made these while building
                          my level, the wad lacks some texture types
                          like water and flashing buttons which I didn't

                          This revision adds more floors, some 32x128
                          panels and more importantly, step textures.

Additional Credits to   : The authors of Deluxe Paint and GFX2


* Information *

This is a texture wad that can be used as a source for QBSP when
you create add-on levels for Quake. 

* Construction *

Base                    : from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Deluxe Paint (the oldest version, 1985 or so..)
                          Imap (my own program)
                          Image Alchemy shareware v1.9
                          Newwad 1.6
Known Bugs              : Bugs in a texture wad? Hmm.. I don't think so.
Build Time              : ~two weeks while making IKSPQ5 level, two days
                          for the later textures.

* Other Info *

Get IKSPQ5 level to see these textures in action. It is available
at .

* Legal Stuff *

These textures may be freely used and distributed, under the following

- My name (Iikka Keranen) is mentioned. With single levels, the "Additional
  credits" section is where you put my name. With conversions and level
  paks, or projects involving several people, I would be a "co-author".

- No money is charged for distributing this texture wad or ANY PRODUCT USING
  THESE TEXTURES. I am the only person who has the right to get money for
  selling these textures. You use them for free, you distribute them free!

- These textures are not modified without my permission; Modified textures
  remain my property. Modified versions of this texture wad, or combinations
  of this and other wads may not be distributed. Only attach wads together
  for your own personal use. 

- This text file (ikbase.txt) is included in the product (.zip file or other)
  and is mentioned in the product's own text files. (Mainly for the
  commercial distributor info below)

- If you wish to use these textures, or levels containing these textures,
  in a commercial product such as level collection CD-ROM, total conversion,
  or basically anything that is sold for money, I require a profit-based
  payment, or some hundred dollars one-time payment per a level using my
  artwork. This is not to be paid by the level author, but the publisher.
  You MUST contact me and make an offer before trying to commercially dis-
  tribute my artwork!

*** End of text file ***
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