Mark & Dave's DeathMatch for Doom 2 (V 5.2)
The beginnings of a DeathMatch episode designed for 2 player DeathMatch.
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05
Title                   : Mark & Dave's DeathMatch for Doom 2 (V 5.2)
Filename                : MB_DCT2.WAD
Author                  : Mainly I but others as well
                          LEVEL 1  : TOURNAMENT
                          Design   : Richard Williams
                          Build    : Mark Burlison
                          Testing  : Mark Burlison & David Thorn
                          LEVEL 2  : FRAG FRENZY
                          Design   : Mark Burlison & David Thorn
                          Build    : Mark Burlison & David Thorn
                          Testing  : Mark Burlison & David Thorn
                          LEVEL 3  : THERE'S A WHOLE IN MY FRAG DELIZER
                          Design   : Mark Burlison 
                          Build    : Mark Burlison (Thanks to Leo Martin Lim
                                     for the SPECIAL effect used)
                          Build    : Mark Burlison
                          Testing  : Mark Burlison
                          LEVEL 4  : THE WAREHOUSE                        
                          Design   : Mark Burlison
                          Build    : Mark Burlison
                          Testing  : Mark Burlison

                          LEVEL 9  : CHAAAARGE!!!
                          Design   : Mark Burlison
                          Build    : Mark Burlison
                          Testing  : Mark Burlison
                          GRAPHICS : Mark Burlison & Mark Gulliver

                          SOUND    : Mark Burlison

                          MUSIC    : Anon??? (If it's you let us know!!)
                                     (If it's copyrighted tell us and we'll
                                      change it)

Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Hey, err, we made Doom is Funny!! (Not sure we 
                          should be proud of that.)

Description             : The beginnings of a DeathMatch episode designed for
                          2 player DeathMatch.

Additional Credits to   : id, and the authors of : WinDEU
                                                   Paint Shop Pro
                                                   BSP 1.2x
                                                   Win Fract
                                                   Wave Studio
                                                   Who ever wrote the music
                                                   (Just found it on a CD 


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #                    : L01, L02, L03, L04, L05
Single Player                          : Yes (But nowt to do)
Cooperative 2-4 Player                 : Yes (If you like backstabbing)
DeathMatch 2-4 Player                  : Hello nurse! (With -respawn & 
                                         -altdeath on skill 1)
Recommended # of players (DeathMatch)  : 2
Difficulty Settings                    : Not implemented
New Sounds                             : Yes
New Graphics                           : Yes
New Music                              : Yes
Demos Replaced                         : None

Monster types : LEVEL 1 : TOURNAMENT
                Lost Soul Display Case (Just don't go to close) 
                Two hidden Barons                
                Four hidden Shotgun Dudes snipers

                LEVEL 2 : FRAG FRENZY

                LEVEL 3 : THERE'S A WHOLE IN MY FRAG DELIZER                

                LEVEL 4 : THE WAREHOUSE
                LEVEL 9 : CHAAAARGE!!!
                4 Barons (Limited movement)
                3 Imps (V. Limited movement)
                4 Cyber Demons (No movement)

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : See credits
Known Bugs              : Rockets go through some walls on level 2.
                          The new dead face doesn't line up. (Insertion points 
                          cause DOOM to crash)
                          WinDEU crashes when I tell it to XAlign the textures
                          on Frag Fest.

Story: This all started with Frag it Damn it (My first level) which I made for
my first DeathMatch with David (Hence the name). Here is a few more details on
each level:

        Split into four  different areas: A kind of swampy bit where you MIGHT
be able to get stuck, a thin corridor bit. Two "hitec" rooms and a castle type
arrangement. (There may be more secrete areas). To exit flick a switch the the 
switch just after the lost soul cabinent (And on the opposite side) which will
open the exit collumns in the crusher room so the other player can run THROUGH

Weapons Available:
Shotgun & Chaingun outside the main sections.
2 Super Shotguns hidden in the maze.
A BFG9000!! ;) Just try it pal!

Ammo Available:
Lots of bullets and shells plus a few rockets hidden away.

Health Available:
Lots of stimpacks. 2 hidden Soul Spheres (Guarded by Barons)

        It's a maze, a teleporter run & a courtyard. All in one! To exit flick
the switch behind  the exit door which raises the pillars in the room opposite
the  exit  signs.  The  other person  gets on  the  pillar  then jumps  in the 
direction  of  the exit sign.  Then flick  the switch  in there.  To lower the 
pillars  again just  walk back  through the  exit door  once the  pillars have 
stopped riseing.

Weapons Available:
Super Shotguns & Chainguns EVERYWHERE! (Shotgun at start)
Rocket Launcher in a nasty room that will lose you a lot of health

Ammo Available:
Ammo for shotgun & chaingun is fairly well spread (Just pick up the guns)
Rocket ammo is all in one area.

Health Available:
Not much. 1 Soul Sphere in a dangerous (But obvious) position.

        A 'slightly' bizzare theme to this level. Float around the main arena 
(Is that floor as safe as it looks?) then float up out of it or be boreing and 
take the lift. To exit flick the switch by the chaingun ONLY passage. Then the 
pillar by the lift in the main arena opens. Walk through it and flick the 

Weapons Available:
Even MORE shotguns and chainguns.
Two Super Shotguns in the middle.
Rocket Launchers in a place where you might pick them up without realising!
Chainsaws :)

Ammo Available:
It's all scattered around freely. There is also a bit of PLASMA energy!

Health Available:
Mmm, not to much, but more than Level 3.

        After killing each other SO often in the last three levels you and 
your frag mate decide to patch things up and go on a holiday together. 
Unfortunatly the peace was not long lived: While trying to shoot your 'pal' 
you shot the pilot and the plane crashed. You found yourself on top of a 
mountain with a large building below... Hmm. "I'd like to get down there" you
think to yourself. However the sides of the mountain are to steep to walk down
and it's to big a drop to fall down. Convienently there is a lift in front of
you. You look at your one time pal. He's reaching for a shotgun. You can 
either try and patch things up on the way down or just go back to the killing.
To exit: Flick the switch to the right of the entrance into the stone 
rectangle then the floor will dissapear in the top right of the same rectangle
so take advantage of this and fall though it and flick the switch.

Weapons Available:
Shotguns, Chainguns & Rocket Launchers outside the perimeter of the warehouse
2 Super Shotguns in the lift and (I thought this would be a neat idea 
considering the layout) 'a few' Rocket Launchers in the warehouse.
There is also a Plasma Rifle for all you gymnasts out there.

Ammo Available:
Not much (compared to whats comeing next) in the stone rectangle.
And loads of the stuff (Apart from cells) in the warehouse.

Health Available:
A suprisingly easy to get to Mega-Sphere + two beserks by the exit combo 
switches. And some other health scattered round the warehouse and stone 

LEVEL 5: CHAAAARGE!!! (It's a secret level. It's supposed to be strange)
        You and your frag mate have been plucked from the mortal plane to the 
heavens for the entertainment of the four cyber-gods. They have provided well
for you. But they now want their fun. So run like 'hell' down that first 
corridor to escape their wrath. You then find yourself in a battle area that
has been split into 4 areas. An empty one. One with some of the Cyber God's
minions in. Another with a dissappearing catwalk. Don't get caught out by it!
And the final one, a gun hight maze sunk into the ground. There are also a few
spectators that try and liven up the action in this section. You are allow
youreself to have a little fun at your frag mates expense. But you must return
to the mortal plane. There are 5 exits to the mortal plane. The four Cyber 
Gods each guard one. Wheres the other one?
 To exit find the only switch in the entire level (Candle). Then flick it.
Someone else must find the doorway that opens up (Candle). Then walk through

Weapons Available:
All except BFG provided at start.
BFG (Oh yeah! Right)

Ammo Available:
Well provided at the start and in the level.

Health Available:
Fairly scattered round in the arena.
(Includes 2 mega-spheres)

* How come it's version 5.2? *

Because I fiddled slightly with the door arangement on Tournament (Both doors
in the start room open at the same time) And I have optimized the speed better
by combining sectors so DSHRINK is more effective.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors bugger off if they want to use this file.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc.) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: Ermm

BBS numbers: Hmmm

Other: My Hard Drive


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