The Cookie Monsters Deathmatch
clean deathmatch level
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Title                   : The Cookie Monsters Deathmatch
Filename                : GLENN.WAD
Author                  : The Cookie Monster (Glenn)
Email Address           : <email removed>

Description             : clean deathmatch level

Additional Credits to   : Justin Fisher for answering my questions and id's 
artists, I love your work. (Do you have some Gifs or something higher res of
those awsome monsters?)

* Play Information *

Map#                    : Map 01 - DOOM ][
Single Player           : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yep - dunno why you would want to.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Implemented
New Sounds              : Yep (1)
New Graphics            : Yep (5)
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None
Secrets                 : one (though it's not defined as a secret)

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DOOMCAD 5.0 & its utils + DeuTex
Known Bugs              : none - well, the death sound is supposed to be said
by the killer, not the killed.

* Rights *

If you want to modify the level could you contact me first please.
You can distribute this level as long as you keep this text file with it.

* Misc info *

Having played deathmatch, there were several things I hated which drove me 
to make this level, for privacy purposes some names have been changed, any 
resemblance to real people is an uncanny co-incidence:
1) Free Frags - you press space and teleport right infront of Bobs super 
shotgun, bummer. In my level you start in safe places that can't be accessed 
once you have left them. Each start position has two exits so that they can't 
be guarded.
2) Being chased by Bobs plasma gun when you only have a pistol - I believe
everyone has the right to bear at least a shotgun. There are weapons *very*
close to each start position (Its a good idea to know where before you play)
3) Ambushing megaweapons - game gets a bit tedious when Bob waits for me to
get a big weapon and then blasts me when I try - most weapons can be approached 
from more than one direction in this level and the ones that can't are not in 
positions to stage an ambush.
4) I'm kick'in Bobs butt, he doesn't like it so he ends the level - two people
are required to end my level.

The level is not too big, but it's big enough to allow you to fight when you 
want - not before you are ready (A problem I have with small DM levels)

* Hints *

1) Learn the teleports, sure there are a lot of them, but if you know them 
you have a huge advantage over someone who doesn't. The Super Shotgun for
instance can only be approched from one very ambushable position unless you 
know of a certain teleport
2) If you see a soul sphere, dont bother, it's impossible to get. If by some 
gymnastic feat you *do* manage it, you'll never get out again and have to yell
for a mercy killing. This is a tip to reward you for reading all my ramblings.
3) Some potions give you more than 1% health.
4) On ultra violence this is designed to be played with respawn of objects and 
monsters (dont worry about the 2 monsters - they are there for ammo!). The 
health and ammo is enough so that even on respawn it gradually goes down.
Easier levels just have more health and ammo scattered about the place.

This is my first WAD but I have put effort into matching textures and using 
different ones ie I dont think it's beginners crap - there is no startan 
anywhere (well ok, thats because I replaced it) and since it's my first work 
I am very interested in your comments.

The Cookie Monster


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