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WakaMusic (Pronounce: Walk-Uh Mu-zic)
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TITLE:                  WakaMusic (Pronounce: Walk-Uh Mu-zic)
FILENAME:               WakaMus.wad
AUTHOR:                 Michael Karikas and a buncha people who made the 
                        Music. Let's not forget the little people! :-)
Look for other WADS on the Internet named WAKA*.ZIP
E-mail:                 <email removed>
                        *Please* E-Mail Me! Suggestions, Flames, Anything!
                        You See, I'm very lonely and have too much time on
                        my hands as it is!

DESC:                   Well... this is a replacement for all the 35 backround                           
                        music things that are in Doom ][. It ranges from Evil
                        Possesed Classical to Gangsta Rap to Disco to Video
                        Game Music. See the list below.

1: I dunno, but it's cool! HERO.MID... if you can identify PLEASE E-MAIL ME!
2: Mountain King - A Cool Evil Classical Piece.
3: Ride of the Valkyries - Another Cool Evil Classical Piece.
4: Disney's Bucket-Carrying-Sorceror's-Apprentice Music from Fantasia.
5: Magus's Theme from Chrono Trigger (An Awesome RPG for the Super Nintendo)
6: Tales from the Crypt... How Cryptic...
7: Peter Gunn! Joy!
8: Bond, James Bond Theme...
9: Mission Impossible Theme - Sorry, not the Techno Version :)
10: Batman Theme -- From the 60's Series!
11: The Loooooooooone Raaaaaaanger!
12: The Emperor's March - Star Wars
13: Raider's March - Indiana Jones Theme
14: Disney's (Soon to be Extinct, sniff sniff) Main Street Electrical Parade
15: Truly Awesome, but short song, HIDNSEEK.MID - Identifiers PLEASE E-MAIL!
16: From a Bugs Bunny Cartoon - Hungarian (NOT Bohemian) Raphsody
17: The Chipmunk's Christmas Song! (I Still Want A Hula Hoop!)
18: Ah! My Goddess! Opening Theme (A Japanese Anime Show)
19: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Theme (WAAAY too short)
20: Music from the Sting Chameleon Stage of Mega Man X (SNES Game)
21: Music from the Storm Eagle Stage of Mega Man X
22: Music from Kung Fu Game for the Nintendo over a decade ago. Short.
23: Theme from Pee-Wee's Great Adventure. (Way to Go Pee-Wee!)
24: Ewok Parade - Star Wars
25: Danger Zone - Top Gun
26: Theme from Gremlins... heh heh...
27: Staying Alive! Saturday Night Fever! Bee Gees! Woo Hoo! Discomania!
28: Music from the Game Lemmings!
29: Music from Rise of the Triad. Cool Game, Cool Music.
30: More ROTT Music. Groovy.
31: Freaky Music from Rise of the Triad... Doggy in the Window?
32: Funky Old Country Music; Yellow Rose.
Doom Title: Flight of Zee BumbleBee (Freakishly Fast Classical)
Doom Level Intermissions: Tocatta - Evil Satanic Classical (?). Think Dracula
Doom Story Screens: Liberty! Monty Python's Flying Circus Theme.

*Play Information*

Episode and Level:      Umm... None?
Single Player:          Sure!
Cooperative players:    Why Not?
DeathMatch:             Kill to da beat, mon!
Difficulty Settings:    Whatever.
New Sounds:             Nope... Look for WAKASND.WAD sometime in the future
on the Internet.
New Graphics:           So sorry, there's none.
New Music:              You betcha! What else would this be about?
Demos Replaced:         Nope. This is only a music Wad.


Base:                   All new. Hooray.
Build Time:             A couple hours building time.
Editors Used:           WinTex, WadManipulator, MIDI2MUS, and Music Sculpter
(Used Music Sculpter to fix a couple tunes' volumes)
Known Bugs:             None... This is a Music Wad for crying out loud!

Thanks:                 ID Software (of course!), the author(s?) of WinTex,
                        and all the people who made the origonal Midis! And
to John Rudy (<email removed>), from whom I stole the
James Bond Midi (The One I had in there sounded so
sick!). If you have AOL, download his Music1.wad.
It's cool. Oh yeah, Hi Mom!

*Copyright/Permission* (Legal B.S.) <-- B.S. means Beauty Sleep }:)

Other people may NOT use this to build other Doom Stuff. You can E-Mail Me
and ask nicely, though!

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic 
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include these files 
intact AND provide me a copy of the media (if CD or Diskette) when 

You may distribute this WAD, provided that you include this file,
with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc...) as long as you
include this file intact. Have a nice day!

*Where to get this WAD*

America On-Line, ftp://ftp.cdrom.com, and it's mirrors.

All copyrights (c) copyrighted by their respective companies, or something.
I don't know if any of the music is copyrighted, but if I got it as easily
as anyone else could, it can't be important enough to sue me over!
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