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              Tired of being laughed at by demons?
         Fed up with taking all day reaching 100% kills?
        Think it's time for some _real_ HiTech artillery?

            Joe Cool Industries is proud to announce:

                           ___________ __
                           \__    ___/|  |__   ____
                             |    |   |  |  \_/ __ \
                             |    |   |   Y  \  ___/
                             |____|   |___|  /\___  >
                                           \/     \/
   _____                     __________ __                   __
  /     \   ____   _________ \______   \  | _____    _______/  |  ___________
 /  \ /  \_/ __ \ / ___\__  \ |    |  _/  | \__  \  /  ___/\   _\/ __ \_  __ \
/    Y    \  ___// /_/  > __ \|    |   \  |__/ __ \_\___ \  |  |\  ___/|  | \/
\____|__  /\___  >___  (____  /______  /____(____  /____  > |__| \___  >__|
        \/     \/_____/     \/       \/          \/     \/           \/

The ultimate in modern hand-held weaponary for the lone UAC Marine!


    *  Extremely high accuracy for snipers thanks to the EZ-Kill (tm)
       SAAS (Semi-Automatic Aiming System)

    *  Massive 450 Shots Magazine, thanks to Squeez-O-Tight (tm)
       compression algorithms!

    *  Magazine Capacity expandable to amazing 900 rounds, thanks
       to the UBFHPBBATADS (tm) (Underhand Belt Feed High
       Pressure Backpack Based Ammunition Transport And
       Deployment System)!

    *  Enemy-Vue (tm) LCD Target Confirmation and Display (with
       5x Zoom)!

    *  Amazing Death-O-Zap (tm) killing power thanks to Advanced
       Blaster Design!

    *  Specially Formed Tite-Hold (tm) grip - your gun will never
       slip in blood and gore again!

But don't believe us! Don't believe what WE, the producers, say:
listen instead to the experts discuss The MegaBlaster in their

"...Most impressive! Seldom have I enjoyed such massive
firepower...leave the BFG at home today, try this little toy
                              --- Gen. I.C.Spots, >Guns 'n Guts<

"...where was this baby when I needed it!"
                              --- J. J. Blancowitz, >Cracking Strongholds<

"...Also called The Munchkin Maker, this *fantastic* tool is
capable of drop-kicking a Cacodemon..."
                              --- L.Oony, >Demon Watchers Guide<

Available in two great calibers:

10mm           Suitable for the Serious Deathmatcher or Dungeon
               Diver, this Amazing Weapon causes 8 points damage
               per searing bolt fired!

45mm           For Real Kicks, try our 7000 damage point Demon
               Dropper for The Fun That Doesn't Stop! See Imps
               fly across the room! Clear Monster Meetings in
               seconds! Kill a CyberDemon with a single shot!

For further details, look for BLASTER.ZIP at all good ftp
sites near you.

                             A DeHacked Patch

                             A DeHacked Patch
                        � ���������������������� �
                        BARREL BLASTER !BETA! v0.9


DeHacked v1.3
DOOM v1.2 Registered*


        The Barrel Blaster is a BETA patch for id's DOOM (registered). It
replaces the BFG with a new weapon -- one which lobs barrels a short distance
(where they remain until destroyed). I have filled a room with up to 25
barrels--great ambush possibilities!
        Does it work in deathmatch? I have no idea -- but I hope so! If anyone
tries it out, please email me and let me know! This weapon is great if you have
no other ammunition--the release patch of this weapon will have NO CLIP, so you
can always fall back on the barrel blaster if you're out of ammo and being
chased. I chose the slow frame rate of the BFG for realism -- I don't think
this patch would have the same effect if you could spit out barrels as fast
as the chaingun.

[Technical Aspects]

        For all you DeHackers out there -- this is not a simple hack! I went
through hours of trial and error to get it to work right. If you want to know
how I did a specific thing, feel free to email. If anyone makes any changes
(improvements) on this patch, please let me know, (that's all I ask.) I'm
currently working on a hand grenade--I've finished it, except I haven't
figured out how to make it travel farther than 5 feet or so.


        I've had DOOM lock up on me several times using this patch. It hasn't
locked up in awhile, so maybe this bug went away. Also, if you shoot this
weapon (like an idiot) close to a wall, the barrel will go through it! I
assume that if you shoot the Barrel Blaster point-blank at an enemy character,
it'll go through him too. If you find any other bugs, please let me know.


      This patch is BETA! Use it at your own risk. I'm not responsible for

[About the Author]

Justin Pinder
<email removed>
University of Vermont

Feel free to let me know what you think!

* DOOM is a registered trademark of id software.
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