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A considerable period of my life was spent in a house by the name of
OE4951. Thus is this the DOOM][ transcription of some of the
characteristics of the place. Lots of hours are put into this one,
lots of beer & whisky put in me during. At last, after maybe a couple
of hundreds of hours fighting ill textures, the output is this (to my
opinion stil inadequate) huge WAD containing fantasy bits as well as the
naked truth considering the lay-out of OE4951. Most textures are the mere
artistic feeling, the sector arangements, however, are the result of
painstaking labour involving a little metric device and a calculator.
The result places you a bit in viewpoint of a child (the transcendation
of my childhood maybe?) for otherwise all windows tables and kitchensinks
would turn out climbable.

The main issue here is to press the five red wall bits with a skull-switch
on it. They trigger the way to the exit.
Don't get to alarmed by the appearing of vast quantities of monsters on the
point that you happen to be out of ammo. Walk away fast and next time you
meet they'll be fighting each other probably.
Never tried it deathmatch nor cooperative.
There is a possibility of killing a cyberdemon bare handed, even two if you
are patient.
The complaint of a lack of ammo, healt and weapons from some pre-testers
on this WAD, has been checked by removing, additionaly, some more ammo and
health. All weapons are in this one. Find them, they're not particulary very
nasty hidden or something. Some you will stumble over not even wanted right 
then, others could be a trap.
Overall to speak, it is just big, run & gun.

The first thing you want to do is to find the blue key. (Stop reading this
if you don't want to get hinted.) It is in a hidden chamber with see-through
walls at the end of the first long stroke of "street" there where the mancubus
Speed things up by taking the invulnerability behind the baron in the moat
of the second "street." Chase that cyberdemon.
By the way, the vile in the cupboard with the red key is my dirty socks.
The things in the dim room next to the "garden" to the left of the entrance
from the corridor, are my piano and organ. Wanna play, don't you?
There is included "the secred exit to level 9", blah.

OE4951 in former times used to be a butchery. There's the explanation of
the hanging torso's (or could this be torsi? ) in the green chamber at the
back of the garden: a slaughterhouse. The small version in the fore-part
of the house is a big refrigerator. Hitler appears by courtesy of someone
also living here and regulary stealing my soap. Press a swastika once.

Frankly spoken, if your system is not very fast, the WAD will run slow.
Buy a better system. 

The editor used is DCK22. Good.

I don't have the idea that someone will ever use this WAD as a base to
construct further on. If so, do. If this WAD is to be victimized for
distribution whetherform, this file should be included unaltered.

Master T

(p.s. the WAD is playable and even not very difficult or scary, if you know
your whereabouts)


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