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The Final Gathering

This is the final revision to The Gathering. I put the starts in on each level for deathmatch play. I think E2M3 is probably your best bet. The original file was a large one level mission. added an entire mission E2M1 and added a lot more rooms to the original, which I split into two separate levels. They're fun. I think these levels are great. Something for everyone I hope. I'm sure you've never seen some of the things that are in my twisted head. The moon base water treatment and recycling center started reporting strange happenings deep in there sewer system a few weeks ago. Just days later a garbled transmission during the sounds of battle made it through to the UAC outpost on Deimos 4. "Nuke's the only.....have to... ....cant make this......sewers...cavern... from hell" was all that could be understood from the message. Not much to go on, but that's what you're used to. They don't give you any easy ones, and you don't get to ask to many questions. The UAC needs you to investigate and "rectify" any potential hazards on the water treatment facility. Good luck. Dang! what the heck was that? Just two tunnels and an underpass from the UAC water treatment plant. The driver never saw the creature waiting in the tunnel. In a flash it was over. Nothing could have survived that crash... you could be wrong ... you did. I guess your on foot now. Be careful, the truck that was escorting you was carrying emercency supplies for the plant personnel and some toxic waste. Watch it, that stuff is flammable.

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