Welcome to the gates of Shareware Hell !!! You are a hardened demon-thumper, you know all the secrets, you know all the sweet spots, you reign supreme in deathmatch. You bear your hard won scars as a badge of honor... you grow restless on your throne. You pop the DoomWare Developers Network CD into your CD-ROM drive... it inhales the disk with a possessed determination. You feel panic. After cruising the disk with the lame CDGofer program that CyTech CodeHouse inflicted on you, the dwarfing reality of cyberspace unfolds into your world. You feel small. The sheer weight of the missions ahead of you causes your bowels to twist in anxiety. But you are strong, you are keen of vision, you are in fact a little spooky sometimes. You stare stead- fast into the maw of raw cyberforce. You crank up a WAD at random and begin to play. The staggering vision of the creators looms before you and you think to yourself... cool. There are thousands of files on this CD-ROM, you will be here a long time... accept your fate and be dismayed. Don't forget to show up at work or school once in a while, though.

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