The Beginning:
This CD was spawned from an original idea that Paul Pyatt had about having a CD with all your favourite WADS and DOOM editors on it. Perhaps not an original idea, but certainly one that was upto date and full as we could possibly make it.

Originally a local project to the DOOM conference on CIX (Online) in conjuction with the CD Rom User Group (UK) (CRUG), ideas developed and word got out. As the popularity of the idea grew we looked at ways of producing this as cheaply as possible and went to various people for assistance and sponsoring.

It was this that enabled the decision to go ahead with the project and we are indebited to the foresight and trust those people had.

We then set about producing a Collection of WADS that was up to date and as far as possible had the 'Rubbish' taken out.

This CD is as up to date as the 27th September 94, with WADS and utilities taken from the INTERNET, CIX and other ONLINE systems. We feel it represents the best collection of WADS available and good value too. The CIX Money Saving Offer is a BONUS to those who have been thinking about connecting to the Super Information Highway of INTERNET.

In an effort *NOT* to make the purchase of this CD limiting we are offering a FREE Upgrade to purchasers via the Registration Card included with this CD. Filling this in and returning it means that we will supply you with software to convert these WADS for use with DOOM II.

We hope that you gain many hours of pleasure from the use of these levels and utilities that are the fruits of many peoples hard work. It would be a good idea if you found a particular level enjoyable to let the author know, and inspire them to develop more levels. Most of the Authors are contactable by electronic mail (EMAIL)

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