This is a list of maps that are in the WAD/PK3. Not all WAD/PK3 file will contain maps. While it is reasonably accurate, some inaccuracies will exist.


This is what the type of WAD/PK3 the file is, this can be IWAD, PWAD, PK3 or UNKNOWN.


This is what IWAD is required to run this WAD/PK3. This is not 100% accurate but will give a general idea on what IWAD is needed. Valid values are:


This is which engine is required to play this WAD/PK3. A WAD/PK3 may work in multiple engines/ports but this value will give you the best chance of it working. It isn't 100% accurate. Valid values are:

WAD/PK3 information gathered using libraries by Black Rook Software
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