An Ultimate ZDoom episode! Yes, I decided to go all modern and build a source port only episode. Having seen the ZDoom features for the first time ...

007: Licence to Spell DooM
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E4M1, E4M2, E4M3, E4M4, E4M5, E4M6, E4M7, E4M8, E4M9
Updated Dec 2014 with various fixes and minor improvements.
     007: Licence to Spell DooM - The Story so Far


Jody Russell.

Top secret agent, recruited from the Sladen space marine garrison in 2100.

The year is 2102, and things have been pretty good of late.  After your heroics 
in the city of Fragport six years ago, and the success of Operation: Lightning
three years later, you were recruited into the Special Secret Service (the SSS)
and were soon undertaking covert operations into more traditional, non-hellish
areas of concern (drug lords, terrorists, criminal organisations etc).  
Your new call sign is '007' (named after the famous 20th century super-spy, of
whom you are now a huge fan) and you certainly aspire to his success rate.

Now, three months after your previous assignment (which was to investigate and
eventually shut down a terrorist group trying to open an entryway to Hell in your
home city of Sladen) you learn that a large criminal organisation known as 
MISSILE (Master Implicators of Sinister SWAT and International Level Espionage) 
have been trying the same thing, but are rumoured to have had more success!

SSS spies were placed in MISSILE's legitimate operations (including
research, logistics and renewable power) who reported back that MISSILE had 
two demons in its research labs, and were developing an enhanced version, which 
was green-skinned, faster and stronger than its pink cousin.  But soon, all contact 
was lost with the spies, and the leader of MISSILE has recently broadcasted to HQ, 
threatening to nuke various cities unless a load of money is handed over! So without 
further ado, it was decided that someone should investigate and shut them down 
before it's too late!

Which is where you come in.  A full military strike is out of the question, so a
solo effort is called for.  You will be dropped in the mountains near a remote 
outpost that is the tip of the complex of MISSILE's operations.  You will have to 
travel light, so you will take only your pistol, light armour instead of heavy, 
and your suit cannot contain all the usual storage spaces that it has.
(which means you cannot carry as much as usual)

Once you arrive, you will be on your own, as their hi-tech communications facility 
will be able to pick up any transmissions.  However, the military will be on standby
to carry out airstrikes if needed, but only if absolutely neccessary.  
(if you need to destroy anything, you will have to find the means or the necessary 
ordnance yourself)

And one more thing, you were told about the leader, a criminal mastermind who 
dresses all in black and calls himself 'The Black Knight' - and if you find him, 
you are to terminate him with extreme prejudice!

And of course, you were told to come back alive....

Title                   : 007: Licence to Spell DooM

Filename                : 007LTSD.WAD

Author                  : Stephen Clark  (The Ultimate DooMer)

Email Address           : <email removed>

Other WAD's by me       : Operation: Lightning (OP-LITE2.WAD) - 11 DooM 2 levels
  Fragport (FRAGPORT.WAD) - 32 innovative DooM 2 levels

  Shadowcaster (SHADOW.WAD) - 9 Heretic levels

  (Also the Quake 2 skys, Q2SKY*.WAD where * is 1-8)

Completion Date         : December 15th 2002 (Just in time for Chrimbo...)

Misc. Author Info       : A hardcore DooMer who loves all it's similar
  games (esp. Quake 2 and Half-Life) but still
  thinks DooM is best.

Description             : An Ultimate ZDoom episode!
  Yes, I decided to go all modern and build a source
  port only episode.  Having seen the ZDoom features for 
  the first time shortly after the release of Shadowcaster,
  I decided to build for ZDoom, as it's features are REALLY
  cool, and I have lots of cool ideas for them!

  Also, for the first time I decided to include new sprites
  and sounds, to take advantage of the ambient feature and
  to create an atmosphere like that of Quake 2 and Sin.

  And finally, I have decided to experiment with modified
  game settings, in an attempt to create more interesting
  and harder gameplay.  I have reduced the amount of ammo 
  you can carry at the start (a backpack will double it as usual) 
  and have made two creature enhancements.

  The episode has an industrial/hi-tech theme, influenced by
  Quake 2, Half-Life, Sin and of course, James Bond!

Additional Credits To:    Russ Walsh (for the corrugated metal texture).
  Nick Baker (for the GRAY3, GRAY6 and WARNING textures/flats).
  Everyone on the Doomworld and ZDoom forums that helped
  me out when I asked questions on how to do various things.

*Playing Instructions*  (really simple this time!)

This zip should contain the following files:

  007LTSD.WAD - The episode.
  007LTSD.BAT - Batch file for playing the episode.
  007LTSD.TXT - This file.

To play :  Click on 007ltsd.bat

You will need 17 megs of hard drive space to play Licence to Spell DooM.
* Play Information *

Game Version Required  : The Ultimate DooM, running with ZDoom (2.6 and up) or 
 GZDoom (1.6 and up). Newer ones will probably be fine
 but if something breaks, use the above version.

Episode and Level #    : E4M1-E4M9  (to avoid the intermission map)

Single Player          : Yes   (Built for it!)

Cooperative            : No    (some of the features don't go with coop)

Deathmatch             : No    (Levels are too complex)

Difficulty Settings    : Yes   (of course)

New Sounds             : Yes - normal (weapons etc.) and ambient sounds from
       a wide variety of sources.

New Graphics           : Yes - Lots, including my alphabet texture and a 
       sky from Quake 2 (not found in q2skys-*.zip).

New Sprites       : Yes - Green key and skull, gas lamps from DooM 2, a
       naked lightbulb plus a few puzzle items.

New Game Text       : Yes   (since when do I not use it?)

New Music              : No  - it ruins the atmosphere (like music does in Quake 2,
Half-Life and Sin).

Demos Replaced         : None

* Construction *

Base                   : My creative mind (And lots of inspiration from a wide
    variety of sources)

Editor(s) used         : WadAuthor, WinTex, DeHackEd, DeePsea, ZDBSP, Paint, 
 PSP, AudioRack.

Build Time       : 6 months.

Known Bugs             : Minor HOM in E4M5 near the orange lasers and at the 
 security room when the lower door is open (both are 
 related to the room-over-room effects).

 Some parts of the game will not render correctly with
 ZDoomGL due to the absence of GL nodes.
 Users of ZDoomGL will need to build GL nodes for all
 the maps before playing it.

Will Not Run With      : Anything other than ZDoom.

     007: Licence to Spell DooM - Special Features

Missions: In each level you will get a series of Quake 2-style
  mission objectives, displayed using ACS script messages.
  You will also get Malice-style comments and Unreal-style
  diaries/log entries.
  Note: In some maps, there are areas that won't be accessible 
  and switches that won't work until all prior missions are 
  completed.  (so you can't go out of sequence)

Timed Sections: Some sections of the levels have timers attached to them.
  When entering a timed section, a message will tell you how long
  you have got, and will update you regularly with the time left.
  Beware, if the time runs out you WILL die! (even if you cheat!)

Puzzle Items: Some missions use puzzle items, which I have included as new 
  sprites.  Just treat them as normal items, and they will 
  disappear when you reach them.

Breakable Consoles: Many of the consoles, computers, monitors, displays etc.
  can be smashed with one shot.  Just for fun. (well, most of the time)
  (this also applies to the detailed wall lights found in some maps)

Security Cameras: These are banks of small monitors on the walls.  To operate them, 
  simply walk up to them and press 'use'. To stop viewing, simply 
  move away from them.  Unlike consoles, cameras are unbreakable.

Bridges: There are plenty of 3D bridges here (not just single ones either) 
  There are also lots of gantries/walkways and some 2 storey rooms!

New Dehacked Features: Reduced ammo capacity  (150, 35, 25, 200).
  Backpack doubles it to (300, 70, 50, 400).

Enhanced Creatures: Due to the lack of stronger creatures in Ultimate DooM, I decided 
  to make an 'enhanced demon', which is faster and stronger than 
  the original one! (as well as a green skin). I have also made 
  the lost soul a bit tougher as well. (so it becomes a threat)

ZDoom Features: Swimmable water, slopes, ambient sounds, wind, current,
  scrolling, coloured lighting, fog, ACS scripts and more!
  (don't worry, there are no extravagant Hexen-type features
  like hubs, polyobjects and complex fireball sequences here.
  Maybe next time....)

Manikins        : These are life-sized statues of yourself, and are 
  present in one level of the episode.
  When a manikin is hit (by a projectile, explosion or
  a shot from your own weapons), you take the damage! 
  So be very careful whenever you see one!  
  (unless you cheat or get an invincibility powerup)

  Of course you can move them around by hitting them, but just 
  remember that you can only hit them so many times....


* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use any of these levels as a base for modification or re-use.
The only exception is for fixing any bugs that appear with newer ZDoom versions, 
in which case let me know and/or send over any patches etc. so I can add them in.

Authors MAY use the resources (including the scripts) in your own wads as long 
as you give the relevant author(s) credit in your text file.

You may distribute the project as long as you include this text file 
and the other files intact.


* Where to get this WAD * (and mirrors, better to use those)

My Doom 2 wads are at:  /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/
  and:    "     "      "      "  /megawads/
My Heretic wad is at:     "     "      "   /heretic/s-u/
and Quake 2 skys at:      "     "   /graphics/ and

ZDoom is at
2.6      at
Latest   at

GZDoom is at
1.6       at
Latest    at

(if you're reading this a long time into the future and these sites no longer exist,
just google for the wads and/or ZDoom/GZDoom downloads)

Remember, remember that DooM lives FOREVER!

Outpost 3J (E4M1)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Transit System (E4M2)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Logistics Complex (E4M3)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Phobos Island (E4M4)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Sludge Refinery (E4M5)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Communications Facility (E4M6)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Geothermal Plant (E4M7)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Centre of Operations (E4M8)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

Dark Shrine (E4M9)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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