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WAD File: longmtch.wad
Author  : Shane Boyer (<email removed>) with help from K. Desrochers, T. Furst
Date    : 4-21-94
Author Note: This level has been refined over the course of a couple weeks
     through heavy playtesting. Hopefully an optimum blend of 
     enemies, ammo, health and "tricks" as well as physical design
     has been acheived. Please email any comments to above address.
A Deathmatch (although single player is supported on one level
of play) level. Mid-sized so that players run into each other
often enough, but all areas have multiple connections to other
areas so there are no traps.  Three big rooms, nicknamed "The
Prison", "The Skull Room", and "The Arena". These rooms have various 
windows, teleports, and interconnecting passageways between them.
Plenty of health, ammo and armor to go around.  Designed as a long
lasting deathmatch level.  The three weapons in the multiplayer
game are the shotgun, rocket launcher, and one chainsaw.  In the single
player game, a chain gun is added.
Three secrets, including the "Happy Room".
longmtch.wad replaces level 1 of episode 2.

How to play:
Single Player: 
    Single player is designed to be moderately hard, but shouldn't
    be impossible for doom "veterans". The only skill level that
    has single player item placements is level 4 (Ultra Violence).
    To play single player:
doom -file longmtch.wad -episode 2 -skill 4

    Multiplayer increases the amount of health and ammo, and decreases
    the number of enemies. For those of you who like to play Deathmatch
    with enemies, this level should allow -respawn at the same time.
    There are just enough enemies to annoy you!  Multiplayer is setup
    for skill levels 1, 2 and 3.  So depending on how much damage you
    want to take, choose accordingly; the item placement is the same
    between the three levels. To play two-player with respawn on 
    skill 1, type:
ipxsetup -file longmtch.wad -episode 2 -skill 1 -respawn

Known Problems: There are two "problems":
  - first, there is a point when going from one sector into
    a door sector where the screen momentarily will turn
    black with speckles.  I've run the latest BSP node
    generator on the WAD file, with no change. I've seen 
    this effect in other WADs but don't know what to do 
    to fix it. Doesn't affect gameplay.
  - Second, a wall in the "Happy Room" (believe me, you'll
    know what room I'm talking about when you see it) is 
    transparent in the sense you can shoot rockets or
    plasma through it. I set the linedefs to impassible,
    but without success. Don't know why this happens.
    Still really doesn't affect gameplay all that much.

And PLEASE email me any comments you have, as I would be receptive to either
modifying this level or building a new one if people like this one.

Shane (<email removed>)


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