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A major new version of my popular 10PAK Wad.

10-Pak 2 Death-Match Wad
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Title                   : 10-Pak 2 Death-Match Wad
Filename                : 10PAK2.WAD
Author                  : Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)
Email Address           : <email removed>
Web Site                :

Misc. Author Info       : Operator of Top 5% Web Site (see above)
                          Official DooM Chat Host on MSN (Wed.nights)
                          Member of CUE (Computer Users of Erie)
                          And basically your typical DooM fanatic!

Description             : A major new version of my popular 10PAK Wad.
This wad consists of 10 original Death-Match levels including three brand
new, never released levels, made for this upgrade. Perfect for a good, long,
bloody marathon with alot of variety. These levels are also optimized for
use of monsters if you wish, as they are kept at a minimum to allow for good
respawning monster play in death-match.

I've decided to incorporate the skill levels somewhat similar to that of
the Igor & Danzig Series used.  Those classic Death-Match wads attempted to
provide for as many different Deathmatch tastes as possible.  Likewise, You
can play all of these levels sequentially or, if you wish to play a certain
level, you can play that one alone.  This entire wad is designed for use of 
Deathmatch 2.0 (Alt.Deathmatch) rules with the following options...
        1.  2 player game without BFG and with plenty of health & ammo.
            Use Skill levels 1 & 2 to support this.
            ("I'm Too Young To Die" and "Hey, Not Too Rough")
            This selection also provides all major power-ups.
            Note: BFG is still in level 7 -BFG Frag.

        2.  2 player game with ALL weapons and less health & ammo.
            (Very few major power-ups are available)
            Use Skill level 3 to support this.
            ("Hurt Me Plenty")
        3.  3 or 4 player game with all weapons.
            Use Skill levels 4 & 5 to support this.
            ("Ultraviolent" and "Nightmare")
            I suggest the "no-monster" command for this mode of play.
            (Especially on Nightmare)  :)

These skill levels are meant to improve these wads when played with
different amount of players.  Skill levels 4 & 5 for more players will
provide even more weapons for faster retrieval and can actually be played in
either Deathmatch 2.0 or Original Deathmatch rules.  Due to the nukeage in
three of the levels, you may see some suicides to prevent some frags if the
Original Deathmatch rules are used however. See what you prefer.

Also note that most of the levels involve a cooperative exit.  If an exit 
door doesn't open when you hit the switch, you may have to ask your friend(s)
for help.  If there's anything I truly hate it's when some wimp is getting 
his ass kicked and he runs to the exit instead of fighting back. :)
Actually all the exits (except map 10) can be reached by a solo player, but
the strafe run, or excellent timing, must be used on most of them. To see
how they can all be reached, load 10PAK2 and let the internal demos play.
The third one will demonstrate how they all can be accomplished.

Because of the Co-Op exits, the timer parameter is recommended.
        Example...  -timer 20 (for 20 minutes per level)

Please take a walk through these levels before you actually use them in 
Deathmatch.  While each is extremely straightforward, it's always nice to
get a feel for a new level before you begin.  The seven levels from the 
original 10PAK have all been altered for 10PAK 2's skill level settings.
Any other major changes are noted in the following section.

Level by Level Info...
1 -Nuke Walk    -This opening level will wake you up quick.
                 Stay on the walk or get nuked! Everything is
                 is out in the open so there's nowhere to hide.
                 Should make for plenty of frags including
                 suicides. All weapons except BFG but this could be
                 one of the few levels you'll ever play where the 
                 machine gun may be the most damaging weapon.  Exit 
                 switch in NW corner opens exit room door in NE corner.

                 Changes from original 10PAK... Corner posts added for 
                 some protection and cover. Walks are now wider to 
                 accommodate you poor drivers :)

2 -Sniper DM    -My homage to DOOM 2's map 1 but entirely new
                 and created from scratch. This level has better
                 flow than our old favorite. It also includes
                 numerous sniper points with one way wall
                 textures (The panels with the blue designs). Switch 
                 behind one panel lowers BFG/Plasma lift in East room. 
                 Switch in North end of long hall opens exit door in 
                 South end of hall.

                 Changes... Removed some hidden panels and added
                 more easily obtained weapons.

3 -Boxed-In     -First of the three new levels...
                 My version of Minideth by Scott Smith, one of my
                 favorite Death-Match wads ever.  This version
                 is made from scratch and is a little larger. It
                 also consists of perches in all four corners
                 which can be accessed very easily.  Think twice
                 before hitting the BFG switch. Switch in South 
                 East perch opens exit door in tall west crate.

4 -Rocket Frag  -This one is a blast, literally. Rocket launcher and
                 Berserk are the only weapons (along with your pistol,
                 of course).  4 main rooms, all with obstacles that
                 make you think before you let a rocket fly.
                 Switch on East wall of North West room opens exit 
                 door on West side of room.

                 Changes... Not much, I loved this one as is.

5 -Fragagon     -Small Figure 8 shaped level with 2 higher ledges
                 running along the outside walls. To get the good
                 weapons you jump down from the ledges upon the
                 large crates. Switch on North end opens exit door
                 on south end, which remains open unless your opponent
                 hits the low switch down in the middle.

                 Changes... Trip wires (to go with the switches) on
                 first ledge to allow easier access to top ledge.

6 -Cramped      -New level number 2...
                 Somewhat similar to Boxed-In but with more height
                 differential (stairs & lifts) and less crates. Only 
                 one way up to the west ledge but player can be 
                 easily picked-off once there. Exit switch at top of 
                 double stairs opens door behind south lift.  In 
                 other words, the switch for this lift must also 
                 be hit.
7 -BFG Frag     -Only BFG's and Berserk packs. A Mega Sphere is
                 located in the center but can make you a sitting
                 duck. A real wild one! Room in South side reveals a
                 switch that opens the exit room on the North side.

                 Changes... Normal play areas have been enlarged to
                 help prevent less falling into pits.  BFG's added
                 to the pits for use in case of emergency.

8 -Cross Attack -Won 2nd place in WizardWorks Wad Making Contest.
 The largest wad but wide open with many
                 buildings to hide in and on top of. Exit area
                 can be accessed by walking over the exit sign
                 along the North wall. Then walk along the cat-
                 walks to North end of the lava pit.  The East & 
                 West switches in the main playing area block 
                 access to the exit while the red South switch 
                 allows an exit once again.

                 Changes... Not much, obviously it's already a winner.

9-Drop-In       -New level number 3...
                 This one is sure to become a classic.  Small
                 level with lots of height variations. Numerous
                 ways to jump from one room to another for surprise
                 attacks from all directions. Also showcases unique 
                 Holes you drop-down-into for weapon retrieval. 
                 I love this one!  Exit switch in SW corner opens 
                 exit room in NE corner.  Transport must be used
                 for solo exit.

10 -Keep Movin' -My homage to DooM 2's map 07, a death-match
                 classic! This one has a more 3-D feel including
                 some lifts that take you to ledges.  You 
                 can't hide in this one so keep movin'.  
                 NE switch opens exit room in SW.

                 Changes... Not much, when it ain't broke, don't
                 fix it.

Additional Credits to   : iD of course and the creator of DCK
* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Maps  01-10
Single Player           : No    (Some exits require co-op)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Maybe (To check out the levels)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes   (That's the purpose!!!)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes   (Read above)
New Sounds              : Yes   (Radio alert sound)
                          (Also look for for more)
New Graphics            : Yes   (Titlepic, Intermission, Pause, 
                          Options, Help, Credit, & Level names)
New Music               : No    (Look for which is
                          mainly Led Zeppelin, perfect for DooM)
Demos Replaced          : All   (DooM-2 version 1.9)
                          Demo 1 is solo play on level 10.
                          Demo 2 is a Deathmatch on level 9.
                          Demo 3 is an exit demo.
* Construction *

Base                    : 3 brand new levels along with 7 modified
                          levels from the original 10PAK.
Editor(s) used          : DCK, BSP, NWT
Known Bugs              : None known of

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use these levels as a base to build additional levels.  

You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, 
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

* Where to get this WAD *

BBS numbers: Tim's BBS             (814) 825-8660
             Microsoft Network     (DooM files- death-match)
Also at-  (My web site)


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