From mid-August to mid-September, held a contest with a simple premise: design the best Boom level you can with only 10 sectors. This...

10 Sectors
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Title                   : 10 Sectors
Filename                : 10sector.wad
Release date            : November 20, 2000
Author                  : Various

Description             : From mid-August to mid-September,
                        : held a contest with a simple premise: design the
                        : best Boom level you can with only 10 sectors.
                        : This is the result.
Additional Credits to   : The over one hundred people who entered this
                        : contest and made it as cool as it was.  Andrew 
                        : Bassett, Matthew Dixon, Martin Friberg, and
                        : Gaston Lahaut for judging.  Andrew Stine for
                        : organizing and running the contest.  The authors
                        : of all the countless utilities used in the
                        : creation of the levels.  The Unreal Tournament 5
                        : Cubes contest for providing the idea.
                        : for the first prize of a Voodoo
                        : 5 5500 AGP.  Fanatic for some free CDs.  id
                        : Software for Doom.

* What is included *

New levels              : Yes
Sounds                  : No
Music                   : No
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes
Demos Replaced          : No
Other                   : No
Other files required    : Boom-compatible source port

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom 2
Map #                   : Map01 - Map32
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Other Game Styles       : No
Difficulty Settings     : Some

Gameplay Note           : Each of the 32 levels in this megawad was
                        : designed to be played from scratch, i.e. 
                        : 100% health, 0% armor, a pistol and 50 bullets.
                        : Playing the "normal" way from level to level 
                        : may cause later levels to become too easy as
                        : the player brings in more weapons and ammunition
                        : than the level was designed around.  For the 
                        : best gameplay experience, start each level from 
                        : scratch as you reach it, via either IDCLEV or
                        : committing suicide.

* Construction *

Base                    : From scratch
Build Time              : One month
Editor(s) used          : Various

Known Bugs              : Due to the trickery used to make a mere 10 
                        : sectors feel like many more, many of the levels
                        : are impossible to play in co-op or deathmatch
                        : mode.  Map16, Map25 and possibly others may crash
                        : certain machines or configurations.  Some 
                        : levels may be able to be forced into an 
                        : unbeatable state, necessitating a fresh start
                        : or savegame reload.

Will Not Run With...    : ZDoom, any non-Boom-compatible port

* The Levels *

 * MAP01 *

  Title       : KUKLOPPE
  Author      : Tobias Forsberg
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : When I first saw the contest on I thought: 
              : Naah...I'm too damn lazy, but when you said that all levels
              : you've got was crap I decided to make one anyway. 
              : took me about one hour to make it.
              : If you've seen my Ropy.wad series then you can see that I 
              : really like brick9.

  Bassett     : Hey, this level looks great! Lots of little details. On the
              : walls, mostly. Still, very short. But what are you going to
              : do? It seems to be either looks or length. A little more 
              : length, and this level coulda been a contender.

  Friberg     : This is the most detailed map so far and I really liked its
              : looks.  But, it was too tight to play fluently and it was 
              : extremely short.

 * MAP02 *

  Title       : HANGAR
  Author      : Øystein Langhelle
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I visit every day and when I saw the contest,
              : I thought I`ll just try and see what I could do against all
              : the levelmakers in the community.  First I sat down and 
              : thought through what makes a good level (in my opinion), 
              : and started the work. At first I didn`t know what to do, 
              : but then I heard "Hangar 18" with Megadeth. And tried to 
              : make something similar to that facility. I used my favorite
              : theme, Tech-theme, and tried to capture the good old DooM 
              : II feeling. As you possible will see/have seen I`ve also 
              : been inspired by both Quake II and Darkening II.

  Bassett     : I like this level. Very creative use of ten sectors. Still,
              : rather short, with only one key being used. It does look 
              : mostly the same. Again, it looks nice, but plays not all 
              : that well.

  Friberg     : This is the most detailed map so far and I really liked its
              : looks.  But, it was too tight to play fluently and it was 
              : extremely short.

 * MAP03 *

  Title       : ASTRAL DEFORMITY
  Author      : Kristian Aro
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : When I first saw at DW that there was going to be a contest
              : of what you can come up with 10 sectors or less I decided 
              : that I had to take part. I didn't really care if I'd win or
              : not. That evening I was just sitting on my bed and listened
              : to Goa-Trance. It was during the time I listened to 
              : Hallucinogen's track called L.S.D when it came in my head 
              : like at the speed of a lightning. I had it all in my mind, 
              : the theme of the level, which monsters I was going to use 
              : in the level and how to make good use of the 10 sectors. I 
              : think the result of what I did came up quite good, since 
              : the level made it to this a-must-have-megawad. I tried to 
              : make the level have a claustrophobic feel. And I think I 
              : succeeded in doing that since the level is so small. But 
              : anyway, have fun playing!

  Bassett     : Well, this is also a nice level. Lots of detail, lots of 
              : decorations, although the general feel of the level stays
              : consistent. Yes, it's pretty good.

  Dixon:      : Constructed in the familiar brick-metal motif, this map is
              : a compact unit of pure pleasure. Well textured and built,
              : this map provides a challenge in single-player, and the
              : author even went so far as to implement full deathmatch
              : support! Point of interest: this map runs flawlessly
              : beneath DOOM2.EXE, something few of the other maps enters
              : into this competition can boast. All the detail and
              : difficulty of a regular DOOM2 map, compressed into a 
              : well-used and beautifully built ten sectors.  Essential, 
              : and classic.

  Friberg     : This was a good one: nice texture schemes and a pretty good
              : layout.  Traps were easy though, you knew what was coming
              : and where to go next.

 * MAP04 *

  Title       : 60 FEET UNDER
  Author      : Cephaler
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This was my 4th design that I sketched up a day after the 
              : announcement of the contest. By then, I had already made my
              : first 10 sector level and submitted it. From the beginning,
              : I had planned this level to be somewhat dark, windy, and at
              : times cramped to keep the player on their toes and not 
              : notice the inherent lack of detail in these levels. I tried
              : to utilize the monsters in a way that would put the player
              : in different situations at certain points in the map. The 
              : fact that this map is based on corridors gave me many 
              : opportunities to restrict the player and force him/her to 
              : fight, whether by ambush or....otherwise :) This map was 
              : submitted on the 23rd of August, ~10pm--Just to make my 
              : point, that Deth is quite capable of producing good levels
              : _FAST_.

  Bassett     : Wow. Not only does this level look great, it plays great. I
              : still can't believe it's only ten sectors. Great ammo and
              : health balance, great use of monsters and lowering walls.
              : Very, very nice.

  Dixon:      : This map, which reminds me of my own Gothic2 MAP08, takes
              : full-advantage of the unlimited visplanes that TeamTNT's 
              : BOOM engine offers, dazzling the player with small-scale
              : high-detail architecture. Solid texturing, solid gameplay,
              : and attractive to the eye, this level won a spot in my Top
              : 10 list the moment I lay eyes on it.

  Friberg     : This is definately the best one yet! I have been waiting 
              : for quality maps like this one. It really feels and looks 
              : like a map built year 2000, while many of the other ones 
              : feel pretty much like they were built in 1994/96. The 
              : awesome metal theme is used very well from beginning to end
              : in this map. There is some lack of variety, but I won't be
              : judging it too hard here. The non-linearity is better than
              : the rest and so is the architecture and design. I think the 
              : action all took place in the same level (ie 0) and to make
              : it perfect the author should have used a few ups and downs.
              : At least use the ceiling height a bit better. And there is
              : no need for any extra ammo or rocket-launcher in the end. A 
              : few too many +25 health boxes in there too.  But just so 
              : sweet!

  Lahaut      : Great level. Dark, smooth lighting; great textures, detail.
              : Lotsa trapwalls, but that's OK.

 * MAP05 *

  Title       : INTO THE FRAY
  Author      : Cephaler
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This was my 2nd design I made the day of the announcement.
              : It was originally intended as the first of a set of three 
              : levels, this one leading into an ancient site, (which isn't
              : surprisingly marble-based..) which in turn leads to a dark
              : lab-type level, which ended up becoming "60 Feet Under". 
              : As this level was intended to be the first level in a set,
              : the layout lended itself to weaker enemies, but realizing 
              : that I blazed through this level in under 2 minutes, I hung
              : it up and began and completed work on 60 Feet Under. When 
              : I got to work on this level once again, I extended the 
              : outside area (actually I __added__ the outside area--this 
              : map was completely indoors at first) and applied the new 
              : tricks I learned from making 60ft under and came out w/ 
              : what I think is a nicely detailed and populated level. I 
              : submitted this one September 1. Again, Deth--ph33r

  Bassett     : Now here's a level that looks nice and plays nice. There 
              : aren't any dramatic shifts of textures all over the place.
              : Simply subtle lighting effects, and all-around niceness.. 
              : It's not too hard to get 100/100, either. Although there is
              : an unaccessible area with monsters. Still, really good.

  Friberg     : Wow I really liked this one. Pretty simple in layout but 
              : you had to watch your back all the time. The ammo count
              : even dropped down to a dangerously low level sometimes.. 
              : Rare. *****

  Lahaut      : Very nice midbar corridor/outdoor style level.  Good!

 * MAP06 *

  Title       : PAIN MANOR
  Author      : Arno Ansems
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I used to make some DOOM maps about four years ago, before
              : I even knew about the internet. Today I build maps for 
              : Quake II. The ten sector contest at got my 
              : attention, since I remembered how much fun it was to make 
              : maps for DOOM. The editing is relatively easy because of 
              : the Z-axis restriction, and the the maps still look 
              : visually impressive with JDoom or ZDoom.
              : Before I even started WadAuthor, I first sketched the 
              : entrance of the map on paper, so I knew where to start. 
              : And I determined in advance the  purpose of the ten 
              : different sectors : three sectors for outdoor sections, 
              : with various floor heights for walls and mountains; 
              : one sector for hallways; one sector for doorways and 
              : girders; one sector for windows; three sectors for stairs 
              : and furniture and one sector for the blue door. Notice that
              : for most sectors I had multiple purposes in mind. I used 
              : nine sectors in the first two rooms, but that wasn't really
              : a problem, since I could reuse them everywhere. And I'm 
              : very satisfied with the result. The map looks very 
              : Quake-alike with the medieval theme and all the brown 
              : textures.

  Bassett     : Wow! I'm almost stunned! This level shows great quality. 
              : The theme is consistent, but still, VERY impressive use of
              : ten sectors. There's even stairs in this level! It doesn't
              : take too long to finish, but it's still of good quality.
              : Really quite impressive.

 * MAP07 *

  Author      : Kurt Kesler
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : Death Valley Fortress was my most common choice of motif's,
              : and I think I simply make better "base style" maps for 
              : Doom. I also think the base style is the best choice for 
              : Doom maps in general.
              : I build for the fun of building....first it was Lego's and
              : Erector sets, now it's maps and textures :-)

  Bassett     : Amazing! I cannot believe this is only ten sectors. Great
              : challenge, great level design, and it looks great, too.
              : Simply amazing.

  Dixon:      : Those familiar with Iikka Keranen's levels in Requiem, a
              : thirty-two level replacement set for DOOM2, will be able to
              : draw immediate parrallels between Keranen's efforts on
              : MAP13 and MAP22 of Requiem and this level. This map,
              : sprawling and immense, provides the player with non-linear
              : gameplay set amidst blocks of stone and buildings. This map
              : is highly enjoyable, and very pleasing to the eye.

  Friberg     : Is this possibly the winner? My number one fav so far.. How
              : can one construct such a masterpiece with a 10 sector
              : limit? Could this be by Kurt Kesler? It is definitely
              : inspired by his work.

 * MAP08 *

  Title       : FRENZY
  Author      : Gonzalo Perez de la Ossa
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This was my first thought when I heard about the contest; 
              : 'What's the limitation? 10 Sectors only. Right, then I'm 
              : gonna design a map that looks like many more than 10. And 
              : I'll try to make it evident and as spectacular as I can'. 
              : So I focused on creating different zones that look 
              : completely different in heights, something I've done 
              : through a lot of sector moving. Judge for yourself!
              : Due to the lack of time (I had to finish the level in a 
              : hurry, the last day), there are some alignment errors 
              : (which I wouldn't have made under normal conditions), no 
              : difficulty settings, no DM starts, and the possibility of 
              : unexpected level behaviour (don't get surprised if that 
              : happens, and please let me know!). Anyway, my goal was to 
              : simulate more than 10 sectors, and I know you'll forgive 
              : these small inconveniences.
              : One final word, the first and last rooms are based on 
              : CyberDreams, and I'd like to dedicate them to my friend and
              : co-founder of Presage, Albert.

  Bassett     : Hey! Another great level! This one should be in the
              : megawad. Great design, great look. Lots of imaginitivity.
              : Especially in the last area with the three cyberdemons.
              : Definitely one of my top picks!

  Friberg     : Wooa! Innovative I must say. A bit uneven in it's gameplay
              : but I loved every second of it. The end sequence is
              : possible in a few different ways as well. Top 10 so far.

  Lahaut      : Technically well done, but not really fun for me.

 * MAP09 *

  Title       : UAC BASE
  Author      : Kinkajoy
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : A lot of people are probably wondering what the hell I was
              : thinking when I made the room which I'm going to 
              : arbitrarily call "The MIDSPACE Room."  Basically, at first
              : I wanted a room with some kind of monster (I decided to 
              : make it a baron of hell) inside a cage.  But I figured if 
              : it was just one monster and nothing else, people would skip
              : it and not kill the monster (I don't know why, but at the 
              : time it felt like an important thing that the player must 
              : do.)  So I decided to add a bunch of twists and turns, and
              : things to slow the player down.  At first, I filled the 
              : room with imps, but that ended up being really hard and 
              : chaotic, so I made it so that the imps only appear in UV 
              : mode, and otherwise there are barrels scattered about.  
              : That room is probably the most changed room of the level.
              : And the reason there are only 9 sectors in the level isn't
              : (entirely) because I was trying to make a statement that 10
              : sectors are not necessary; I just didn't have a need for a
              : 10th.  It works fine as it is, so I figured "Why mess with
              : it?"

  Bassett     : Very impressive! I had no idea it was possible to take 13 
              : minutes to finish a ten-sector level. I even got lost a
              : couple of times! It all looks mostly the same, but the
              : playability is beyond my expectations. I don't see how this
                could not be one of my top picks.

  Friberg     : The biggest map so far, and I must say that I am impressed
              : that it only took 10 sectors! But then I must right away
              : ask why the author didn't use a little bit of texture
              : change in, for example, the maze/corridor with flashing
              : light (which btw were all too dark).  They all used the
              : same tech-scheme... Irritating. Some very good fights 
              : though. The ones worth mentioning are the first baron of
              : hell encounter where you have to fight through the fence.
              : But since it was so hard to manoeuver it took away some of
              : the joy. The 2nd really good fight, was the one over by the
              : yellow key. It reminded me a lot of Chord_ng by Malcolm
              : Sailor.  If this map had better texture-use it would be my
              : favorite of the top 5.  Very close to be anyways.

 * MAP10 *

  Title       : TENSION
  Author      : Cyb
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : What I originally wanted was some sort of dark, damp 
              : looking map, and I think I was successful with that part, 
              : but working with only 10 sectors was a pain in the ass.  I
              : decided to devote at least two sectors to some sort of 
              : detail (I ended up using four) and one to lighting (one of
              : those four).  I also decided for the map to last more than
              : two seconds without shoving seventy monsters in each room 
              : I'd need some doors and keys.
              : The doors were the biggest pain, but since I have some 
              : experience in this, I didn't run into too much trouble.  
              : There are a total of about 25 moving regions (sub-sectors),
              : which can be broken down into 12 'doors' (some of them 
              : consist of a bunch of bars next to each other).  The 12 
              : doors are made up of four sectors total.  With the four 
              : detail sectors the actual 'guts' of the map are only two 
              : sectors with the same floor heights and different ceiling 
              : heights.  That's just to give you an idea as to way to 
              : 'work around' limits.  Good stuff.
              : The only problem I really have with it, is, looking back on
              : it now, I wish I'd detailed it some more with some linedefs
              : here and there, but I guess it's too late now.  The map 
              : also might be too hard for some players, but I was able to
              : beat it (with gamesave) and I'm not what you'd call a great
              : Doom player, so it's not _too_ bad.

  Bassett     : Wow! This is an amazing level. It looks amazing, it plays
              : pretty good. The cyberdemon at the end is a little edgy,
              : but that doesn't take away from the fact that this level
              : looks great. And it takes a while, too! Definitely one of
              : my top picks.

  Friberg     : Works real good and looks beautiful.  Clearly one of the
              : best yet.

 * MAP11 *

  Title       : DECADE-ENCE
  Author      : Paul Schmitz
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I wasn't sure where this map would end up.   When I first 
              : created the map, it consisted of two long corridors broken
              : up by rooms with doors.  However, the map barely played for
              : 3-4 minutes, so I decided to add one more addition.  Yeah.
              : :)  
              : I like the theme best.  10 sectors and I was able to create
              : a pretty good "room-over-room" effect in the nukage 
              : section.  DOOM is amazing!  I hope you enjoy the map.

  Bassett     : My, oh my! How in the world can this be only ten sectors?? 
              : Wow! Special effects I've never seen before. The level
              : looks mostly the same, but it plays for so long! Seventeen
              : minutes! Great puzzles! Simply one of the most impressive
              : so far.

  Friberg     : Ok, I better play this one again sometime. I didn't like it
              : at all first but it got better with time. Maybe more time
              : will make it good enough.

 * MAP12 *

  Title       : A PLACE OF WARSHIP
  Author      : Kurt Kesler
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I always try to make maps convincing in appearance. Keeping
              : to that idea in Doom is impossible in certain areas, but I
              : enjoy that challenge, and I think that makes me more 
              : creative.
              : A Place of Warship was not my style, and not my strongpoint
              : in terms of "motif" choices......thats why I did it.

  Bassett     : Yikes! Remind me to not let myself sink so far into
              : meditation before opening a door. That cyberdemon was a
              : shock! But still, this is just a great level. Lots of
              : monsters, though. Very, very hard. Besides its good looks,
              : this level has great height variance. It does play pretty
              : well. I am impressed.

  Friberg     : Good enough to fit into the megawad I believe, but it will
              : not win any prizes.

  Lahaut      : Detailed, good lighting. Too many monsters.

 * MAP13 *

  Title       : SUMMERCORE
  Author      : Jon Rimmer
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I was pretty fired up about the 10 sectors contest as soon
              : as I heard about it and drew up the design for this level
              : the very same night.  The starting point for the level was
              : my memories of "The Seventh 07 - Final Portal" By Afterglow
              : and Prower.  That level contains an extremely cool valley
              : area with a 3D bridge over a river and my "vision" for this
              : level was to emulate that setting.  In the end my level
              : differed quite a bit from the level that inspired it, but
              : the influence is still there to see.  While making this
              : level I hit upon a very pleasing Mordeth style architecture
              : which I was tempted to use extensively. I resisted this
              : urge however, deciding to save it instead for my second
              : level, which I was already beginning to plan out.  In all
              : this level took about two days to complete, with about six
              : hours in editor and three hours testing.

  Bassett     : Now this looks great. Very diverse areas. The level isn't
              : the longest I've seen, but it still looks great. Monster
              : and ammo placement is great. I can hardly believe it's only
              : ten sectors.. There's even a 3D bridge special effect stuck
              : in there. I mean, impressive!

  Friberg     : The ammocount is never all the way through, it usually
              : drops down to a point where you begin to worry. The use of
              : textures and lines in the end looks a lot like Kurt 
              : Kesler's way of building maps.

  Lahaut      : Starts very pretty, ends ugly.

 * MAP14 *

  Title       : LIFT TENSION
  Author      : Jonathan Dowland
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I decided to call this map 'Lift Tension' because 
              : originally (believe it or not) the first few rooms were 
              : going to be part of a gigantic elevator (us limeys call
              : them 'lifts'). And as for tension, I was under a lot of
              : tension to get this map finished, indeed I restarted 3
              : times because of Wadauthor doing very very strange things
              : (randomly mixing up sector properties with each other for
              : example).
              : I think the largest problem with my map is the low ammo on
              : UV.  Hopefully, some ammo will be carried through from
              : previous levels in order to help the player out a bit...
              : the level is possible stand alone on UV if you find some
              : secrets. (easy) Par times: ~50secs (ITYTD); ~5mins (UV) If
              : I remember right :)

  Bassett     : This is a pretty nice level. It's reasonably diverse in its
              : textures, height, and light levels. Ammo balance is okay.
              : Detail is okay as well, although not all that exciting.
              : Length is still short, so I don't think it'll make the
              : megawad. We'll see.

  Friberg     : I liked this one. I was playing in constant fear of running
              : out of ammo, maybe a few more shells (or berserk) could
              : have raised the fun in the game a bit. Some boring rooms
              : (quite a bit) but it was still a quite enjoyable
              : experience.

 * MAP15 *

  Title       : COMPUTER COMPLEX
  Author      : Paul Berlin
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I started making the level about a week after the contest 
              : was announced. What I tried to do was to create a level 
              : that had many traps, alot of enemies and a nice design. I 
              : didn't really have a plan of how the whole level was going
              : to look like before starting, I just made it one room at a
              : time. I usually only use the easiest enemies in my level
              : and try to make it challenging, but in this level I also
              : used some of the bigger ones (Arachnotron, Mancubus,
              : Archvile, etc.) and I think it turned out quite well. It
              : was pretty hard to make use of doors with only 10 sectors,
              : but I managed to put in quite alot of them and used all the
              : three keycards. I finished about 60% of the level in just a
              : couple of days before submitting it to doomworld. By the 
              : way, this level should not be played with Zdoom because 
              : it's got a bug that makes some enemies wake up even if they
              : haven't seen or heard you yet. This can cause doors to not
              : be able to close.

  Bassett     : Hmm. This is an interesting level. A lighted-up space base.
              : Lots and lots of miniature monsters, though. I don't know
              : if that's a good thing. Map design is a little square,
              : although not that bad!

 * MAP31 *

  Author      : Kevin Nadolski
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : The original name to this map was "Marle."  However I did 
              : not feel that the simple name give the map what it was due.
              : While I was making her Marle tormented me day and night.  
              : If I was not working on her (weather I was eating, 
              : sleeping, showering, ect.) she would taunt me and call me
              : dirty names until I would load up my map editor.
              : Oftentimes when I was sleeping she would say, "Why aren't
              : you working on me? Don't you love me? There's somebody else
              : isn't there?"  To which I would reply, "No baby, there's 
              : nobody else I'm really tired.  JUST LET ME SLEEP!"

  Bassett     : Amazing level! Definitely one of my top picks. Great
              : atmosphere, great design, great use of monsters,
              : textures.. Great health and ammo balance. Looks like a
              : winner to me.

  Lahaut      : Obviously effort's been made, but it's futile. You just 
              : fall in the water, and can never get out.

 * MAP32 *

  Title       : HEXAGON
  Author      : Aardappel
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I was making this level anyway as an experiment in coding
              : random maps using my mapeditor WadC 
              : (  When I
              : saw the 10 sector contest announcement, I realised how
              : trivial it would be to enter this map as I wasn't using
              : more than 10 different sector properties anyway, and
              : hacking a "mergesector" feature into WadC took 15 minutes.
              : I continued to tune the map for SP play, and tweaked the
              : balance until it was playable in skills 0 and UV.
              : If you like this map, have a look at the source code for it
              : which is included in the WadC distribution as "hexagon.wl"
              : (a mere 4k!).  If you regenerate the map it won't ever be
              : the same as the one included in the 10 sector megawad, as
              : that one was hand picked by me from a number of runs to
              : best playable (and some versions don't even allow a path
              : from start to exit!). It is easy to change the balance of
              : things in the source and generate any number of maps, all
              : very much alike but never exactly the same! :)

  Bassett     : I can't decide whether or not I really like this level, or
              : I hate it. It's a very creative, very original level.
              : Honeycomb sector designs. Very, very interesting. But lots
              : and lots of monsters. And if you know the way, the level is
              : finishable rather quickly. I'm torn on this one. I'd lean
              : toward liking it, though.

  Friberg     : Looked interesting at first, but that was one repetitive
              : map.

  Lahaut      : Interesting concept, but too many monsters.

 * MAP16 *

  Title       : TECH BASE: SECTOR 10
  Author      : Michael Niggel
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : Tech 10 was designed and built not to win, but as a way to
              : push myself to good design and integration while using
              : limited resources. I wanted to have many different areas
              : that played well, but also looked and felt entirely
              : different from each other. The idea was to fit a good level
              : into 10 sectors, not the other way around. To achieve this
              : I used two major floor height differences to start, and
              : reserved one sector for lifts and another for doors.  After
              : I constructed the first part of the level, I wanted to
              : introduce even more new areas, but the number of sectors
              : became limiting. To use more variations in floor height, I
              : had to move them from within the level. Instead of just
              : having linedefs do this, I decided to use the player. It is
              : from a puzzle the player must solve that the second half of
              : the level takes its shape.
              : I admit there are rough spots in this level, some texture
              : alignment isn't quite right and the second half feels to me
              : like a rush job. In a sense it was, I needed something to
              : finish off the level with and I was running out of time. I
              : made a point to have higher difficulty in this level
              : because I have had complaints in the past about that, and
              : much of my time was spent getting the gameplay balance just
              : right for each skill level. Overall I am very pleased with
              : the level, though, and would like to thank Brad Carney and
              : my little brother for their input. Not bad for fitting in
              : editing time between working and class. :)

  Lahaut      : Another base. Pipelines are a nice touch.

 * MAP17 *

  Title       : LORD OF THE FLIES
  Author      : Kristian Ebola Kaell
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : Since I found out about this contest a while ahead from Jon
              : I was planning it out a bit. Not the entire map but what
              : sector height to use to get the most out of then. I don't
              : know what could have inspired me, I always had easy to make
              : gothic maps and this one was no exception. I would however
              : like to give credit to Requiem and Gothic DM series. Also
              : Darkening E2.

  Bassett     : This is definitely a masterpiece. Great gothic theme, great
              : monster/ammo balance. Great height variation, all-around
              : great quality. One of the best so far.

  Friberg     : Pretty interesting design, like in Map26... Could it be the
              : same author? It doesn't have to be... But it runs slow and
              : one area is definitely too big.

 * MAP18 *

  Title       : QUICK AND DIRTY
  Author      : Anthony Soto
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : When Linguica first announced the ten sectors contest I
              : knew it was something I wanted to do. DOOM editing has
              : always been about overcoming the limitations of it's
              : engine.
              : I wasn't able to finish the wad appropriately in time for
              : the deadline but I wanted to be a part of this community
              : megawad. I did a few quick hacks the last day to make it a
              : complete level. It's short, but there's enough action that
              : it should last at least 5 minutes.

  Bassett     : This is a very impressive use of ten sectors! The use of 
              : stairs, which is amazing. The level is very colorful. 
              : Although short, I believe it's still suited for one of the
              : lower to mid-range maps, in terms of map numbers. I like 
              : it!

  Lahaut      : By now I've seen better.

 * MAP19 *

  Title       : NUKAGE TOWN
  Author      : Sami Mäki-Mantila
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I saw the 10 sector contest in Doomworld and decided to 
              : participate. I hadn't edited Doom wads for years. I wasn't
              : sure could I still do it.  So I unzipped Windeu from my
              : good old 486...

  Bassett     : Pretty small. Not too much detail. Height variation is
              : nice, but nothing special. Not one of my top picks.

  Friberg     : Booooooring, and not enough cool weapons.

  Lahaut      : Simple design, but very nice!

 * MAP20 *

  Title       : GANYMEDE OUTPOST
  Author      : Tarin
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : When I first heard about the contest in #doomroom I did not
              : think I'd submit a level. As most people probably know I'm
              : not known as a single player level designer at all; this
              : map was my first attempt for about four years!  But looks
              : like it turned out to be quite good ;) As all my levels
              : this is a metal/base style map. It's quite obvious that
              : it's inspired by Tomi Rajala's style. I think it's quite
              : large, has good detail and even some lighting. I tried to
              : make the map as non-linear as possible, so you can run
              : pretty much anywhere you want to at the beginning, although
              : you've to get the keys in a special order.  Unfortunately
              : I did not really make much use of any special effects, 
              : especially Boom stuff. But since it does not use any big
              : special effects and is very open once all keys are found
              : it should be good for DM, but only with about 4+ players.
              : Thanks go out to Carnevil (opinions of the level) and Ebola
              : (opinions and level name).

  Bassett     : I don't know where to begin. This is just impressive! Great
              : detail, great subtle lighting. Great ammo balance, great
              : health balance, and fifteen minutes to finish! Definitely
              : one of my top picks. A great level!

  Friberg     : Tarin's map... But so good that I see it in my top 5
              : already.

  Lahaut      : Above average, but a bit mazy.

 * MAP21 *

  Title       : CRUNCH!
  Author      : Vlad 'blod' Sosedkin
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This is a kind of industrial/hitech complex with strong
              : claustrophobic feel. I keep it as chaotic as can (though
              : it is 'coz of lack of paper plan) and mastered the map in
              : two weeks. Instead of detail planning before the work I
              : made a themes for the 10 sectors first, including 
              : floor/ceiling heights, light level, texture choice 
              : (WadAuthor has a good motif customization) and their 
              : functionality (lifts/doors).
              : Then I just draw on paper the 10 sectors along each other 
              : and look at the heights map - cool ideas started to rush 
              : into my mind instantly.  After that I could't sleep until 
              : finishing of the wad. Pure magic :)

  Bassett     : WOW this is a refreshing change! Amazing level. Great
              : design, good ammo and health balance.. And I love the low
              : light level! This should be one of my top picks.

 * MAP22 *

  Author      : Robert Beladi
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : My nickname is QuarK, what doesn't means QuakeArmy Knife,
              : means the small quark, wich makes the proton, neutron, if
              : you know chemistry 8-)
              : When I saw the contest, I decided to make a good map. I
              : started one E1 like map, it was delibrate foul. So I
              : started again. I get a Math excersise book, you know, with
              : rectangles, and drawed in scholl one day one detailed room,
              : area. When I went home, I edited it. First, I selected a
              : theme, what was made up brown and metal textures. Then I
              : tried to make a DM and SP good map, with many ammo and 
              : monsters, difficulty settings, etc. The enemies not starts
              : with Cyber just near you, not. He's only, (if i remember 
              : well) in UV at the end! It's almost symmetric.

  Bassett     : Hey, a refreshing change!  This has great level design,
              : some nice detail... Good ammo balance, although when I'm
              : down to nothing but the BFG, I'm reluctant to terminate
              : those two imps.. Nevertheless, all-around nice. Should be
              : one of my top picks.

 * MAP23 *

  Title       : HELL PREVEALED
  Author      : GeminI
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This was my second wad for this contest, the first not
              : entered. I tried to make the floor/ ceiling heights to vary
              : so it wouldn't be that obvious that the level was limited
              : to only 10 sectors, would also be more fun. Anyway i worked
              : real hard with this, and finished the level 2 days before
              : the dead-line. I deleted one sector by accident and didn't
              : found out about it until after i saved the wad, but that
              : way i got one extra sector and the sector i deleted was a
              : waste of sectors so i got lucky :). It's a hard level,
              : which explains the title... also a taste of my levels to
              : come, in Hell Revealed 2. Credits to Linguica, Doomworld,
              : Telefragged, the judges and the authors of the levels
              : (those not included in this megawad too) for good work. I
              : also added a DM only section out-side the level itself,
              : check it out. Basically the same thing with some changes.
              : Enjoy. Out...:)

  Bassett     : Well, here's another nice level. Some good detail. Lots of
              : monsters, though. Maybe a tad too many. I still like it.
              : It should be in the top 32.

  Dixon:      : Marble, brick, metal, and most of all, blood, awaits the
              : player in this tour de force of a map. Set amidst the
              : familiar brick'n'metal textural motif, this map features
              : creative architecture, well-constructed and creative traps,
              : and will provide a challenge to all but the most
              : experienced DOOM player.

  Friberg     : No major flaws, other than you were forced to take on the
              : enemies in a certain order.

  Lahaut      : Elaborate and detailed. Lots of poison; too hard for my
              : liking.

 * MAP24 *

  Title       : HIDDEN FACETS
  Author      : Qingshuo Wang
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I started the planning of my level by guessing what a 10 
              : sector limit really means...does it mean you need to make 
              : the most beautiful map ever since that requires lots of 
              : sectors to do normally? Does that mean you need lots of 
              : tricks and traps since that...also requires lots of 
              : sectors? I choose the "creativity" and "different" to be my
              : be the most DIFFERENT map in the bunch. To 
              : compete not by outdoing what others did, but by doing
              : something totally different. Hidden Facets, a 4-way 
              : non-linear map focused much on secrets and tricks. I
              : explored the most bizzare ways a player can make the level
              : easier...the best way to use my 10 sectors to produce the
              : most secrets and traps possible. I tried to make use of
              : every single floor and ceiling height not for decorative
              : reasons or just for an elevation change, but as a way to
              : add depth to the make the player ask: "This
              : is only 10 sectors?". Some sectors that seemed purely
              : aesthetical, could endup as a staircase to that secret
              : megasphere ;-) You'll be surprised by how much secrets I
              : managed to cram into that small map...
              : One of the biggest set-backs of the production of this map
              : though, was time. I BARELY finished it before the closing
              : day. I had to rush on some areas where I could of added
              : some vertical detail...particularily the area with the
              : switch face metal textures.
              : Hope you all enjoy ;-) Don't email me asking for spoilers
              : either.

 * MAP25 *

  Title       : UNDER THE HORIZON
  Author      : Chrozoron
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : I wanted to create something wizardly here, and i wish i
              : had a little more time to do the final area right, fix
              : some bugs and add some other stuff but it seems like the
              : end result got pretty good after all. ;-)
              : I sent in my level approximately 10 minutes before the
              : deadline.. which was at 9 AM (local time) that day in
              : september.  That friday night pretty much reminded me of a
              : typical night before an exam, (total panic) and the final
              : area with the spaceship was finished in an extreme hurry!
              : At 8:40 I thought everything was fine, before I (to my
              : horror) realised there was a critical bug which made it
              : impossible to complete the level.  I simply had to delete
              : the stuff that wasnt working in order to reach the
              : deadline. I built the nodes, created a simple reject map
              : and quickly playtested the level one last time before
              : submitting the wad and going to bed. I woke up at 8 pm
              : later that day :-)  I don't know what I would've done if
              : the mailserver had been down at the time or something like
              : that.
              : BTW, straferunning through this level is not advised since
              : i used a lot of linedefs that need to be triggered in order
              : to have the various sectors "slide into place." If one of
              : the lines are missed then the sectors might come "out of
              : sync" with eachother so that you wont be able to finish the
              : level.  I know this sucks, but I had to exploit whatever
              : possibilites i could think of to give the illusion of using
              : way more than 10 sectors :-)  You shouldnt experience any
              : problems unless you're actively trying to speedrun through
              : however..

  Dixon:      : Installing a strong sense of place within the player
              : through its use of realistic structures and texturing, this
              : map also makes the most creative use of sectors that I have
              : seen amongst the other entrants to this as
              : sectors literally change their characteristics as you go,
              : morphing and shifting to new heights. Highly creative, and
              : challenging to boot, this map is a solid example of how a
              : little creative recycling can make ten sectors seem like a
              : lot more in the hands of a creative individual. However,
              : those of you who rely on pure MS-DOS to experience DOOM(2)
              : will be unable to play this level, as Segmentation
              : Violation crashes this map under MS-DOS, yet the level runs
              : perfectly well within a Win9x DOS window.

 * MAP26 *

  Title       : THE AQUADUCT
  Author      : Chris Lutz
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : "The Aquaduct" was really inspired by the opening room of 
              : the DOOM II level "The Catacombs" -- I wanted to recreate
              : the fetid atmosphere of rotting marble and play with how it
              : contrasted with the bright red sky.  From there, I
              : basically said, "Hell -- let's add some water" and the idea
              : sort of took off from there.  I knew that I wanted to have
              : some 3D structures (e.g. bridges) and that I wasn't going
              : to be able to vary floor/ceiling heights too much, so the
              : idea of a crumbling, water-logged structure seemed to work
              : well.
              : I am pretty damn pleased with the way the level turned out;
              : I am especially proud of the way I actually managed to work
              : in some hard-to-find secret areas.  Granted, they aren't
              : marked secret (friggin' sector limit), but there are a
              : couple of rooms that are tucked away quite nicely.  The one
              : thing that bugs me about this level is that it is almost 
              : too themed, meaning the color scheme gets repititious
              : pretty quickly; the sky helps detract from that somewhat,
              : as do the various styles of marble (some is gray, some is
              : green, some has vines, etc.), but there isn't a whole lot
              : of difference between any 2 given rooms.  Still, as I
              : already said, I think this level turned out very nicely;
              : hope you enjoy it.

  Bassett     : Quite simply the best-looking level so far. Lots of 
              : linedefs, lots of detail, amazing.. Great playability, and
              : plain and simply, eye-candy. Another one of my favorite
              : levels!

  Dixon:      : Those of you with slower processors, beware: this map will
              : not function adequately on your system. Even my P200 groans
              : and lags beneath the weight of this behemoth...and a
              : behemoth it is! This map is a mindblowing amazing example
              : of how far ten sectors can be stretched in the hands of a
              : creative and intelligent individual. A fully immersive
              : environment, complete with three-dimensional effects, this
              : level takes full-advantage of the special capabilities that
              : the BOOM engine was built with. A pleasure to explore and
              : play, despite the processor-heavy detail.

  Friberg     : The best design yet, but it won't win. How can anyone make
              : Doom run slow? This creator did...

  Lahaut      : Huge marble complex. 3D walkabouts, Boom effects/waterway.
              : Slows comp down, keep getting stuck. Detailed. Impressed :)

 * MAP27 -- RUNNER-UP *

  Title       : GAS PANIC
  Author      : Jon Rimmer
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This level was my "real" entry.  Instead of planning out
              : the level layout, I at first sat down and worked out the
              : sector types and heights I would need for the theme and
              : then just started building.  After three weeks I was about
              : a quarter done with the level and I realised I was never
              : going to finish it time at that rate.  I speeded up a bit
              : and the rest of the level started to take shape.  I still
              : might not have finished the level however, if I had not
              : fallen ill in the last two weekdays before the deadline and
              : had to take time off school, thus giving me a lot more time
              : to work on mapping. The level uses a lot more sector
              : merging and better use of 2 sided lines than the first map
              : and I feel is certainly a far more ambitious map overall.
              : The inspiration for this map was level 4 of Mordeth episode
              : 1, "Babel By Gaslight", hence the title, which is the name
              : of an Oasis song I believe.

  Bassett     : Now hey! This is a great-looking, well-designed castle 
              : level. The way a castle level should be. And only ten
              : sectors? I like this map. Good monster and ammo balance.
              : Should be a top pick.

  Dixon:      : An obvious homage to the editing styles of Gaston Lahaut's
              : Mordeth levels and Iikka Keranen entire catalogue of
              : amazing levels, this map offers a positively breathtaking
              : and spellbinding sense of place and atmosphere. 
              : Well-constructed and highly detailed architecture bring
              : this map, a city inhabited by extremely hostile creatures,
              : to life.  This map is an epic in terms of architecture and
              : creativity and a true tribute to what is possible with only
              : ten sectors. Utterly mindblowing.

  Lahaut      : Town, almost Mord-style :)  Cramped, but very nicely done!

 * MAP28 -- RUNNER-UP *

  Title       : EVISCER-STATION
  Author      : Lee Szymanski
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : The texturing is loosely based on map03 of Doom2, except 
              : the water was changed to nukage to allow outflows etc. I 
              : liked the metal/Dirt theme of this map.
              : The first room was the only part of the level i sketched 
              : out, initially it was a test to see what the differing
              : sectors looked like, and to set the depth of the nukage. It
              : looked good so i kept it in.
              : I maybe should have spent more time on the corridors, they
              : were a last minute addition to stitch the main battles 
              : together. They're just a little dull. My favourite section
              : is the blue key area, its nice and meaty. The area with the
              : crates was put in to replace a larger section of the map
              : which I couldn't complete in time. The final outdoor battle
              : initially was larger and had the cyberdemon and some pain
              : elementals, i think it works better how it is now. If i had
              : more time i would have increased the detail of the outdoor
              : sections and used more textures.

  Bassett     : Hey! Another great level! This one should be in the 
              : megawad. Great design, great look. Lots of imaginitivity.
              : Especially in the last area with the three cyberdemons.
              : Definitely one of my top picks!

  Dixon:      : A rich, architecturally complex environment awaits the
              : player as s/he explores this well-built, thematic map.
              : Another example of just how far ten sectors can be
              : stretched, this map is mammoth in proportion and scale,
              : marking the player with a true impression of place.  This
              : level leaves the player stranded in a massive toxic
              : processing plant, and desperately demanding more by the
              : end.

  Friberg     : I really liked this map even if it did have a bit too much
              : ammo on it.  Almost too big to be enjoyable as well.


  Author      : NokturnuS
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This contest was a real challenge for me. I always made big
              : maps with lots of sectors, linedefs and things (Demonized,
              : upcoming stuff in Caverns Of Darkness, etc.), so this map 
              : demands lots of work. Think worth the pain.... Anyway, a
              : hard map with lots of baddies and no plasma and no Cybers
              : or Masterminds. With them I would be far more easy (they
              : kill lots of demons mercilessly). Hope you enjoy!

  Bassett     : Oh my! This is a very pretty level. Kind of dark and
              : gloomy.. But so many monsters, and they're everywhere!
              : Again, a lazy way of making a level challenging. I wouldn't
              : want to see this kind of level in the megawad, but we'll
              : see.

  Dixon:      : Those familiar with and those who love the epic Final DOOM
              : episode, The Plutonia Experiment, by Dario and Milo Casali,
              : will enjoy this level immensely. Casali-styled architecture
              : and playability abounds in this terrific and terrifying
              : map. Well-structured, open-ended, and ultimately
              : non-linear, this map plays differently every single time.
              : Brilliantly built and extremely challenging, this map is
              : bound to knock a few teeth loose in the smile of even the
              : most battle-hardened DOOM veteran with the punch it packs
              : in playability, difficulty, and appearance. A pleasure to
              : experience, this map offers creative and random
              : confrontations with an assorted bestiary of hellspawn, and
              : kept me on my toes throughout.  Classic, and absolutely
              : mandatory playing.


  Title       : LAST CALL
  Author      : Michal Mesko
  E-mail      : <email removed>

  Description : This level was ment for fast and furious action. Beware
              : though - it takes place in hell, the final destination for
              : all you sinners. Lava will burn your flesh and monsters
              : will tear your insides if you are not fast enough.
              : Strict deadline made me work under stress on this one.
              : Fortunately, the inspiration came quite easily and I was
              : able to finish it. I hope I designed some good fights as
              : well as good architecture. Enjoy.

  Bassett     : Wow! We're not finished yet, are we? This is really, 
              : really impressive! So much detail, such subtle lightwork. 
              : And so much area. Such great ammo balance. This should be
              : one of my top, top picks!

  Dixon:      : This map calls to mind the hellish atmospheres crafted by
              : masterminds Michal Mesko, John Romero, and Malcolm Sailor,
              : as seen in maps such as An_Coop2, Ultimate DOOM's E4M6, and
              : Chord3. Non-linear, expansive, and extremely dangerous, 
              : this map is an architectural masterpiece. Care has been
              : given to the elaborate texturing of the assymetrical and
              : varied structures found throughout the level, and full
              : advantage has been taken of all ten sectors. No quarter is
              : given to the player as s/he fights through legions of
              : hellspawn, seeking refuge amidst the little shelter
              : present. This is DOOM in all its lava-dripping, 
              : adrenaline-pounding, demon-infested glory. Spectacular.


* Megawad Judging Information *

The Doomworld 10 Sectors Contest ran from August 22, 2000 to September 22, 
2000.  During that time, 138 WADs were submitted.

The judging panel originally consisted of five people: Andrew Bassett, 
Matthew Dixon, Martin Friberg, Gaston Lahaut, and Malcolm Sailor.
Unfortunately, Malcolm Sailor had to drop out due to time constraints.  The
four remaining judges then took about 5 weeks to sort through the 138 WADs,
with judging reaching completion on November 1, 2000.

The 138 submitted levels were merged into 5 megawads for judging purposes, 
with the first four containing 30 levels each and the 5th containing 18
levels.  Judges then designated their picks by saying which megawad of the 
5 the level was in, and which map slot it filled within that megawad.  The 
judges were asked to list their favorite 32, 10, 3, and 1, with levels
within the lists in no particular order.

Here are the judging results.

Mord  = Gaston Lahaut
Matt  = Matthew Dixon
AndrB = Andrew Bassett
Cocnn = Martin Friberg

Top 32:

Mord   Matt   AndrB  Cocnn
01/07  01/02  01/05  01/02
01/08  01/04  01/07  01/06
01/18  01/05  01/08  01/08
01/27  01/08  01/16  01/09
01/29  01/11  01/19  01/16
02/05  01/16  01/29  01/17
02/07  01/17  02/07  01/27
02/15  01/27  02/08  01/29
02/16  01/29  02/15  02/01
02/18  02/01  02/21  02/07
02/22  02/07  02/26  02/08
02/25  02/15  02/28  02/11
02/28  02/28  02/30  02/15
02/30  02/30  03/01  02/16
03/01  03/08  03/02  02/28
03/02  03/12  03/05  02/30
03/03  03/13  03/08  03/01
03/08  03/29  03/12  03/12
03/13  04/02  03/13  03/29
03/14  04/12  03/29  04/02
03/17  04/13  04/02  04/10
03/21  04/14  04/10  04/13
03/22  04/20  04/12  04/15
04/02  04/26  04/13  04/16
04/12  04/27  04/18  04/20
04/13  05/05  04/20  04/26
04/14  05/07  04/26  04/27
04/20  05/12  04/27  04/30
05/05  05/14  04/28  05/05
05/12  05/17  05/04  05/07
              05/12  05/12

Top 10:

Mord   Matt   AndrB  Cocnn
01/29  01/08  01/08  01/08
02/07  01/17  02/15  02/15
02/30  02/15  02/21  02/28
03/01  02/30  02/30  04/13
03/22  04/12  03/01  04/15
04/12  04/14  03/12  04/16
04/20  04/20  04/12  04/20
05/05  05/05  04/20  04/27
05/07  05/07  04/27  05/05
05/12  05/12  05/12  05/12

Top 3:

Mord   Matt   AndrB  Cocnn
01/29  04/20  02/15  02/28
04/12  05/05  04/12  04/15
05/12  05/12  05/12  05/05

Top 1:

Mord   Matt   AndrB  Cocnn
05/12  05/05  05/12  05/05


* The Winners *


Quite surprisingly, there was a two-way tie for first place.  5/12 was 
picked as the best WAD of them all by two of the four judges, as was 05/05.
What put 05/12 over the top, so to speak, was the fact that it was the
third judge's top 3, and the fourth judge's top 10.  It was one of only two
WADs to be in the top 10 of all four judges, and the only one to be in
three of the judges' top 3.  05/05, on the other hand, was a third judge's
top 10, and not even on the fourth judge's top 32.  05/12 became Map30 in
this megawad.


With 05/05 and 05/12 being almost identical in the judges' standings, 05/05
was an easy choice for second place.  05/05 became Map29 in this megawad.


Originally, 05/05 and one other WAD were going to share runner-up status, 
but the difficulty of choosing only one other WAD to fill out the top three
led to arbitrarily calling 05/05 "second place" and choosing two more 
runners-up.  04/12 and 04/20 were both very high in the judges' rankings, 
with 04/12 being in two of the judges' top 3 picks, while 04/20 was only in
one; but then 04/20 was in all four of the judges' top 10 picks, while
04/12 was only in three, and not even in the top 32 of the fourth judge.  
04/12 and 04/20 became Map28 and Map27 in this megawad.


* The Top 32 *

The top 32 levels out of the 138 submitted were chosen by first taking
every single WAD that was in all four of the judges' top ten.  Then came
all the remaining WADs which had been placed in the top 32 by at least
three of the judges.  This totalled up to 28 levels, and 4 wildcards were
chosen by Linguica to fill out the megawad to 32.  The 4 wildcards are
marked with asterisks.

01/05 (9sectors.wad) * -- Kinkajoy
01/08 (ceph2.wad)      -- Cephaler
01/16 (johnr_1.wad)    -- Jon Rimmer
01/17 (kris10sc.wad)   -- Kristian Aro
01/27 (tobi10s.wad)    -- Tobias Forsberg
01/29 (warship.wad)    -- Kurt Kesler
02/07 (ceph3.wad)      -- Cephaler, again
02/15 (k_dvf.wad)      -- Kurt Kesler, again
02/21 (marle.wad)      -- Kevin Nadolski
02/28 (tarin10s.wad)   -- Tarin
02/30 (aquaduct.wad)   -- Chris Lutz
03/01 (10ebolas.wad)   -- Kristian Ebola Kaell
03/05 (aard10.wad) *   -- Aardappel
03/08 (arno.wad)       -- Arno Ansems
03/12 (cyb_10.wad)     -- Cyb
03/13 (decade.wad)     -- Paul Schmitz
03/22 (nuk_town.wad)   -- Sami Mäki-Mantila
03/29 (storm.wad)      -- Robert Beladi
04/02 (10secjon.wad)   -- Jonathan Dowland
04/10 (crunch.wad) *   -- Vlad 'blod' Sosedkin
04/12 (fenboi01.wad)   -- Lee Szymanski
04/13 (frenzy.wad)     -- Gonzalo Perez de la Ossa
04/14 (gem02.wad)      -- GeminI
04/15 (hangar.wad)     -- Øystein Langhelle
04/16 (hdnfacet.wad)   -- Qingshuo Wang
04/20 (johnr_2.wad)    -- Jon Rimmer, again
04/26 (pb10sect.wad)   -- Paul Berlin
04/27 (qckndrty.wad)   -- Anthony Soto
04/29 (tek10.wad) *    -- Michael Niggel
05/05 (bwom01.wad)     -- NokturnuS
05/07 (chz10sec.wad)   -- Chrozoron
05/12 (lastcall.wad)   -- Michal Mesko


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