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   " T H E   E X P R E S S   E L E V A T O R   T O   H E L L"

File                    :"teeth.wad"  
Author                  : Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")
Setting                 : Ok, here's the plot: Kick Butt!
Gripping, isn't it? In case you are a little more 
into story-lines you can keep reading.
This and the other of my wads were to be released
inside a 32-level "episode" on the internet. But 
having id release them is about 666 times cooler. 
The plot in the intended episode was as follows:
You once were the biggest and baddest Cyber-demon to
rule hell and you spear-headed the council that 
governed the underworld; "the Cabal". Betrayed by the
other members you find yourself not only dismantled, 
but also a victim of the utmost demonic humiliation:
You've been morphed into a human! Of course you're
out for revenge and have to kick the other members of 
the Cabal's butts one by one.

When the "Express Elevator to Hell" starts descending 
the renegade Cabal has begun to realize you might be 
a threat to them, human or not. Half way down the 
shaft that should have taken you to the deepest pits 
of Hell, the lift first slows down before it jerks to 
a halt. Ambush! Survive the initial onslaught and 
find a gateway out of the now sealed elevator. Tough, 
but that's the way you like it...

Credits                 : The whole of id Software for DOOM & DOOM II.
Andrew (& Mark) Cornes, Gregory "Acoma" Hyne, 
Peter "Pete" Ripley, David "Macca" Mccandless, 
Bj›rnar Johansen, Baard Zachariassen and 
Stian Danielsen for playtesting, viewpoints, 
help, enthusiasm and for being mad bastards. 
Oh, and Erling Paulsen for managing to convince me
that there was such a thing as a full fledged 
Doom-editor, back in early 94. Os!
A brand new BFG goes out to Geoff Allan (DOOMed), 
Raphael Quinet (DEU), Olivier Montanuy (DeuTex) and 
Colin Reed (BSP) plus whoever put together idBSP. 
Shawn Green for including me in the project.
Last but never least to all other WAD-designers who 
have lost themselves in the worlds of tag numbers, 
upper textures and vertexes as badly as me, 
particularily the other designers that worked on this 
add-on. Looking forwards to play your wads dudes!
bad-arse credits:        Macca, Hunter, Woah, Loki and Pete. You can walk over
my melted bodies anytime. Don't hang around that 
corner for too long though. I'll silently BFG your 


* Play Information *

# of Levels             : Two. You'll have a  v e r y  hard time finding the 
secret level though >:) (there's a hint for you at
bottom of this txt-file for if (when?) you give up). 
The secret is called "Bad Dream". Try playing it 
from scratch... 
Three other wads in this pack was created by me also. 
They are: 

Black Tower                     (blacktwr.wad)
Bloodsea Keep                   (Bloodsea.wad)
Mephisto's Maosoleum            (mephisto.wad)

Level Replaced          : Map 31 and 32

* Construction *

Base                    : An obsessive personality, lotsa caffeine and lotsa 
nicotine. :Q A twiseted mind doesn't hurt either. :)
An additional credit should go out to those wad-
designers that have inspired me greatly through their 
work. I don't know all their names, but the names of
their WADs should suffice. Hail the hall of fame:
"Nukemine" (old I know, but the supreme numero uno 
at it's hayday)
"Castle of the Renegades". Best castle-type wad I've 
"Dante's Gate"
The secret level in the AlienDoom episode was groovy 
as well, and "Cleimos" had some nice touches.
Build Time              : Don't ask, really! First baby steps at "wadding" 
taken in the summer of 94. Almost dropped out of 
university for this bloody obsession. One reason for 
surviving was that I handed in a wad of my campus as 
one of my projects. <G>
I would guess that I on average spend about 130 hours 
on each wad. And it's not because I work slow :)
Editor(s) used          : DoomED 4, DEU2, BSP1.1, DeepBSP and idBSP.
Bugs                    : No way. Shawn has plucked them all out and forced 
me to eat them. I hate you if you find some! ;)

Hope you enjoy the wad.

   * All comments & questions will be highly appreciated *
Sverre Kvernmo
(it's a norwegian name OK? I'm from Norway smart arse)
<email removed>


"You might need the help of an enemy..."
(if that one doesn't do it there's a very unsubtle hint further down...)

Hint 2:
"Let the Arch-vile take you higher"
You'll need all three (hidden) keys before doing this.


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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