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MAP09 for FreeDoom  "The Pit"
Wesley D. Johnson
john <obfuscate> son 24 12 @ usgo <dot> net

Release Revision 11.   Mar 6, 2013

  Created entrance area with connecting tunnels.
  Converted odd rooms to electrical rooms near entrance and exit.
  River gorge reworked, lengthened, with added dam.
  Added posts near waste water pipe.
  Missing bridge is now rubble in river.
  Cave area reworked extensively.
  Some of cave area converted to former mining, now tailing dumping.
  Added dirt pushing machine.
  Clarified areas of ore rock, and waste rock, and bedrock.
  Improved lifts and added tracks.
  Fixed textures in mine chief office.
  Moved blue weapons storage room.
  Added toolbox, parts washer, machinery, in maintenance.
  Added some trashbins.
  Added a few more zombies in mine.
  Added two vending machines in waterworks office.
  Moved lair to conference room, converting former lair
  to an electrical room.
  Added lights in mine passages and mine floor.
  Adjusted lighting levels in all mine areas.
  Lowered the mine floor, steeper main passage.
  Lowered the pump pit, redesigned the pump piping.
  Adjusted pump sounds and added mech. room sound.
  Adjusted the ventilation system.
  Added more ore cars.
  Move knapsack secret from cave to mine.
  Reduced linedefs in cave, smaller tighter design.
  Adjusted gorge bank, ditch, and gorge bottom for easier monster movement.
  Changed monster teleport in gorge to a design that does not jam.
  Added lights in office areas and corridors.
  Adjusted sizes of furniture.
  Moved storage room with monsters, and modified the L corridor, added lights.
  Larger platforms in water tank room.
  Added pumps, ventilation, equipment rooms, and connections to them.
  Added pump sounds.
  Added locker room, and moved armor and health there.
  Adjusted offices, adjusted corridor, and added monitors, cabinets, table.
  Moved passages around ventilation area, and added doors.
  Moved cave connection passages at back of mine.
  Added lights in main mine passages.
  Raised depth of river gorge.
  Added equipment, monitors, in water works control room.
  Added fountain and flora to lower water works foyer.
  Adjusted size and shape of upper water works foyer.
  Added pillars and more depth to mine ceiling.
  Adjusted some mine shafts, and the size of some pillars.
  Added a roof bolter machine.
  Moved some of the monsters in river, and changed some at the waterworks.
  Adjusted all mud and friction.
  Added a pump discharge pipe to river.
  Added closet in office.
  Modified one mine machine.
  Put some kinks in some long corridors.
  Increased the outdoor light level.
  Added a conference table.
  Moved one weapons room from work shop to a storage room.
  Adjusted missile weapons room shape, added crates, multiplayer ammo.
  Moved deathmatch starts (9) to be evenly spaced, gave them shotguns.
  Moved some monsters away from deathmatch starts so that deathmatch
  with monsters is playable.
  Added weapons and armor for multiplayer, coop and deathmatch.
  Fixed texture items discussed in Forum.
  Roof on some of mine pit with pillars to hold it up.
  Removed monster caves in mine area and redistributed the contents.
  Redid all of river and its relation to the caves and mine.
  Removed half of river, added fallen bridge section to block river.
  Rotated and reversed right half of map to move entrance across from mine.
  Added mining machine that monsters used to cut into corridor.
  Added mining equipment.
  Added desks, tool chests, etc..
  Moved some ammo and weapons.
  Moved supershotgun for medium and hard.
  Has benches and boxes to stand upon in waterlogged rooms, so
  conceptually player does not drown, and player can get a look around.
  Changed layout of mine shafts to prevent being met at top of
  elevator by smart revenants, as this elevator is only access to top level.
  Added vertical shaft to cut passageway, with narrow path for the brave.
  Moved mine weapons room (red door) to be harder to get to.
  Modified particular mine shaft doorways so monsters get stuck less.
  Connected mine shaft to cave as alternative entrance.
  Improved caves, with alternative passages, connection to pit cave, and a
  tight secret passage.
  Added support pillars in mine area, for visual effect.
  Mine area passageways extended for more interest.
  Modified the monster lair shapes.
  Fixed problem of imps not coming out of their lair.
  Yellow door now blocks access to all of office.
  Moved storage room to hallway outside of office.
  There is now more variation on how the monsters attack, as they do
  not get stuck in one area so much.
  Changed missing passageway to missing bridge.
  Altered layout of entryways.
  Marked doors with skull.
  Waterfall as source of flooding.
  Additional traps and difficulties in water treatment area.
  Added two secret areas.
  Added water treatment plant as exit.
  Added some rewards and obstacles there.
  Removed some swamp and simplified.
  Removed trees and plants.

  Play tested at levels 4,3,2,1.
  Finished at level 4,3.
  Play tested on Legacy, prboom.

Level is medium size.
  secrets: 4
  sectors: 766
  linedefs: 4259
  single, 4 coop, 9 deathmatch starts

  Non-linear, 5 keys.
  1 key is necessary to reach exit.
  Other keys help with ammo and weapons.

  A multi-level mine.
  Tunnels through the area have been cut by the mining.
  River gorge.
  The pit and buildings are flooded, and some battles are in and under muddy water.
  Exit area is in flooded water treatment plant.


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