big.wad is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on DOOM

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Introduction to BigBro.wad

  This pwad was based on the Big Brother theme; when you're
walking around, you'll always remember that _Big_Brother_is_
watching_you_. The big brother will be informed in his 'workroom'
about the other players' whereabouts with the help of secret lines.
Those lines indicate the position of the other players. This
knowledge is of great help when being in DEATHMATCH mode. This
idea is implemented by a series of nasty secrets; it is intended
for multi-player, with only one player knowing the way to what
we call the "Big Brother Area" (ok, sounds stupid, but who cares).
If you don't know the place: it's still playable, although it might
be a bit too large; you don't meet the other player too often.
If however you aren't able to find the area described, feel free to
mail 1 of us for more details.
  If more players know the bigbro stuff, decide who plays
bigbro and don't let the rest enter the rooms (the bigbro
scheme sounds real good with 1-3 play or something).
  If you want to play it this way, let the one bigbro
player look at the wad with DEU or another editor; the other
players shouldn't look. If you want to find it without an
editor, we wish you good luck. If you succeed, mail us
and we'll add you to our lists of addicts, doom gods etc.
  Because the stuff in the bigbro area is highly unfair,
either let a bad player play bigbro (although he probably
can't even reach the rooms) or at least appreciate a few
kills by the other, the bigbro can only call the game a
win if he wins with a _huge_ difference (87-11)..
  That's the basic idea. If you don't get it,
never mind; you'll never know about it all.

If you don't like this and don't want to play like this, don't.

  If you can only play one-player: it's a challenge as well.
This is a level where you really have to watch your ammo, I
know a lot of you guys don't like those situations, but then
again: don't play it if you hate it. In 1-player mode you don't
have to worry about the big brother area because it doesnt count
as secret and there are no items/monsters.

Thanks to:  Quinet/Wyber  of the _great_ DEU 5.0 editor
                          Whatever they say, we loved to use it
            Colin Reed    For BSP; whatever they say, DEU's nodes are buggy :)
            ???           The author of Mine1.wad for the large
                          gray room we more or less stole :)

/Magne Groenhuis,  <email removed>
 Remco Gerlich,    <email removed>

/If you play LPMUD: PLAY NUCLEAR WAR 4080
 this is Yeti and Scarblac Pino


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