AAAIIIEEEE!  Its Stuck to My Face!

Well i was sittin' there and suddenly the darndest thought popped up in my head. What if i made a script which would change the light colors of a r...

AAAIIIEEEE! Its Stuck to My Face!
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Advanced engine needed  : ZDoom

Primary purpose         : Deathmatch

Title                   : AAAIIIEEEE!  Its Stuck to My Face!
Filename                : Atlantis.wad
Author                  : Striker
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : One hell of a nutball.  Has also done
  tfa01.wad but I don't suggest wasting
  your diskspace with that one it was
  made when i was in gradeschool and my
  standards were lower back then.  I'm
  working on a rewrite of that wad right

Description             : Well i was sittin' there and suddenly
  the darndest thought popped up in my
  head.  What if i made a script which
  would change the light colors of a
  room when the walls were shot.  BAMN
  the wad was born.  But you cannot have
  a level with just a room so i threw on
  the other stuff.  The anti grav room,
  for the longest time i wasn't so sure
  what to do with that space, all i
  knew was that i needed it for purposes
  of connectivity but i eventually made
  it antigrav with that bfg dispenser on
  a 40 second timer.  I had polyobject 
  doors but they bleed like all get out
  and were not nessecary so i just took
  'em out and put in conventional ones.
  The midi, stayin' alive was a silly
  thing.  I showed my roomie the script.
  He gave me that concerned look he 
  often does and says "Is that disco
  doom?" I said no but that reminds me
  I got a stayin' alive midi in some 
  forgotten dusty portion of my hard
  drive so i pulled out that midi and
  put it in the wad as d_disco note that
  this wad does not replace iwad entries
  like most wads do.  To access this map
  it is listed as "aistmf".  Either run
  zdoom with the command +map aistmf or
  type map aistmf in the console.  If
  you want the classic map01 music you
  can type "changemus D_RUNNIN".  Well
  actually it replaces one IWAD lump,
  DEMO1 its a zdoom 1.23 beta demo.

Additional Credits to   : ID software for Doom
  Randy Heit for Zdoom
  Rick Clark for Zdoom editing tutorials
  Dr. Pepper for caffiene hits
  Hersey for the copious amounts of
  chocolate that was consumed during the
  editing of this level
  The voices in my head for inspiration


* Play Information *
Single Player           : No
Cooperative             : No
Deathmatch              : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : No
New Graphics            : Only a new title pic for the
  intermission screen i'm warning you it
          was made on a caffiene buzz and is a
  a bit nutty
New Music               : Yes if it gets on your nerves there's 
  a console command named "changemus"
       I didn't make and don't have a clue
  who did but it was another caffiene
          induced impulse to put it in =)
Demos Replaced          : Demo1 Zdoom 1.23 beta demo note my bot
  config file was eaten by bloodspash so
  i added one more bot and namedit cyb 
  because i was using the cyberdemon skin
  on the bugger and was to lazy to spell
  cyberdemon and not due to an 
  infatuation with a certian defunct 
  doom news site's maintainer.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build time              : A week mainly spent trying to figure out
  what to do about that now antigrav/ bfg

Editor(s) used          : WadAuthor 1.30
Known Bugs              : When using skulltag with the level I
  caught the bfg in mid air it froze
  at that spot and gave me full cells
  anyone who touched it got full cells
  it only happened 2 times in skulltag.
  both times it was a weapons stay game.
  Otherwise it just vanishes upon pickup
  Even though it is weapons stay. (that
  was my intention) if you manage to
  produce this affect in a dmatch game
  that is public well it would be very
  unethical to exploit this bug to get
  infinite plasma/bfg shots.
Installation            : drop the wad into your zdoom directory
  run with the -file aistmf parameter
    along with any other parameters you 
  might be using.  REMEMBER, the map lump
  is named aistmf NOT map## so use the 
  +map aistmf parameter to run this level.
  or map aistmf from the console to run
  the level.  If you are running skulltag
  and trying to do a skirmish.  Start the
   game on any map and from the console
  type "changemap aistmf" if you already
  got bots in the game and want to keep
  them otherwise "map aistmf" works.
  Why did i do this? uhhhhhhhh OH YEAH
  so i would be able to use this wad
  in combination with any other wad
      and a maplist since it doesn't replace
  any existing doom maps =)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may do as you damn well please with this wad as long as I
get some credit for my (shoddy) work.  I left the source code for
the acc in my wad under the scripts lump. Please feel free to use
the scripts i added commments, maybye way too much but anyways 
there's comments in order to simply(complicate?) things.  Feel 
free to plunder my piddly 3 script source source but for any code
you use of mine could you please be so kind as to add a comment
in your script acknowledging it.  Failure to comply will result
in me leaving chicken heads in your bed and earthworms in your
noodles.  Ok so I was kidding with tha last part.  

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP and all its mirrors.

AIIIIEEEE! Its stuck to my face!! (AISTMF)

AIIIIEEEE! Its stuck to my face!! (AISTMF)

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