My very first DOOM2 .WAD (-ish). The end of the Callisto campaign (see below) should have meant well-earnt retirement for you, marine. Now that the...

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"Will there never be a day unpolluted with blood?" - Tacitus, the Annals.

Title                   : ALLEYS.WAD (v1.1)   
Author                  : Vince Russett, from Cheddar in Merrie England
Email Address           : 100652,<email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Recently discovered that an addiction to 
  DOOM2 can be life-threatening - my family
  have threatened my life if I don't stop firing
  mini-guns after 12 midnight. It's a tough
  life being a space-marine...

Description             : My very first DOOM2 .WAD (-ish).
  The end of the Callisto campaign (see below)
  should have meant well-earnt retirement for you, 

  Now that the Callisto anomaly has been brought
  back to earth, someone else can mop up the 
  remains..after all, we now have the measure 
  of the monsters, and are starting to clear 
  them out of most of earth.

  But there is a of the spooks at the
  military academy came up to you in the camp 
  laboratory last night with a bunch of old 
  books and things in a time-stasis case.
  He said there were quite a few of them in a 
  military store in deepest Iowa (thats right, the 
  one where the Ark of the Covenant is stored) - 
  and told you that this was a CLASS 1 secret. 
  Even the president was never told about these, 
  and up until now, no-one has known how to interpret 
  them. They are in a variety of hands, some 
  ancient (one even seems to be a papyrus scroll 
  with hieroglyphics, although the spook will only 
  mutter darkly about plagues and darknesses when 
  you ask about it) and some more modern.

  The upshot of it is that all describe foul beings
  that have haunted some troubled spots of earth. The
  spook produces a marbled edged ledger, its pages 
  spotted with blood, and edges burnt.

  You read the copperplate with a sinking feeling..
  "The ledger of William Jago, butcher, at the sign
  of the Red Deaths Head, Solomons End, Whitechapel,
  London, in the year 1858...I know the things 
  were out in the alleyways in Whitechapel again 
  last night..I know it is not a dream, and I saw
  the two watch men all burnt up by the fire from
  the evil brown things hands..all the people hid 
  behind their doorways, and even the night-walkers 
  fled..there was a great beast of some kind that 
  made a blasphemous noise in which I could hear 
  no words spoken..noises as of engines came from 
  the site where the new buildings are to be made 
  by Cut-Throat Alley..I heard terrible deep 
  laughter, vile laughter..some arch-fiend is 
  hiding in the alleyways, and I fear for my soul.."

  "All we know, Blazkowicz, is that Jago and his 
  shop and all the area around it were destroyed 
  in a huge fire, and they never recovered any 
  bodies" says the spook "but theres a problem...
  the British government psychics say that the 
  bastards have come back twice..once during the 
  1880s and again during the first world war...
  at least one of the Jack the Ripper sightings 
  was of a brown thing the size of a man with 
  thorns growing from its legs and arms, and 
  fire around it..they put the man who reported 
  it in Bedlam, but we think we know the truth 
  now...and they say that the problem may emerge 

  The spook tells you about the experiments with the 
  Callisto anomaly, and the attempts to use it to 
  see the heart of Victorian London. 

  "Unfortunately, we lost a few men attempting to
  get through, Blazkowicz...keep an eye out for
  them, some may be rescuable..We think that most 
  of the ammunition and stores we sent through has 
  reached the target area, but we aren't sure..
  we are not even sure if we can bring you home..
  keep a sharp eye for anything that looks like
  a switch..if the creatures are there, it'll be
  heavily guarded." 
  "Some of our people have a theory that the Callisto 
  anomaly will transport you to the nearest brood
  of the hellspawn..the nearest to here is London
  1858, but there may not be a way straight back.
  There's another..well, that can wait! It looks like 
  your tour of duty, marine..if you don't make it
  straight back, read the update on your belt computer
  - it's updated automatically, and it should give
  you some idea of what you're up against..good luck!"

  You strap on your military revolver, walk up to the
  Anomaly Lab. "OK, lets rock.." and you step into 
  the machine. Night settles...

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP 10
Single Player           : Yes (KILL! KILL! KILL!)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No (wimp mode)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (not playtested, but should be OK - use nomonsters)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes 
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
Gamma Correction        : One below the level that shows dark areas as flat
  grey - this level is SUPPOSED to be dark. On my
  machine, it's level 3. Play with the lights off. At
  night. Not on scopolamine - I don't want deaths on 
  my conscience
Also available by me    : The callisto anomaly .WADs for DOOM (1), BEACH.WAD,
  Available as CALLISTO.ZIP (try the DOOM1 library on
  this forum). WATRMILL.WAD AND MANCUBI.WAD conclude 
  this DOOM ][ series.

* Construction *

Base                    : Indigestion, drunkenness, a perverted imagination
  and an interest in industrial archaeology.
Build Time              : Oh, god, weeks, months, where did my muscle tone go?
Editor(s) used          : Win32DEU, DEU2 and BSP 1.1w
Known bugs              : isn't big enough...that bugs me. One 
  small eccentricity of Win32DEU is that it lets
  you copy one thing directly on top of another.
  If that's an enemy, they can't move, so it's no
  good, but it is entertaining in some other ways.
  I've left one in deliberately...can you spot it?

Available from          :

* Copyright / Permissions *

I don't care, but please respect Id Software, or they might not do it again..
Respect...Raphael Quinet, Colin Reed, Bill Neisius, Brendon J Whyber, Renaud 
Pacquay and "Adler". I mean, it's a game for Gods sake, where do these 
people who write .WADs get off with their copyright restrictions. Only thing
is, if you copy this and claim it's yours, buddy, just wait til you're
walking up a lonely road one moonlit night, and the shadow of a revenant falls
across your path...

Thought for the WAD

Why do Mancubuses feel the need to announce themselves? They clearly have
a bad body image..maybe a little light exercise, guys?

A few hints that may (I only say may) help:

When you first step into the alleys, you will need to move to your right
very, very fast. 
No cyberdemons
"IDDQD users wear their sisters knicks"
The level is full of traps. 
Don't trust the will need all those rockets..
Make certain you pick up the're gonna need it. 
Not all switches can be reached to press..but what does that matter..
Stay frosty, and most of all, listen for the evil laughter, and
be very, very afraid.

Read and learn:

The ledger of Mr William Jago, butcher, of Whitechapel, London.

This is the year of our lord 1858...steam and gas and empire, 
a modern age..I know this in my true self, but I cannot overcome 
this terror by night which haunts me. 

When my father died, and my poor mother and myself were forced to leave 
the old home in county Wexford, our faith in the Lord kept us strong.
Although we wanted often, my poor mother kept myself and little 
Adelina fed and clothed through all the difficult years. Corn laws!
We were lucky enough to have bread when we needed it, but only because
of her, and when our cousins sailed for the New World after the disaster 
of the potato famine, she would have bid me go, but I said I would
stay and look after the little business I had begun. Nothing grand, but
you'll buy the best mutton chops this side of Pall Mall from William

When John Pargiter told us all last October of how he'd seen a demon in
the alleys north of Bleeding Heart Yard, we all laughed, and said the 
only demon he'd seen was the Demon Rum, and that too frequently. But 
poor old Johnny was found in the necessary house behind Lord Strangways 
stables in Camberley Mews, he looked like all the devils in hell had
attacked him. My Lord!, he was slashed and burnt, and all his face was
burnt away, and there was marks of claws..well, they said it was the 
fate of drinkers, the human combustion that comes in the end to those 
that drink too full. But they couldn't stop the rumours. The Quality never
come down here, in the alleys of Whitechapel - how would they know what 
happens here? We buried John at St Martins in the Fields, as he wanted,
but in the night, his grave was despoiled, and Lord alone knows where
his head is...

There was stories that little Sally Ferndown was taken by an animal in
broad daylight, or at least, as the sun was sinking, in the mews at
the back of Tugela Yard. Sam the Polish Doctor was watching from a 
window, and he said that as the sun went down, a flash of yellow and
green light was seen over the mews, and something..he said it looked 
like a big man with the face of a pig and a bare chest..roared and laid
a green fire over her, and she shrivelled into the flame..Oliver Plunkett
was took by another, a thing that attacked him in the alley as he went
to look for his mother, she in the corner gin house, and he left in the
home with nothing to eat, poor little soul...

I called the watch, and we went up and down the length of Whitechapel -
many of the men said they'd never even known most of the alleys was there.
One of 'em, a red-faced man like a pork-butcher, said that little Oliver
wasn't the first..a Lascar off a trader out of Lagos had told him that he'd
been chased by an "evil one" down the stable yard by the new brick buildings
in Lime Street..he said that he couldn't see it under the lights, and
only a sort of flicker gave it away..and the roar and the stench of its

Then last November, Jethro Parsons met a demon in Fennel Lane. He said that
it hissed at him, and it was a great red thing, floating before him, and
that it spat fire before it. He said that it passed him into Essex Mews, 
and that its one eye was trained on the door that leads to the School 
for the Conversion of the Jews in Black Step Lane, where he fainted, and  
when he came round, it was gone. He was a poorly soul, but when he 
disappeared on the night of the thunder last March, Job Samuels reckoned 
that there was fire in the sky, and he said that a fell creature had
come to him in the dark, and said that he should leave bombs in the local
parish library and a fire in the road by the waterfall at Solomons End. 
He said the creature was a brown flying ball, and that fiery skulls were 
spewed from its mouth. Job was properly put into Bedlam, and there he remains. 

Then Polly Pentreath was took to Bedlam..she was never queer in the head.
She said that she'd walked out one evening (being of the disposition to 
find a gentleman, if you take my meaning) and that about eleven of the clock,
she had business in Masons Lane, where it bends down towards the docks. She
said that she distinctly heard a sound of laughter, deep laughter, and said
it put her in mind of Madame Shelleys tales. She hurried up the lane, but
as she turned the corner into Artichoke Yard, she says a very skeleton in
rags strode from the dark, crouched down, and fire leapt from its shoulders.
She fled down the lane, and in the darkness fell into the water. A hand pulled 
her out, and to her terror, she was looking into a devils face. He had one 
great glass eye, and was all in bright green, with a great grey snout, and
carried a great gun or weapon. He spoke, and asked her if she was well, but 
she fled, and swears the green demon fired upon the skeleton. She was 
never quite right since that day.

Well, I never takes much notice of rumours..I didn't believe the stories, 
they was too much like the things our old grandmother used to tell us 
back in Wexford, and anyway, I had my shop to run and people to see, and 
business is business...anyhow, so one night I was running over to Elijah
Jefferies House on the Park (he being very partial to a few devilled 
kidneys, I believe, and only the best at less..) and I hear a 
commotion, and I think it must be fighting. Going over (and it's coming 
out of Cumberland Alley) I hears a terrible sound, like a man screaming, 
and a great deep voice that says something like "Mangabush! Mangabush!" 
over and over, and then on a sudden, I see a great fat thing standing
in the alley over a body, and it turns to me, groans and shoots a fire
or a flare or a great cannonball on fire, and it takes 
half the wall away behind me, and in the noise, the building comes down, and
I get away in the dust, with the sound and screaming behind me. Well, I
was shaken, I don't mind telling you, and I went home with my heart in
my boots.

Then the night me and Jessie went up to Chelsea. We went to see the  
spectacle, the great Chandra, the man who makes fire and fireworks. We 
saw the show, and hired a cab for the way home. As we was leaving 
Harrogate Avenue, the cabbie cried he saw a man in trouble, and a man
ran out from Oak Lane. He had a bloody costume, and a great weapon
like a Gatling gun in his hands, and was running towards us. Behind him was 
a terrifying thing, Oh God! I fear to remember it, it was a flying,
burning head that screeched as it flew, like a skull, like a damned
thing, like a demon. They went across the road, and into India Gardens, 
and we heard the sound of cries and screams, and we were trembling still 
when we reached our little shop, and the cabbie talking of death and 
the end of the world.

It wasn't the last time.. now you can hear screams and cries all the time 
at night, and the watch won't go into Whitechapel at all....after the man
from the Times was took, the watch kept the papermen out of the alleys:
the things were out in the alleyways in Whitechapel again last night..
I know it is not a dream, and I saw the two watch men all burnt up by the 
fire from that evil brown things hands..all the people hid behind their 
doorways, and even the night-walkers fled..there was a great beast of some 
kind that made a blasphemous noise in which I could hear no words spoken..
noises as of engines came from the site where the new buildings are to 
be made by Cut-Throat Alley..I heard terrible deep laughter, vile laughter
..some arch-fiend is hiding in the alleyways, and Holy Mother of God, 
I fear for my soul.."

(The burning and bloodstains have obliterated the rest of the manuscript,
and the cover of the ledger bears deep rips like marks of claws..beneath
the stains the words AS WELL YOU MIGHT have been deeply scored...)


Well, DOOM-lovers, you will all know everything about the IDDQD and IDCLEV
cheats, and all that, so I don't need to tell you those, but in the spirit 
of all those rip-off books that tell you how to survive DOOM ][, I give you:

THE OFFICIAL ALLEYS v1.1 CHEATSHEET (shades of megalomania)

Don't read this first (despairing tone of voice...) this is just for if
you're really won't be.

This level contains 10 former humans, 16 former human sergeants, 17 chaingun 
dudes, 21 imps, 6 demons, 5 spectres, 11 lost souls, 2 cacodemons, 2 pain 
elementals, 2 hellknights, 5 revenants, 1 baron, 7 mancubi, 3 arachnotrons
and an arch-vile. (Thats for those of you playing ultra-violence...the 
others will have time to count for themselves..maybe)

Weapons available are 1 shotgun, 1 chainsaw, 1 super shotgun, 1 rocket 
launcher and 1 plasma gun (extra chainsaws for deathmatch ;-)).

Powerups include 2 soul spheres, 1 blur artefact, 2 green armours, 1 combat 
armour, 6 medical kits, 4 stimpacks and 1 backpack.

Ammo includes 7 boxes of shells, 4 boxes of rockets, 3 energy packs and 
assorted small bits and pieces.

There are all three keys.


I absolutely refuse to give you maps (remember you can get those while 
playing with the F1 key).

You start in a fairly bare room, with two crates behind you. There are two 
ammo clips there - take them, then turn and kill the former humans. Go down 
the steps, and at the bottom, turn right. An imp awaits you behind the 
right hand wall - blow the bastard away, then repeat with the one lurking 
behind the giant crate (preferably by shooting the barrel he's trying to 
hide behind).

Go into the corridor ahead (ignoring your former colleague hanging from the 
right side ceiling), and collect the health potions in the alcoves on your
left. Peek around the next corner, and there he is...another imp, standing in 
front of two metal blocks, each with a flashing beacon on its top. Sort him,
then nip down to the lighter area. This will open (for four seconds) the 
door at the back of the second alcove to reveal the docks. Blow up the barrel 
just outside the door while standing back (otherwise it will be blown up as 
you dawdle beside it). There are former humans, imps, a couple of demons and 
some sergeants awaiting you, one or two standing in the gravel barges 
opposite, or on the dockside.

Run down the steps (as you turn the corner, a trigger will open a room with
two chaingun dudes opposite the entrance door). Jump down, then sort out 
the crowd. Take your chance to grab a shotgun as quickly as possible, as 
there is at least one demon to deal with. Collect all the bonuses (a green 
armour is visible in the dark area: when you collect it, you lower a blockage 
in the corridor you recently left).

There is a set of steps under a projecting room: run up these to collect a
shotgun and medikit. Unfortunately, you will find you can't run down again, 
and will have to open the door and deal death to a posse of imps in the next 
room. Watch out as you open the exit door: there is a chaingun dude primed 
for action. 

Run up the steps again, and give a leaden greeting to the two chaingun dudes
in the room opposite the entrance to the docks: when you have done this, go 
back down, blow up the barrels in the south-east corner of the docks, and
ride the transporter. Step back smartly as you arrive, as outside of the 
cage, there is an imp with a line in fireballs to make your eyes water. 

The room you are in has no exit...aaargh! No worries...look out for the 
library sign outside of the cage, on the other side of the corridor to 
your left. Blast it, and a door opens behind you. Go into the passage, but 
be careful..there is an acid floor, and before you step onto the transporter 
to go back to the docks, there is also a sergeant looking for promotion. If
you noticed the corridor outside the cage, that's'll see it again, 
if you survive.

You find yourself in the room where the two chaingun dudes had a superb 
uninterrupted view of the docks from their bijou residence..if you didn't 
blow them away earlier, you're in trouble. If you did, collect the chainguns, 
and jump into the water.

Go back up the steps, and now you can go back into the corridor, (don't 
worry, the door does open from this side) turn left, and go down to the 
end to pick up a chainsaw. Yesss!! If you want a nasty surprise, go ahead 
and open the shutter in front of you. See if I care.

Go back up the corridor, and when you get back by the big crate, shoot up 
all the barrels that have been revealed (a wall went up when you collected 
the chainsaw). There are two gargoyle switches on the wall you are facing.
If you fancy yourself as a hard case, switch the right hand one (and face 
the three chain gun dudes when the wall goes up opposite). Otherwise, open
the big crate by switching the left hand one, and run into the transporter
it contains. Oh..if the chaingun dudes went down close enough to the edge of
their ledge, you might be able to upgrade to a chaingun by running hard at 
the alcove, before you ride the transporter.

When you land in the corridor, do not take time to admire the scenery - 
although actually, this is a bit tatty, with old crates lying about all 
over. Turn right, and blast away with the shotgun...but don't hit the 
barrels to your right, or thats the end of Blaskowicz rescues Earth. There
are two mean chaingun dudes in the corridor - don't let either of them hit
the barrels to your right, or you're done for. Blow them away, collect their
weapons (as well as the backpack on the crates to your left), then go down
to the end of the corridor.

Agh! No way out - shit!! Oh, hang on, what's this? Yes, the tiny window on the
north side of the passage shows a distant switch. Shoot it, then move FAST.
Blast the chaingun dude behind the opening wall, pick up the rocket launcher 
and head back towards your teleport landing. When you reach the crates, 
you'll hear a revenant...let him have a couple of rockets, and try to hit 
the barrels with blew 'em up already? Its handgun time at the start 
again. Pass his twice-dead corpse, pick up the ammo, and then enter the turbo 
door on your left at the end of the corridor. There are two cacodemons and 
two humans. Lay them to rest, then pick up the ammo in the room. You can pick 
up the soul sphere and blur artefact at your peril, as the flashing floor is 
deadly. Hit the switch to get back to floor level, then out. 

Across the way, behind the evil eye in the triangle, another door has opened. 
Go pass two faces on the shuts the door behind you, 
and the other opens may need this later, as you will see. Round the 
first bend, and some barrels hove in sight, then as you approach the next, a 
demon picks up your scent (as do a bevy of mancubi in the next room). Blow
the demon away, then head back to the entrance to the tunnel, and a room on 
the east of the eye symbol containing a switch has opened. Operate this 
switch, and behind you, a wall opens way back where you picked up the rocket  

You're now faced with either rushing past the mancubi, and on, or (and this 
is the infinitely preferable option) back to the launcher area. 

As you walk down this dark corridor, various enemies come out and have a go
...including a few lost souls (bloody things, we call them 'eads, as in 
"Look out, 'eads!"). Try the door on your right as you turn left past the 
hanging remains of one of your former colleagues in the metal 
won't work, but what the hell, try it anyway.

As you take the next (right hand) bend, the remains of an arch-vile hanging 
on the wall (behind the red pillar-box - that's mailbox to our transatlantic 
cousins - the cylindrical red thing) are the secret shoot switch that opens 
the final door. Remember this, but don't waste your precious ammo at present, 
as you gotta long way to go, marine!

Turn left, give the charging spectre peace, then turn right and repeat same.
Go on round the corner, past the EXIT sign (you can't get out yet, so don't 
try) and you enter a fire-fight zone. An alcove on your left (even though it 
contains a soul sphere AND blue armour) is not to be trifled with. Leave 
alone for now, or regret it. Monsters, including imps, lost souls, chaingun 
funboys and sergeants pour out of the sewers via a stairway behind a barrel 
sat on a crate. Use the barrel to take some out, but DONT GET UP ON THE CRATE, 
as you will teleport yourself into an apocalyptically poisonous room. If you 
do, there is a way out, but since you were warned, you can work it out for 
yourself. The way out is itself bad news, so stay clear.

Go down the stairs, open the door (if its not occupied by a chaingun-wielding 
maniac already) and sort the inhabitants. As you travel north, a door opens 
at the far end of the sewer. Run up and shoot the far end of the revealed 
room. You will hear a door opening (it is the one you tried unsuccessfully as
you entered this part of the complex).

Go back out. Turn right, pass the protruding wall, then open the door on your 
right (if it's not open already). Clear out the hall, then open the door on
the left BY OPERATING THE DOOR ON THE RIGHT. Blow away the sergeants in Jagos 
shop...well, he was a butcher...then go out, turn right, up to the bridge at 
Solomons End, and clear the decks by blowing away the spectre there.

Go back into the entrance hall to Jagos shop, operate the door on the left 
to open that on the right, see to the imp, then dash very quickly in for the 
armour, and out again. A wall drops down between you and the entrance, and 
if it traps you, you're dead meat. Leave 'em to duke it out, sort the 
survivors once the door re-opens, pick up the weapons and bonuses and on.

Go back out, turn right, over the Solomons End bridge, taking in the 
waterfall on your left...this fall is one of the wonders of Victorian London,
and is used to power many mills, with its millions of footpounds of power...
...sorry, tourguide mode there. Turn right, go through the wall ahead...yes, 
it IS annoying when people do that, isn't it?..and return to the door you 
tried (left, left). Open up, take the shells, and backing out fires you 
back into the sewers..but move FAST...this time they're pure poison. Run 
down the sewer, and a teleport takes you to safety and known territory 
opposite. Take a quick breather, then out of the door, up the stairs, and out 
into the alleys again.

This time, go left, down to the end, go left, and turn up into the steps to
the high level alleys. When you attempt to leap the first gap, you open up a 
door. Behind this door is a serious problem...two bad guys, a pain elemental
and a baron...if you ain't got major firepower, bro', you meat. Kick them,
then go round again, Jump the gap, and take the next gap. 

Here be problems. You're stood among six barrels, and an imp is bearing down 
on you with his fireballs. Sort him, go down the alley, pick up the rockets, 
then as you go past the corner, reverse and hit it. A revenant comes out, and 
requires a rocket massage. Go round the corner where he was standing, sort the
demon, and go out the skulls door as it opens.

Turn left down the familar alley, right, then left up the stairs to the high 
level alleys again. Jump both gaps, waste the spectres, get the rockets and 
the blue key, then head back and drop into the first gap again. Turn into the 
stairs under the flashing library sign...remember that? Go up, turn right, 
blow away anything breathing (but watch the barrel), then drop out of the 
end, and run back round to the library sign again. Go up the steps, and into 
the door on your left (requires the blue key).  

You are in a library. Go east. A chaingun dude appears. Kill him with the gun.
Go back. Go south. Take the medikit. The wall opens. A mancubus, imps and 
chaingun dudes appear. Kill them with the gun. Leave the library. Remember 
you are not playing a crap 80s text adventure. 

Now, its show time. You've gotta face the mancubi. No, its no use hiding.

Go around the stairs, drop down, go right a bit to open the door, and go out 
into the alley. 

You can go back to the high level alleys and jump, which takes you through 
the room with the door standing ajar (where you offed the two spectres), and 
down the it, the steps start two crushing ceilings, although 
there is a gap where you can stop to catch breath by the gas lamp..and out 
into the level of the mancubus room. CLEAR THE BARRELS FIRST. These guys are 
to be taken seriously. Your best bet is to use the super shotgun.

You can alternatively go the other way. Head back to the pillar box,turn 
right, follow the alley right back to the eye in the triangle, and then 
right to where you once saw off a demon. RUN LIKE HELL around the left 
hand side of the mancubus room and up the stairs behind it, taking out the 
chain gun dude at the top. You could have a pop at the mancubi as you run, to
stir things up a bit. Now clear the barrels (and a monster or two), and 
settle down to snipe at the mancubi. Dodge about, unload the super shotgun, 
and take 'em down.

If you survive (is an odd feeling of insecurity beginning to creep over you?
Do you imagine you hear satanic laughter?), grab the red key, and hi-tail it.
Either way, (up the stairs to the spectre room is quickest, but mind the 
crushing ceilings) get back to the area of the alcove with the soul sphere 
and blue armour. Shoot the barrels out, prepare, get the rocket launcher ready,
with twelve rockets at least, and grab the goodies. Look out opposite, every
mancubus, arachnotron and other beastie in town is after blood, and it's

Wipe 'em out, then grab all the goodies, open the tower and grab the yellow
key. Get out (the blocking sides that covered your exit as you took on the 
building site baddies are down by now), head south and down the steps marked

Go into the room, and you are faced by two revenants (and a head). Wack 'em, 
and notice that the last door isn't open. Guess what, asshole? You forgot to
shoot the panel...go back to the pillar box, shoot the panel, and run back 
to the exit room. Go through..not too fast, or you'll end up in a transporter
which takes you back to the room with the open door (where the spectres lie).

Turn left..your last test, another pain elemental. Lay him to rest, go forward,
and you're out!

Hang on...did I hear you say "Yeah, right, I would be if that arch-vile hadn't
appeared!. He's yours to deal with, bro, I can't even tell you where he goes,
man, John Romero made him, and I placed him, and what he does then is his own
sweet deal... 


The last flash takes you down into without motion, time 
without action...warping time and space, the anomaly silent screams you into
futurity...and the years of World War I...WATRMILL.WAD is only a little way 


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