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Aaron Hommes' Compilation Wad
comp.wad, DAVES2ND.WAD
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Title                   : Aaron Hommes' Compilation Wad
Author                  : Aaron Hommes
Email Address           : <email removed>
Doom, Doom2 or Heretic  : Doom 2 (demo's are for Doom2 v1.9)
Filename                : COMP.WAD
Release Date            : 3/12/95 
Version                 : 1.1
Updated since last ver. : Fixed the custom texture in "THE RIPOFF".
                          Fixed the DeathMatch exit in "ROCKETWARS".
                          Various level fixes.
                          ** DONT USE v1.0 WITH v1.1!  UPGRADE! **
Levels replaced         : 1, 2, 5-7 and 29 (3 and 4 will most likely be added
                                             in future versions)
Additional Credits to   : Sean Doidge for help testing and a few ideas
                          on "THE RIP-OFF". Buy a real computer, Sean!

 /----------==========########## Description ##########==========----------\

All the levels can be played in one-player mode, but some of them may not be
that fun. "LIBRARY OF DEATH" (Map 2) was designed for one-player, but the rest
were designed for Deathmatch. 

MAP01: "THE RIP-OFF" was based on Doom2's ENTRYWAY. Originally, me and a friend
worked on this level, but I changed it a bit and he didn't like it, so I pretty
much took out all the stuff he did and changed it enough so that it was only my
additions. Play this one in one-player mode to see where all the stuff is. I
think only one or two things in the entire level are marked for Deathmatch
only, so don't worry about not knowing where things are when you play it
Deathmatch (DM).
       This level should be damn cool for DEATHMATCH, but I may be making
changes in the future since I haven't tested it much, so send in any comments. 
This is the ONLY level I would change, so suggestions for the other levels 
would most likely go out the window.

MAP02: "LIBRARY OF DEATH", and all other levels in this wad, were created 
entirely from scratch. This map should be good for DM, but was designed for
one-player. DM with two-players is kinda like looking for someone in the
supermarket. This level has a number of secrets, so look at everything care-
fully. There are plenty of clues. If you still can't figure it out, look at
demo #3.


MAP03 and MAP04: These maps were not replaced because I had to use a sector
numbered 666 in "ROCKETWARS" (see below) and it only works if it's MAP07.
You wad editors might know what I mean. (If anyone knows how to get around
this, please e-mail me.)

MAP05: I made "SMILEY" out of frustration. Well, I had to say something!

MAP06: When you play "THE MINIPIT", don't fall in the pit! There is no way
out. This, however, is the key to the strategy in DM. There is nothing but
single shotguns and a bit of health on the bank of the pit, but in multi-player 
mode, there's a BFG in the pit. If you get the BFG, you can kill the other
players rather easily (it's not a sure thing, I've escaped from it quite a few
times) but when you jump (or fall) into the pit, you can't get more health
and or shells, so you're death is immenant.

MAP07: Some people hate "ROCKETWARS" and some love it (that'd be me). In
one-player mode, when you kill all the Man's the... well, you'll see. In DM, 
there is only the four rooms. There is no way to get outside. It's just a big 
rocket bloodbath. I wanted to record a 3 or 4 player demo, but I couldn't get 
it together in time for the release on COMP.WAD, but if you watch Demo #2 
there is a cool 2-player demo in "ROCKETWARS" recorded by me and Sean Doidge.
(Sean's the Green dude)

MAP29: This was mosly made for the Comp Credit Demo (demo #1), but if you feel
like cutting someone up with a chainsaw, play this level DM!


* Play Information *

Single Player           : YES - "LIBRARY OF DEATH" mostly. Others kinda suck.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : YES - Worse than one-player.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YOU BET!
Difficulty Settings     : YES - "LIBRARY OF DEATH" only.
New Sounds              : YES - Just the plasma gun sound. It was too loud!
New Graphics            : YES - Just walls used for credit purposes.
New Music               : NO  - If someone could show me how to do this,
                                e-mail me.
Demos Replaced          : YES - All three. Don't watch Demo #3 unless you're
                                stuck on "LIBRARY OF DEATH".
* New versions! *

Future versions will contain entirely new levels, yet keep compatability with
previous versions. (ie: COMP.WAD v1.0 could play DM with COMP.WAD v1.1+ in
levels 1, 2, 5-7 and 29 but not new levels that might be in v1.1+)
However, if I change level 1, as stated above, then, of course, all players
would need the new version to play that one.

* Construction *

Base                    : All from scratch except "THE RIP-OFF"
Editor(s) used          : DEU 2c
                          NWT v1.3
Build time              : All together about 40 hours. (LOD being ~20)
Known Bugs              : Only a few tiny HOM bugs in various levels.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels under
ANY circumstances. Why would you anyway?

You may distribute this WAD in any electronic format (FTP, UseNET, BBS, Disk, 
CD, etc.) as long as you include this text file, with no modifications.

* Where to get this WAD *

þ FTP sites:
              /pub/doom/doom2/wads (if not in NEWSTUFF)

þ Newsgroups:


þ BBS's:

Check the locals. If it isn't there, upload it!

þ Other:

Misc. Author Info       : Just a guy making a lot of high-quality WAD files.

Later you guys. Happy Dooming, and DMing!
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