It seems that Mars wasn't the only world under attack from hell. Your squad of marines has been dispatched to a distant planet where Hell has estab...

All for One - the First Co-op Only Episode
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E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M7, E1M8, E1M9
This PWAD is the single player/deathmatch version of a41_coop, the
first co-op pnly episode for doom.  It is intended for single 
players who do not have access to a four-player network or to three
other players who are willing to play co-operatively.  IF YOU CAN 

Deathmatch starts and weapons are included, but I think only M7, and
MAYBE M8 and M9 will be any fun.  Try warping to those levels.

Two and Three player co-op games are not really supported in either
version, due to four-player puzzles in a41_coop and deathmatch weapons
in a41_spdm.  Sorry.

==> Be sure to read "Important Play Info" below before playing.

Title                   : All for One - the First Co-op Only Episode
                          Single-player/deathmatch version
Filename                : a41_spdm.WAD
Author                  : Chris Hill    
Release Date            : 26 May 1995
Posting From            : <email removed>
E-mail Address          : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Played doom almost every day for a year in
                          preparation for this project.

Single-player notes     : The puzzles from a41_coop have been significantly
                          modified to make these levels playable by a 
                          single player.  Mostly doors that would close
                          now do not, lifts with remote switches became 
                          directly controllable, and teleports were added
                          to enable access to all areas.  There are some
                          switches that now do nothing, and a few puzzles
                          that require a lot of running around, where four
                          players could cover all stations at once.

                          Overall this may seem a bit strange, so keep in 
                          mind that you're playing modified levels.  I also 
                          encourage cheating.  You should never need to 
                          "clip" through walls to succeed, but liberal use 
                          of "god-mode" to boost health is recommended, 
                          since the monsters were planned for four players.  
                          During testing, when the players split up, they 
                          tended to die.

Deathmatch notes        : These levels are not planned for deathmatch play.
                          The deathmatch starts are not ideal because of 
                          this.  Some areas do not offer the kind of non-
                          linear connectivity that is conducive to death-
                          match play.  If this bothers you, go download one
                          of the VERY many deathmatch arenas.  M7 may
                          actually be good for deathmatch, as MAY M8 and M9.
                          Feel free to warp to these levels if the early ones
                          play as badly in this mode as I think they will.

                          On any of the levels I recommend starting with a 
                          truce until all significant areas are opened.
[The rest of this section is quoted unmodified from a41_coop.txt.]

Software requirements   : Registered Doom, at least 1.666 (see Bugs below)
                          Incomplete tests show that 1.9 and 1.9 "Special"
                          also may not work due to missing textures in the
                          doom.wad.  Really, this was only thoroughly
                          tested with 1.666

Description             : It seems that Mars wasn't the only world 
                          under attack from hell.  Your squad of 
                          marines has been dispatched to a distant
                          planet where Hell has established a beach-
                          You awake from cryo-sleep to the realization
                          that something has gone horribly wrong.
                          Hell knew you were coming.  They've tried
                          to stop you.  Your ship is under their control.

                          It's all down to the four of you.

                          First you must attempt to regain control of the 
                          ship.  Access to the Armory and shuttle is 
                          blocked.  The Power Core is overloaded and 
                          there's a hull breach in Ship's Services.  
                          Multiple Security and Safety fields block your 
                          progress.  Perhaps you can find an alternate 
                          route to the shuttle and use it to abandon ship 
                          and head for the Station that orbits your target
                          world.  And how did the demons get here, anyway?
                          Once aboard the station, you must find some way 
                          to get down to the surface of the planet and 
                          attack the demons on their home ground.

Justification           : The reason no one plays co-op Doom is that it's
                          unnecessary.  Almost all non-deathmatch PWADs are
                          set up for a single player, with the co-op game
                          modified, if at all, to include more monsters 
                          and MAYBE a co-op exit.  Players beyond the 
                          first are superfluous.  Not here.  I've worked 
                          to create a variety of puzzles and switch games
                          that require at least two and often all four
                          players to complete, while still allowing the 
                          sort of carnage that can only be found in a multi-
                          player game.  I hope you enjoy solving them.

Important Play Info     : Each player in this game has a role to fulfill
                          within his squad.

                          Green: Scout/Pointman
                          Indigo and Tan: Fire Support/Wingmen
                          Red: Heavy Weapons/Anchorman
                          Weapons access is severely limited until you gain
                          entry to the Armory, at which point weapon 
                          selection serves to reinforce these roles.  Keep
                          this in mind when beginning play.

                          In order to successfully complete this episode,
                          several goals must be achieved.  First, 
                          communication between all players is vitally
                          important.  Four computers in one room with 
                          all players having easy access to each other is
                          best.  Intercoms or conference calls on a voice
                          line are still tolerable.  Testing has shown that
                          communicating via the keyboard Type command is
                          inadequate and distracting, since messages will 
                          fly by too fast to be of benefit.  Resist the 
                          impulse to use the keyboard - even shouting down
                          a hall is preferable.

                          Second, the players must be committed to playing 
                          as a group.  Again, testing has shown that using
                          single-player or deathmatch tactics will lead to 
                          lack of success and enjoyment.  If you act on your
                          deathmatch-honed instinct to shoot another player
                          as soon as you see him, you are not ready to play
                          this episode.  Stick together, watch each other's
                          backs, communicate, and consider who can best use
                          any supplies you find.
                          Be aware of any messages you find in the game, and
                          apply the information your surroundings.  For 
                          example, if a message says that you'll find the
                          siren's emergency shutoff in the ship's laundry, 
                          and you later enter a room with dryers and
                          steam presses, odds are you'll find the siren
                          shutoff there.

                          There are several mazes or maze like areas in 
                          these levels.  Use the auto-map, both to sort
                          out the twisty passages and to co-ordinate action
                          with the other players.

                          Saving and restoring is a pain in multi-player 
                          games, and I've added re-supply rooms at the start
                          points on the tougher levels.  Death doesn't have
                          to mean restoring in a co-op game; generally, you
                          should keep playing despite repeated deaths.  This
                          may mean you should reserve some supplies until you
                          are about to exit a level, so you don't die loaded
                          and come back to find nothing.  Testers completed
                          the whole episode with one restore, after a week-
                          long break.  They died a lot.  Still, saving at the
                          start of the level is always advisable (see "bugs",
                              Having said all that, there are a few places
                          where it's possible to screw up so badly that you
                          cannot continue.  I detest death-pits in single
                          player games, but in a multi-player game it is
                          not unreasonable to put a few characters into 
                          situations from which other players must rescue
                          them.  Still, if all four of you jump into the
                          same pit, it's "Game over, man!"  There are only 
                          a few of these, but messing them up will require
                          a restore.

Additional Credits to   : Josh Fallon (NIGHTFAL) for the night sky texture.
                          Marc Wensauer (AODSOUND) for the shotgun noise.

Thanks to               : Brendon Wyber and Rapha‰l Quinet for DEU, 
                          Colin Reed for BSP, Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB, 
                          Olivier Montanuy for Deutex, Brian McKimens for 
                          the Line Types document, and the iD guys for a 
                          year of obsession.
                          REM (the whole catalogue) and The Jam (Live Jam)
                          for providing me with music during the project.

Special thanks to       : My wife Susan for keeping me housed, fed, and 
                          stable; my son Jon for putting up with my 
                          distraction; Disney videos for keeping Jon 
                          My testers: Tom Berna
                                      Matt Hill
                                      David Becker
                                      extra thanks to Mike Haefner for 
                                                      coming through,
                                      and especially Carl Stika, for the 
                                                     network access.

Inspirational thanks to :  The Authors of the PWADs that kept me playing
                           this damned game:
                           Michael Kelsey - RETURN
                           Daniel Hornbaker - APOCALYP - a well constructed 
                                          episode just when I needed one
                           Justin Fisher - ALIENS_TC - !!
                           Eddie Nguyen - UCA Series - for telling a story
                                                within a WAD.  But where's
                                                the next part!?
                           Ethan Brodsky - CRUSHER
                           Norman Scott - THEKEEP2 - the BEST castle map
                           Andy Chen & Claude Martins - INVADE series 
                                        - the best "starship" levels
                           Rand and Steven Phares - CLEIM10 - the best M8
                           Tom Neff - MAVERICK - the railings                           
                           Peter Grundy - CADET - the best teleport pens
                           Alberto Barsella - DEADBASE - the concept 
                                                of remote sectors
                           Scott McCreary - BITEDUST - the ladders                           
                           and Leo Martin Lim - UAC_DEAD, 
                                        the hands down best PWAD yet.

                           Play these WADs.

Special Curses to       :  IDE Hard drives in general (2 weeks)
                           MIDI and MUS files  (2-3 weeks minimum)
                           X-COM (3 weeks and counting)


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1-9
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No; play a41_coop.wad for four player games
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, but not tested.  Try M7, 8, or 9.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes, all; UV is exceptionally U and V
                          Diff. levels are unaltered from a41_coop.  Cheat
                          for extra health.
New Sounds              : Yes, 1 sound
New Graphics            : Yes, a few textures
New Music               : No; see a41_mus.wad
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New episode from scratch

Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.2 
                          DEUGCC 5.2
                          BSP 1.2x
                          RMB 2.1 alpha
                          DEUtex 3.1
                          Windows Paint

Build Time              : Each level took about 7-10 days, except M6 which
                          I'd rather not discuss, and M4 which was 5 days
                          with 3 months between them.
                          Overall 5 months, with numerous digressions.

Known Bugs              : The occasional instance of ceiling leakage, 
                          mostly on M5, but not where you can see it w/o
                          "no clipping".
                          M4 has a special sound effect that rarely times 
                          out right.  If it does, it's really cool.  If
                          it's early or late it's still OK, but kinda

                          Occasional door sounds when no door has been 
                          activated on M2 and M8.  No big deal.

                          M6 and M9 are quite large and may require a fast 
                          system to run well in net play.

                          M6, M8, and M9 have enough things that saving may
                          be problematic, even with 1.666.  This is part-
                          icularly true at UV; M6 at UV is not saveable
                          until you've gathered a lot of stuff.  Except for 
                          that case, saving right at the start of these 
                          levels should be OK, but I'd also recommend saving 
                          right before exiting M3, M5, and M7.  These are 
                          smaller, and unless you've left all the stuff 
                          behind and died a LOT, they should be OK.

                          M8 has a few bits that, during their brief 
                          operation, look really bad.  The players should
                          be nowhere near them, however, when they go off.

                          M8 has crashed the game with a number of curious
                          errors, including P_CrossSubSector and R_Project
                          Sprite.  This seems to have been due to excessive
                          sprawl, and is under control so far as I've been 
                          able to test.  Please alert me if it fails to run 
                          for you.

                          This PWAD requires DOOM 1.666 at least.  1.2 will 
                          fail in a number of ways - lots of HOM, moires, 
                          and broken savegame buffers on at least M6 and M9.
                          It was attempted with 1.9 "Special", but several
                          textures seemed to be missing from the IWAD.  No
                          telling if this will carry on to the release 
                          version.  It was not tested with 1.9 "normal".

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels.  

Authors are encouraged to explore the ideas behind co-op levels.

Authors are Especially, Explicity, and Emphatically FORBIDDEN from
including any of these levels in any sort of "Best of" combo WAD, 
or fiddling with REJECT 1.x to release a deathmatch-optimized version
in an uncredited combo with, say, some popular movie monster graphics
stolen from a different PWAD.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, etc. but NOT CD) as long as you include this file 
intact and no charge is levied other than the basic connect charge for
an on-line service.  If you want to include this episode on a for-profit
compilation, contact me for explicit permission.  Permission to profit
from my work is explicitly DENIED in all other cases.  Violation will 
lead to loud public denouncement.

The author eagerly awaits feedback.  Please direct e-mail to the AOL
address above.  I'm interested in .LMPs, but please e-mail first.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: and its mirrors.

Other: AOL in the PC games library (after a few months).
       Compuserve shortly.


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