5 great Deathmatch specific levels, each well tested and including not only great technique but great amounts of texture alignment, too (and with t...

Avatar Collection #2
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MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP12
                        !!!!!RUN AVATAR2.BAT!!!!!
Title                   : Avatar Collection #2
Author                  : Mackey McCandlish
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Author of the One Must Fall strategy
                          guide. Creator of DOOM MUST FALL (DOOM
                          total conversion patch), Diversions
                          playtester. Look for me in #DOOM in
                          IRC as _Avatar_.
Description             : 5 great Deathmatch specific levels, each
                          well tested and including not only great 
                          technique but great amounts of texture 
                          alignment, too (and with the coming of
                          Avatar2, new floors and walls). Be aware,
                          however, that the Avatar2 levels are 
                          more complex then the Avatar1s and are
                          not as immidiately appealing (a couple
                          are downright wacky).
Additional Credits to   : The DEU team, DETH authors, and Brian Hess
                          for helping me test it. Additional
                          credits go to the #doom IRC gang and
                          the guys on a local game server I call
                          (Multiplayer BBS):
                          For Cavern: NoSkill, _Aryj, Ratbert, Genesisk 
                          (GKpak), Stragenl (Danzig#), _BADCRC_, Bar0n, 
                          and Slug. 
                          For Visplane: Rick, sysop of ME BBS, for 
                          mentioning an idea for a wad to me. I 
                          started working on it and then went off 
                          in a totally different direction.
                          For Hilltop: Jonathan Pribble.. for being 
                          there when we were playing another one of 
                          my pwads and I got the idea of just trying 
                          to defend one area while the other guy tries 
                          to break in.
                          For FotoReal: DBZ, Guyver, and Foolkiller
                          of ME BBS.
                          For FestHaus: The Danzig gang for getting me
                          hooked on cool small detailed wads like
                        !!!!!RUN AVATAR2.BAT!!!!!
* Play Information *      AVATAR2.WAD
Episode and Level #     : MAP08 - MAP12 so you can start on level
                          1 and play to map12 with the Avatar1 
                          series (10 new dmatch levels plus 2 
                          classics on map01 and 7).
Single Player           : Yes, good for practicing, I suppose. 
                          These are Deathmatch levels though!
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, but only if its 2 on 2 deathmatch
                          style cooperative. The starts are there.
New Sounds              : Hehehe.. you'll hear that scream in your
New Graphics            : A sky texture here, level name graphic 
                          there, new walls and floors, etc. And 
                          maybe a couple indications of exactly 
                          who the author is. If you're not getting
                          a stark black sky on map12, you may have
                          to just -warp 12 there (helps that level
Demos Replaced          : Not yet.

* Comments *

        Quick rundown on the levels:

Cavern:                   A very detailed atmosphere based hunting
                          wad for DOOM2. Takes some exploring to
                          get used to, but the depth is there.
                          The main slant of hunting wads is recognizing 
                          WHERE a sound is occuring and getting there 
                          as quick as possible, not to mention ambushing. 
                          Cavern is no exception. 

Visplane:                 A surreal deathmatch level that takes DOOM's 
                          linedef and visplane engine to the limit. One 
                          more light change and this WAD would crash! 
                          (Wondering why it was named VISPLANE? Cause that 
                          little feature is what put me through hell 
                          balancing them in the end).

Hilltop:                  My first 4 player deathmatch level. The object 
                          in this one isn't just to kill the other guys, 
                          but to try to KEEP the center room. Ideally the 
                          way it would work is that in a 4 player game,
                          the 3 players that AREN'T inhabiting the fortress 
                          would all try to storm it simultaneously, working 
                          together if neccesary. Once the guy in the middle
                          dies though, it's every man for himself as 
                          everyone rushes for the room. What do you get for 
                          being in there? The FIRST Megasphere ever to be 
                          put in one of my levels! Heck, with rocket coming 
                          from every direction you'll need more than 
                          Megaspheres to keep you alive in that room. 
                          Because of the health, ammo, and nature of this 
                          level I suggest playing in Altdeath (for once).

FotoReal:                 This one, like HillTop, is basically a four 
                          player dmatch level (classified as such due to 
                          its dmatch elements and size). I'd wanted to 
                          do a teleporter network sorta level for a long 
                          time but kept putting it off because I never had
                          that special trigger to start it. Well, I finally 
                          got that trigger of sorts, threw together a whole 
                          series of walls based on the sky from HillTop, 
                          and even added a voc of myself yelling for 14.5
                          seconds for the death sound. All in all it's a 
                          pretty hectic wad, and actually fun too. 

FestHaus:                 This one is basically two player but could no 
                          doubt serve as an _intelligent_ 4 player frag 
                          fest. The inspiration for this one comes from 
                          the beautiful Danzig19 and our own Map01. As 
                          for the level itself, well, your usual rockin
                          dmatch sorta stuff. Enjoy!

Standard features of each level:
Nomonsters on skill 3
Regular monsters on skills 1 and 2
Cyberdemon (and sometimes an Archvile, too) on skill 5
An out-of-the-way exit, marked simply with an exit wall texture..
Oodles of texture alignment and some new textures
Prepackaged coolness, of course.

* Construction *

Base                    : Varied.. more time than Avatar1.. usually
                          around 1-2 days.
Build Time              : About a month.
Editor(s) used          : DETH and wad1to2.
Known Bugs              : Maybe a river bug here and there..

                        !!!!!RUN AVATAR2.BAT!!!!!

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. If the file is to be added to a CD collection or any 
collection of sorts, please e-mail me before hand at 
<email removed>


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