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Awesome new Doom music! version 1.0 for Doom v1.2
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Title                   : Awesome new Doom music! version 1.0 for Doom v1.2 
Filename                : RAWMUS10.WAD
Authors                 : Stephen Baxter, Cory Fujimori, D.W. Barnes.
Music Converter         : Cory Fujimori
Musicians               : Stephen Baxter, Cory Fujimori, D.W. Barnes
                        : Ronnie Cremer, Rob Durfee.
E3M3 demo made by       : Cory Fujimori  
E1M8 demo made by       : Cory Fujimori
E2M6 demo made by       : Cory Fujimori
New Graphics by         : Cory Fujimori. Using Improces, a really cool paint
                        : program.
Email address           :  Cory Fujimori:           
                        : send me some snail mail at:
                        :             Cory Fujimori
                        :             66 Wainaku Street
                        :             Apartment #8
                        :             Hilo, HI 96720.
                        : Stephen Baxter:
                        :       Unknown
                        : DW Barnes:
                        :       Unknown
Description             : Well here it is! You've waited for it. It's awesome
                        : new Doom music version 1.0! With no bugs intact!
                        : This version works perfectly with Doom v1.2, you
                        : might experience some crashes if you try to use
                        : it with a different version of Doom. I used to
                        : experience alot of crashes when I used the original
                        : Awesome New Doom Music with Doom v1.666. It was
                        : the Doom.exe file screwing it up or something, so sorry all you
                        : 1.666 users. 
                        : This version of Awesome New Doom Music is really cool.
                        : You wont find any bugs here. And I took out some of
                        : the crappy music and replaced it. Check it out brah.
                        : E1M1: Lenny Kravitz music
                        : E1M2: Falcon 3.0 music                       
                        : E1M3: Oldtime rock and roll
                        : E1M4: There's lot to do at the.... Y-M-C-A!
                        : E1M5: Falcon 3.0 music
                        : E1M6: The Theme song from the tv show AirWolf
                        : E1M7: Music from the game Flashback the quest for indentity
                        : E1M8: Starwars, the Empire Strikes Back finale music.
                        : E1M9: The Gilligans Island Theme song (yuck!)
                        : E2M1: The GhostBusters Theme
                        : E2M2: More music from Falcon 3.0
                        : E2M3: Awesome Reggae music Mon. 
                        : E2M4: Yet more Falcon 3.0 music!
                        : E2M5: Action music
                        : E2M6: Music from the game, Winroids
                        : E2M7: More music from the game, Winroids
                        : E2M8: More music from StarWars, the cantina bar music v1.0
                        : E2M9: More music from StarWars, the cantina bar music v1.1
                        : E3M1: MINI-G (Not Kenny G)
                        : E3M2: A nice renditon of the classic Eagles song, Peaceful easy feeling
                        : E3M3: The theme song of Beverly Hills Cop II. Awesome!
                        : E3M4: 2001, a space oddessy
                        : E3M5: Jurrasic Park Music
                        : E3M6: Yet more Starwars music!
                        : E3M7: More music from 2001, A space oddessy.
                        : E3M8: Really cool music
                        : This Baby also comes with 3, count em, 3 LMP demos
                        : included in the PWAD! You'll need Doom v1.2 to 
                        : watch the demos. If you dont have v1.2, then once
                        : you see the opening screen, ENTER A LEVEL BEFORE
                        : DOOM CRASHES!

Additional Credits to   : DMMUSIC and MIDI2MUS converter's provided by
                        : Dr. Doom at the DooMania! BBS.
                        : Some guy on AOL for the Lenny Kravitz music

Who created what?       : Cory Fujimori's work:
                                             The AirWolf theme song.
                                             Starwars, the cantina bar music
                                             Edited Flashback music from
                                             SSI's original Flashback track.
                                             Peaceful Easy Feeling.
                                             Edited Beverly Hills Cop music
                                             from LITHMOVI.WAD.
                                             Extracted 2001 a space oddessy                            
                                             music from LITHMOVI.WAD and
                                             made small changes.
                                             Extracted Jurrasic Park music
                                             from LITHMOVI.WAD No changes
                                             made. Downloaded Gilligans isle
                                             theme song from AOL, made small
                                             changes, and converted it to
                                             a MUS file. Basically he edited
                                             most of the music and made some
                                             really cool music out of it.
                                             He also converted the music to
                                             work with Doom, made the LMP
                                             demos, ordered the pizza's,

                        : Stephen Baxter's work:
                                              Made the WinRoids music.
                                              2 awesome MIDI files.
                        : D.W. Barnes' work:
                                          Made Oldtime rock and roll music
                                          And the Ghostbusters theme 
                        : Ronnie Cremer's work: Made YMCA!

                        : Rob Durfee's work: Made Starwars, the empire 
                          strikes back finale music.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Every level this time around.... execpt for E3M9
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : It's music dammit! :)
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : Yes. 2 new "READ THIS!" screens. Check it out.
New Music               : Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Demos Replaced          : 3 really cool demos

* Construction *

Build Time              : 30 Hours, 4 pizza's, 8 snapple ice tea's, 
                        : and 3 showers. 
To run this WAD type    : DOOM -file rawmus10.wad
More info               : This music was sequenced with a Sound Blaster Pro 2.
Editor(s) used          : DMMUSIC, MIDI2MUS, WinJammer, DEU 5.21, Improces. 
                        : Doom's -devparm and -record switches.
Known Bugs              : No bugs this time around! (pray)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY use this cool music in Doom levels that you create, as long as you
give us credit for the cool music. Agreed? Good.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. OR ELESE!!!!

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:

BBS numbers: DooMania! BBS. 1200/2400/4600/9600/14.4k speeds  317-662-8842.

Other: If possible, please distrubute this WAD on America Online.

Ending quote:  Hey I've never had to take credit for someone elese's work
                I've already done enough to make sure the legend lives on.
                   :)                -Cory Fujimori

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