I wanted to provide several hours of GOOD level design for total immersion - and have it fit on one diskette. BDSDOOM is the result...

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MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07
BDSDOOM2.WAD - 5 single-player levels for Doom II v1.9

BDSDOOM2.ZIP is a slightly updated version of:

New for version 2:
- changed the archive to a .zip file instead of a self-extracting
  .exe file (who's afraid of the big, bad virus?).
- deleted the 1001 batch files and zipped up the 5 lmp demos,
  so there's only 4 files now instead of 25
  (bdsdoom2.bat  bdsdoom2.wad  bdsdoom2.txt  and  bdsdemos.zip).

To play:
  run bdsdoom2.bat, or from the command line enter:
  doom2 -file bdsdoom2.wad -skill 3 -warp 03

To view a demo:
  doom2 -file bdsdoom2.wad -playdemo demolevX
  (where X=1 map03, X=2 map04, X=3 map05, etc.)

The demos are quite long (totalling over 1 hour), and notice how much
smaller they are zipped?

      Filename      Map   Skill   Time    Size
      --------      ---   -----   ----    ----
    demolev1.lmp   map03   HMP    3:45    31 KB
    demolev2.lmp   map04   HMP   20:13   165 KB
    demolev3.lmp   map05   HMP   15:35   127 KB
    demolev4.lmp   map06   HMP   12:46   104 KB
    demolev5.lmp   map07   HMP   14:29   118 KB
                                 -----   ------
                               1:06:48   545 KB (117 KB zipped)

The original text file follows:

So you've had a bad day, eh?  Nothing's going your way, and everybody's "in
your face" about stupid stuff.  Had enough?  Feel like kicking some butt?  
It's time for:

     |====\    |=== \    /====\   |=== \    / === \    / === \   | \   / |
     |     |   |     |   |        |     |  |       |  |       |  | \ \// |
     |=== /    |     |   \====\   |     |  |       |  |       |  |   \/  |
     |     \   |     |        |   |     |  |       |  |       |  |       |
     |      |  |     |        |   |     |  |       |  |       |  |       |
     |======|  |=== /    \====/   |=== /    \ === /    \ === /   |       |


Title                   : BDSDOOM   
Filename                : BDSDOOM.EXE
Author                  : Barry D. Sebastian
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Have played lots of DOOM and DOOM2, and tried many 
  add-on levels.  Lately, I've spent most of my free
  time designing THESE levels...  I still think this 
  is one of the best games going!!!
BDSDOOM.exe should contain:     BDSDOOM.wad                                                       
 (25 files)                     bdsdoom.txt (this file)
demolev1.lmp (1st level demo)
demolev2.lmp (2nd level demo)
demolev3.lmp (3rd level demo)
demolev4.lmp (4th level demo)
demolev5.lmp (5th level demo)
d2.bat     |
d3.bat     |-----Batch Files To Run Demos  
d4.bat     |
p2.bat     |
p3.bat     |-----Batch Files To Play BDSDOOM
p4.bat     |
6.bat (uninstalls ALL BDSDOOM files - listed
      here, except BDSDOOM.EXE)
7.bat (uninstalls ALL BDSDOOM files except 
  /------------ bds.bat (Main menu for playing & running demos)
  |             p.bat (menu for playing - contains difficulty
  |                   settings, and uninstalling BDSDOOM...)
  |             d.bat (menu for playing demos of each level,
  |                   and uninstalling BDSDOOM)
  |             BDSMAIN  - Initial menu text
  |             PLAYMENU - Difficulty settings text
  |             DEMOMENU - Demo menu text
 First Thing ----> When All Files Have Decompressed, type BDS and hit enter 

Description:              I wanted to provide several hours of GOOD level 
  design for total immersion - and have it fit on one
  diskette.  BDSDOOM is the result...

  As usual in the BDS*.* levels, I've tried to give 
  a lot of attention to detail in BDSDOOM.  BDSDOOM is
  actually a five level game that replaces levels 3                           
  through 7 of ID's DOOM2. The fact that you have 
  downloaded these files shows that you (like myself)
  are ate up with this stuff, and I hope you enjoy 
  playing them!!  

  I'll briefly describe each level, and tell you how 
  to play them as a game, or individually.  I've also
  included a demo of each of the 5 levels in case you
  want to check one out (recorded on medium 

  Some general advice:

- These levels are for intermediate to 
  advanced players - you need to have guts,
  and be able to think logically (and being
  able to jump well helps too!).

- Save your game often, especially before
  going into a new area (even if it looks 

- Some doors can only be opened by pistol,
  chaingun or shotgun fire...(and sometimes
  this affects remote doors...).

- If you're playing deathmatch, try it with 
  the "nomonsters" parameter (it makes things
  less "cluttered").  There are helpful items
  available in deathmatch that aren't available
  in single player mode.

- USE YOUR MAP !!  There are some helpful  
  hints that can be had by looking at, and
  thinking about the map!  

- Don't Cheat !! Really - It's More Fun...

 |--->  THE LEVELS:

CRAZY8:                   When you begin BDSDOOM, you'll start out in the 
  smallest, and most easy level in this 5 level game: 
  "Crazy8"  ...This level is sort of a warm up level,
  where you can run around, have some fun, practice 
  straffing, work on your aim and jumping skills, and
  blast your buddies if you're playing deathmatch!  
  There is one small secret room - see if you can find 
  it.  Also, check your map after you clear the second
  spiral room (-thus the "8"...).  The chainsaw is 
  strategically placed, so use it !!

The Phantom:              This is the second level in BDSDOOM, and is where
  the battle really begins...  Here's the premise:

  The old opera house has been taken over by demons 
  from hell, and they have turned the surrounding area
  into an uninhabitable maelstrom of evil!  It's going 
  to take one TOUGH marine to clear them out and make 
  way for the cleanup crew.  What ever you do, watch
  your back!  The buggers are everywhere - especially
  on the higher difficulty levels.  You can expect to
  see lifts, rising & lowering columns, lighting 
  effects, transporters and much more... (sappy eh?)

  There are several interesting secret areas - see if 
  you can get 100%.
  Note on the red key - you'll have to have it in 
  order to exit.  If you haven't lowered the podium 
  for the red key by the time you transport into the
  red key room, you'll have to be very ingenious to
  find the way (this involves finding many of the 
  "secrets").  There's a lot more I could warn you of, 
  but you'll have more fun finding out for yourself!!   
The Spider's Lair:        Once you've cleared out the old opera house, you'll 
  find that you've materialized in a room with the 
  roof blasted away.  This is where 'timing" becomes
  critical.  IF you can find it (you have 30 seconds)
  there is a room with a view - a view of health, 
  armor, weapons, and invincability that is!  You'll
  have to be quick to find it... (save your game as 
  soon as this level begins - that way, if you DON'T
  find the secret room, you can go back and try 
  again!).  Haul ass...  
  This is a large level, with a lot of surprises.  
  You'll meet the spider as he guards the yellow key
  (Ultra-Violence difficulty setting).
  He doesn't want you to have it, because it opens
  the door to his lair (you'll see his "prizes"
  hanging from the ceiling), but being a persistant
  marine, you'll have to press onward!  Work your way
  down to the bottom of the "outside area".  After 
  you've secured everything, hit the the switches, and
  things will start to change - hope you practiced 
  your straffing... keep exploring until you find the 
  red key (there are two possible ways..).  
  - (Ultra-Violence IS tough, but possible...)                            
  Once again... use your map... look for secrets... and

Leaps and Bounds:         This is the 4th level in BDSDOOM.  It's not a real
  big level, but it IS tough!!  No CyberDemons or 
  Spiders - or even Archviles, but if you stand around
  with your finger up your ... (nose), you'll be dead
  fast!  The trick here is to use the big elevator to 
  get you up and down to the various walkways needed 
  to make the necessary jumps to the switch platforms
  that will let you make your way around the room!
  (Whew!!)  Being a circular room, it's sort of like 
  being surrounded by Indians, so watch for the guns
  lighting up the room.  At the end of the path that 
  circles the room, you'll find a transporter (which 
  you could see in the room-next-door at the beginning 
  of the level), this will get you to a lookout point
  that leaves you (once again) no other choice but to
  jump.  When the big lift comes down, jump on and 
  ride it back up - and time your jump to exit the 
  room.  Once outside, there are a few surprises left...
  If you manage to get to the exit, you'll know you're                          
  there because there's a raised mirror
  on the ground next to a recessed scrolling `demon
  head' wall.  You'll see the reflection of the sky
  in it - step aboard... and don't be surprised at 
  where you end up next!!                 
   NOTE:  This level has quite a puzzle solving aspect to it.                          
  This is something I've tried to work on: i.e. the
  five switches in the middle of the room.  If you 
  really get stumped, check out the demo... you have 
  to hit the proper switch just the right number of 
  times to get the steps to the right heights to 
  allow access to the top of the switch platform.  If 
  you screw up, you gotta jump down and hit the 
  switches on the steps (that become visable as the
  steps go up) to lower them again.  Then get back 
  to the 5 switch platform to try again... There's a 
  switch for each step that needs to be raised 
  (anywhere from one to 5 presses). When you're there 
  looking at the steps, think about it - you'll see...  
  This is a tough level for deathmatch - you may have 
  to cooperate !
The Hour Of Reckoning:    Well, remember the mirror you stepped onto at the       
  end of the last level?  Mirror, mirror...  looks
  like you transported back to where you started...
  well, it's not that simple - beleive me!  You've 
  come a long way ole' buddy, now the hour of 
  reckoning has arrived.  
  This is level 5 of BDSDOOM.
  It starts out being a little familiar - but wait,
  what's this?  Things AREN'T quite the same once you 
  get back inside... hmmm, don't remember things 
  looking like this...  Must be some sort of 
  trick...  No trick, just a lull before all hell 
  breaks loose!  I guarantee that you'll like this 
  ending!  You will have forgotten all about your bad
  day - I promise! ...

  If you get to the "END" first in deathmatch, you can
  have some fun with the other unfortunate marines,
  when you let the forces of HELL loose on them -  
  but if you get too greedy, and don't end it, you'll
  NOT live to regret it - again and again !!

  |----->        * To play BDSDOOM:      
  I'm assuming you've unzipped BDSDOOM into your DOOM2
  directory (probably c:\DOOM2 - or if you're like me,
  you have a second DOOM2 directory for stuff like this
  and experimenting)
  With BDSDOOM.exe files in the DOOM2 directory type:


  This will bring up a menu with 2 choices, P for the
  Play Menu or D for the Demo Menu. Everything can be 
  run from these two menus.  In case you want to run 
  from the command line, here are instructions:
       doom2 -file bdsDOOM.wad -warp 3 -skill (x)
  ---> Where x is the level of difficulty desired  
  i.e.  1=Too Young To Die
2=Hey, Not Too Rough
3=Hurt Me Plenty!
5=Nightmare (no way!)

  example:  doom2 -file bdsdoom.wad -warp 3 -skill 4
  starts BDSDOOM on the "Ultra-Violence" difficulty
  setting. (Remember, BDSDOOM replaces levels 3 - 7
  of ID's DOOM2)                          

* If you want to play just one of the levels:

doom2 -file BDSDOOM.wad -warp (x) -skill (x)

  Where -warp (x) is the level you want to play, and
  -skill (x) is the same as above.

  example:  doom2 -file bdsdoom.wad -warp 5 -skill 3

  starts BDSDOOM on level 3 (of BDSDOOM) on the "Hurt
  Me Plenty!" difficulty setting.
       Hopefully, this is getting to be pretty standard stuff for all 
       the wadheads.  I figured I'd try and make as easy as possible
       for those who are new at it - thus the menu system & batch 

|---->  THE DEMOS:                

  Once again, I'm assuming all these files are in your
  DOOM2 directory.  The easiest way to play the demos
  is to use the menu - type: 

  Then choose a number for the level you wish to watch.

  OR, from the command line type:

doom2 -file bdsdoom.wad -playdemo demolev(x)

  where (x) is level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of BDSDOOM.

  example: doom2 -file bdsdoom.wad -playdemo demolev5
  will start DOOM2, and once  you "press enter to 
  continue", the demo for BDSDOOM level 5 will start.

  (I recorded the demos with the sound off, due to the 
  circumstances at the time, and had numerous 
  interruptions, so they're not as "focused" as they 
  should be...)

IMPORTANT ---->           The demos were recorded using version 1.9 - if you
  have 1.666 - 1.8 you should download, and run the 
  patch to 1.9.  (Available on AOL in the DOOM area)

Additional Credits to   : Makers of WINDEU32, WARM 1.1 nodebuilder, and all 
  the creative minds out there making cool levels,         
  -------> and of course:     | ID Software. | 
  I'd also like to acknowledge Michael Kelsey for the
  neat "hanging door" idea from his well made
  SHOOTEM3.wad (E1M5 in the Kneedeep series).


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : M3,4,5,6,7 
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Nope
New Graphics            : Nah
New Music               : Nyet 
Demos Replaced          : Demos provided

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : WINDEU32 v5.24, WARM 1.1 Nodebuilder 
Known Bugs              : None  (If you find any - let me know, thanks!)
Build Time              : Lost count a 100 hrs ago (!conservative!)

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY distribute BDSDOOM, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: AOL - DOOM area, some internet sites - if I get the time !
   (if you liked it, pass it around! - maybe it will find it's way to
   various BBS's)

This material is not supported or warranted by ID Software, Inc.

Happy DOOMing . . .

<email removed>


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