-= Breakin' Out =- After fighting off the throngs of hell and kicking major ass, you wonder if it's actually over. You are _the_ man of the world, ...

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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08
Title                   :                      BREAK.WAD
Authors                 :
                                        Jason Garoutte (aka J-Dog)
                                Graphix, Textures, Demos, and Maps: 1,2,5,6
                                        Brian Sparenga (aka Phunk)
                                      Much áeta-testing, Maps: 3,4,7

Email Addresses         : (<email removed>)
  (<email removed>) 

Additional Credits      : The Un-Naturals for DEU 6.66á
  Jeff Rabenhorst for EdMap 1.40
  Mattew Ayres for WadEd 1.83á
  Robert Fenske, Jr. for Warm 1.4
  TiC for NWT 1.3
  Adler for Deu II
  Jens Hykeylberg for RMB 2.1
  Warren Rice for the NIN music.
  Olivier Montanuy for DeuTex 3.6
                          The Tempe High Tech department and the Death Star
                              BBS for beta testing.
                          Us, for being so darn cruel.
  And, of course, those guys at id.

Description             :                
  -=  Breakin' Out  =-
  After fighting off the throngs of hell and kicking
  major ass, you wonder if it's actually over. You 
  are _the_ man of the world, girls want to have your
  baby, you could run for president, so forth. Still 
  you wonder if some Hell spawn might have survived.
  A year has passed, and you have heard rumors about
  a secret base in the South American Andes. These 
  rumors subsided, and it was forgotten. But then,
  in a small country in South America, mysterious 
  troops brutally put down a huge revolt that should
  have been all too successful. The government had no
  major defenses and inferior weapons. Pictures 
  coming back from the showed what looked like normal
  troops. But you knew better. Those soldiers were
  the same soldiers you killed more than a year ago.
  You use your well-earned clout to get stationed
  close to the area. You gather info on the troops
  and you discover that it's all tied to the secret
  base in the mountains. Your curiosity gets the best
  of you and you head out on a scouting mission. All
  you pack is your trusty pistol as you head out. You
  easily find a way into the base and you see that it
  is run by the same company that started this whole
  mess. You see gigantic cages, vats, pits, and most
  of all, DEMON SPAWN!! You almost crap in your pants 
  when you see all the Hellians that they had. They
  must have cloned them all from the bloody mess you
  had made out of them. The UAC had been allowed to
  respawn all the demented things that you had worked
  so hard to destroy! You rush back down the mountain
  to see if you can use your fame to stop the UAC
  from making the same mistake they did more than a
  year ago. In your haste, you fail to notice a
  UAC patrol coming up on your side. You hear a 
  former human shout, "FREEZE OR...", and you shoot 
  him down in mid-sentence. It is then that you here 
  the launch of a missle in the air and the stunning
  scream of a pissed CyberDemon. You turn only to look
  into the barrel of several chainguns, shotguns, and
  rifles. The last thing you remember is wondering
  how the UAC could control these beings as CyberDemon
  knocks you out cold. You're now in some sort of 
  holding cell. Fortunatly, your guard is a former
  human. You take him out as soon as you wake up.
  Now, your mission is clear. Wipe out the base and 
  any chance that the demons might come back. 

  Hopefully they also respawned all the weapons and 
  artifacts that you found while fighting in Hell and 
  on Earth. 

  Hopefully they don't know you've broken out.

                          Hopefully I can type fast.

Instructions            : Put all those zipped files in your DOOM II
                          directory, run Dehacked (it'll back up your exe
                          so don't sweat it), then type "B" and hit enter.
                          The B.EXE executable file detects whether or not
                          you have the DOOMHACK.EXE and asks you which
                          exe that you want to use. If it finds only the
                          DOOM2.EXE, it will automatically run BREAK.WAD
                          with it. It will also check BREAK.WAD for
                          tampering, and it _will_ let ya know if it

                          If you need more instructions, then you should
                          let up on the video games.

Advice                  : If this PWAD does anything you don't like, trash 
  it. It wasn't us who forced it onto your hard 
  drive. If this PWAD makes you want to maim us, 
  kill us ,or do any other sort of bodily harm, you 
  need to stop playing DooM II for a little while.
                          Neither Brian or Jason will accept liability for
                          the PWAD, nor for the executable.
                          Read to the bottom o' the page.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01 MAP02 MAP03 MAP04 MAP05 MAP06 MAP07 MAP08
Single Player           : Of course.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : You may need it. ( there's some surprises )
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : It wasn't intended for it, but it's pretty cool
                          as far as I can tell. It has all the nessesary
                          starts. ( and weapons ;-D )
Difficulty Settings     : There's a little something for everybody.
  ( Ultra-Violence is suicidal! )
New Sounds              : Some great Nine Inch Nails music! NIN!
New Graphics            : I replaced many screens and added many textures
  that id Software didn't think of but shoulda.
Demos Replaced          : ALL. If you don't have version 1.9, You best start
                          the game fast or it _will_ hang up. In other words,
                          as soon as you see the beautiful start-screen, hit
                          'enter' twice, FAST.

* Construction *

Base                    : All are kick-ass levels are from scratch.
Build Time              : Six months of on and off work.
Editors/Utilities used  : DEU II, Deu 6.66, WadEd 1.83, Warm 1.4, NWT 1.3,
                          DeuTex 3.6, EdMap 1.40, RMB 2.1, TheDraw 2.63,
                          ImProces 4.2, Borland C++ 3.1.
Known Bugs              : It's too damn cool.
Unknown Bugs            : Right.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY modify these levels and use them as a base to build
additional levels. Just try to get a hold of us, let us know
about it, and give us a little credit, eh?

You are encouraged to distribute this PWAD in any electronic format
(BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include all files intact.

* Where to get this WAD *

If your reading this, I would hope you already have the PWAD. If
you don't, you can find it at the following sites:


Phoenix Area!
Live Wire BBS - (602)277-0025
The Gate BBS - (602)829-9200
The Coffee Club - (602)945-1684

FTP site's


* Hints *

Now that you've read this far, some juicy tidbits for all you beginners:

1.  A lot of unmarked secrets are in these levels.  Watch the demos!  All
    techniques and secrets are shown in the demos! The demos to the first
    six levels are included.  The first three are built in, so those are
    easy. The last three are in another wad, but to see those just type

                 - or -
    (you need DooM II v.1.9 to see demos)

2.  Save a lot!  I always have 1 save-game slot open for home-brew wads, but
    if you don't, back up a slot in another directory and use it for now.  Of
    course you could just risk it...

3.  Skull keys are keys to secret doors!  You got to find the secret door

4.  If you see something that's too easy, it is.  Save the game and then
    go for it. <A BFG in MAP06 comes to mind...>

5.  (cheat)  That's right.  If you just suck and need an easy way out, go
    ahead.  Just beware, the Dehacked patch will spit out an annoying

6.  Send us money!  When you send money to us, you get that warm, fuzzy
    feeling that enhances your game.  Trust us!  Your game will improve!

* Goodbye *

Don't I just babble on and on!  Later n' stuff from J-Dog.  Phunk hates
people who read really long text files so he's not talking to you.

Remember: (åï÷Õæs‹èü brings the best in DooM / DooM II wads!


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