Be Careful !

Be Careful ! is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on HERETIC

Be Careful !
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Title                   : Be Careful !
Filename                : BECAREFL.WAD

Author                  : Florian ROBARDET

Email Address           : <email removed>

FidoNet Node            : 2:324/117.4 (PrOpHeCy BBS - Toulouse - France)

Internet Home Page      :

Story                   :  Oh no .. not again .. I have the difficult
                           task to find a story for this level...

                           Well, here's the deal :

                           Play this level - Find a story -
                           Mail-it to me - If I find it interesting, I'll
                           put your lines in the text file of the complete
                           package of a whole episode for Heretic !..
                           I'm planning to use this level as ExM1 of a
                           whole new episode.. why not ? :-)

                           Well, if you wanna learn more about this
                           level, I should day that some areas require
                           a good control of your steps, because you
                           might fall into lava !

Additional Credits to   : * Authors of DEEP 8.76
                          * Alex Devilliers, sysop of the GOLD DRAGON BBS,
                          that encouraged me to continue building levels
                          for ID-Games.
                          * My mother who thinks my computer only helps
                          me to expand the phone bill when going
                          on the Net... ;]
                          * My dear computer who accepted to stay
                          turned on during long hours...
                          * My really dear Pentium CPU that accepted
                          overclocking from 75 Mhz to 83 Mhz -I know
                          it's not wonderful, only 8 mhz more, but
                          it's safe and I can see effects ! :-)
                          * Guys at FTP.CDROM.COM, for allowing
                          people, especially Id-Games Wads builders to
                          upload and publish their work!
                          * Guys at PC FUN, a french magazine that
                          contains, each month, a kewl CD-Rom with
                          cool stuff, I sent them this Wad so that
                          they could publish it on this CD.. Thanxx a
                          lot , guys !


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1 (For HERETIC)
                          This level has been tested with Heretic v1.3,
                          Shadow of the Serpent Rider, and works fine.
Single Player           : Yes (works fine !)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (not tested yet, but should work properly !)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (not tested, but should work !)
                          NOTE: The level is a bit too small to provide a
                          nice deathmatch zone...
                          Cooperative mode might be really helpful if
                          you're playing in Black Plague skill...
                          However, I included a LMP demo to show you
                          how to beat the level when playing with the
                          hardest skill.. Just look below to learn how
                          to view this demo !
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
                          Note: After being teleported, you'll see a small
                          swimming-pool in the main room... This pool, that
                          contains one or two enemies, has Statues+Orbs
                          If the Orb is Green, you're playing Easy level
                          If the Orb is Blue , you're playing Med level
                          If the Orb is Yellow you're playing Hard level.
                          So, if you don't remember what skill you're
                          playing, just look at them ;)

New Sounds              : Not in this one, sorry dudes..
New Graphics            : Just one ! The RSAC ADVISORY that is shown
                          at the beginning has been changed.. I do that
                          in almost all of my Wads, so that people can
                          know who made the Wad they play :)
New Music               : YES !! 
                          Well, this music is not really a very kewl one,
                          but it is, originally, one of my personal
                          MOD module files that I tried to convert to
                          MIDI format..
                          You might find it nice or not nice at all.. Well,
                          at least, I tried to convert one of my music
                          modules, since I don't have any MIDI-tracker.. :-(

Demos Replaced          : None, in order to avoid compatibility problems..


        This Wad is packaged with two LMP demos.

        You really shouldn't view these demos without playing the Wad

        But, if you really can't beat this level without any cheat code
        or any clue, then ok, you're allowed to view these demos..

        You can view these demos after beating the level :))) Just to
        see if you're a better player than me :)) But remember, in the
        seconde demo, I tried to play so that the people that looks this
        demo has sufficient time to understand what happens ... ;)

        To view a demo, just type this :

        HERETIC -FILE BECAREFL.WAD -PLAYDEMO [demoname,without the extension]

                Demos are :   FASTEST  = This demo shows you how to end this
                                         level in just 10 seconds :)

                              VIEWALL  = This demo show you how to beat
                                         this level when playing at Hardest
                                         skill.. Shows you a nice strategy
                                         too ! 

* Construction *

Base                    : Completely new level
Editor(s) used          : DEEP 8.76
Known Bugs              : I tried to completely avoid textures misplacements
                          and display bugs.. There might be some of them
                          somewhere in this level, but they're not obvious
                          so it won't bother you.
Build Time              : Several months.. since I started this Wad
                          one day, and I didn't continued to build it..
                          I should say this Wad represents 7 hours of
                          effective work..

Hints                   : No hints !!! :)
                          However, there are some secret places :)
                          Try to find them !

* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY NOT use this WAD as a base for a new level, since I uploaded this
Wad in several places, I event sent this wad to magazines so that they could
put it on their CD-Rom... However, you are allowed to include it in another
WAD containing other maps, provided you send me a copy of this wad, and you
tell me where you uploaded/send it...

You MAY upload this WAD anywhere and send it to anyone, but please, tell me
where you uploaded it if it is an Internet site...
You should then add this text file the places where you put this WAD..
You have to upload the WAD and the TXT at the same time, don't unlink
them. It should be nice if you could ZIP them together...

* Where to get this WAD *

HTTP sites: My home page (see at the beginning of this file)

            PrOpHeCy BBS 

            Mirror Sites


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