You are a bounty hunter, hired by a small genetics research company named BioTech, to "fix" their current project which has gone horribly...

BioTech (version 2)
1.67 MB
WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09
Archive Maintainer      : The original version contains a HUGE BUG!
                          It comes with it's own exe installer which
                          refuses to operate if it can not recognise
                          the version of your doom2.exe. The installer
                          failed to recognise full, legal versions of
                          Doom2 v1.7 and 1.9.  I tried the installer
                          in both Windows 95 and DOS, with no success.

                          This update includes a recreated DeHackEd
                          patch for use with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II
                          v1.9 or a Doom Source Port which can import
                          DeHackEd patches (such as: Boom, PrBoom,
                          MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom, ZDoom, Legacy, etc).

                          Note also, that the manual is in Microsoft
                          .wri format, so the authors supplied an old
                          version of Microsoft Write (copyright
                          Microsoft Corporation).  I do not know if
                          write.exe will run on non-Windows systems,
                          so it may be redundant.

Update to               : ./idgames/levels/doom2/a-c/
Advanced engine needed  : No
Primary purpose         : Single+Coop play
Title                   : BioTech  (version 2)
Filename                : biotech2.wad  biotech2.deh
Release date            : January 2001
Author                  : Beaverbeat, Protium, Khalad, TheRedOmen,
                          Mark The Artist, and Kyle Kylin.
Email Address           : <email removed>  or  <email removed>

Description             : You are a bounty hunter, hired by a small
                          genetics research company named BioTech,
                          to "fix" their current project which has
                          gone horribly wrong.

                          BioTech is a Partial Conversion for Doom II
                          with new monsters, weapons, sounds, music,
                          graphics, and a strong story line. The theme
                          for the 9 levels is mostly high-tech, so
                          you won't find any of the typical Doom2
                          Satanic/Hell themes here.

Additional Credits to   : Sparky of KISS Software (<email removed>)
                          for the minor mods required to create the
                          more User-friendly/System-friendly/Port-
                          friendly "Version 2".

What's new in Version 2?

Virtually no changes were made to the content, the changes are mostly
related to installation and starting a game.

The executable installer would not recognise legal, full versions of
Doom2 v1.7 or v1.9, and hence it would not install the game!

Although these fixes are trivial, they are essential if you want to
install and play the game.

The original DeHackEd patch was embedded within the installer, so I
had to extract the data with a hex editor and manually enter it into
DeHackEd v3.1.  

The only changes to the DeHackEd patch are:
- omitted some of the startup messages
- removed the modified cheat codes (like, I could stop you from
  cheating, anyway).

A few minor fixes were also made to the wad:
- rebuilt the wad and deleted the duplicate sprite resources.
- fixed the sprite offsets of the Slime Stalker's snot balls.

Once again, allow me to stress that my (Sparky's) work on BioTech is
trivial, and the real credit remains with the original authors:
  Beaverbeat, Protium, Khalad, TheRedOmen,
  Mark The Artist, and Kyle Kylin.


* What is included *

New levels              : 9
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : Yes (but only the first 3 levels)
Graphics                : Yes - 2 new monsters, 1 new weapon, a new
                          player skin, status-bar face, level names,
                          and lots of mods to existing Doom2 monsters.
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes - external.
Demos                   : Yes - all three - maps 3, 6 and 1
                          skill 4 (UV), short (max 138sec), lmp v1.9
Other                   : A manual (complete with pictures) in .wri
                          format, and write.exe to view the manual.
Other files required    : A Doom Source Port if you don't want to
                          use a patched 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II
                          (see installation instructions below).

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II v1.9
Map #                   : Map01 to Map09
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (check out the new player skin).
Difficulty Settings     : Yes


* Installation *

BioTech2 with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II

To play BioTech2 with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II you'll need to create a
replacement exe file, and patch biotech2.wad with some extra sprite

a) The exe:
Create a hacked doom2.exe (called doomhack.exe) using DeHackEd v3.1
and biotech2.deh.  For example:   dehacked -load biotech2.deh

b) The Sprites:
Due to a bug in Doom, you need to add all the extra sprite graphics
from doom2.wad into biotech2.wad. You'll need a program such as DeuSF,
WinTex, or NWT, and this will greatly increase the size of the wad.
For example:  deusf -as biotech2.wad

c) Playing the game:
Once patched, you can load and run biotech2.wad like any other pwad.
For example:    doomhack -file biotech2.wad

BioTech2 with a Doom Source Port

A 'better' and easier method is to use a Doom Source Port which can
import DeHackEd patches and pwads containing sprite graphics; such as:
Boom, PrBoom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom, ZDoom, ZDoomGL, Legacy, glBoom, etc.

Patching is not required with these source ports, and the files can be
used as-is.  For example:
    PrjDoom/ZDoom/glBoom:  boom -deh biotech2 -file biotech2
  Legacy (Win32)        :  legacy -deh biotech2.deh -file biotech2.wad
  Legacy (3D mode) and
  ZDoomGL v0.4b         :  the command line required is hardware
                           specific, so see the port's documentation.

Note, BioTech2 has not been fully tested with all of these source
ports.  If one port doesn't work then just try another one.


* The Story *

The story was contained in the original biotech.txt, which has been
appended to the end of this document.

For more detailed information about the story, weapons and monsters
in BioTech2, see the BioTech Instruction Booklet (biotech2.wri).

* Copyright / Permissions *

Once again, see biotech2.wri for details.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *
and mirrors

The original BIOTECH.TXT file follows:


BioTech - A slightly new TC

BioTech is a TC for DOOM II.  It has all new monsters, weapons,
graphics, music, levels, etc.  It was released a while back on AOL (hey, not
ALL AOL users are bad) and everyone who responded to me loved it.  Just give
this a try.
You are a notorious bounty hunter, earning a living by finding crimin-
als, missing persons, destroying military targets, you get the idea.  A new
opportunity has arisen, a chance to earn enough money to retire.
A small research company, named BioTech, was working on what could
have been the single largest genetics project in the history of man, the
ability to alter human DNA to make a superior human race, stronger, healthier,
and more intelligent.  UAC (the United Aerospace Corporation) took interest in
the project because of the fact that the new race could be a very powerful war
asset.  The scientists, eager to impress UAC, agreed to test their mutagen on
human lab rats, criminals imprisoned by UAC.  The tests went underway, the
scientists watching everything the captives did.
The subjects began to change dramatically, into stronger beings with
strange abilities.  The problem was that the mutants looked hideous, and had
very unstable and violent tempers.  But the scientists kept subjecting more
and more subjects to the tests, and created more and more mutants.  It was
clear what happened next.  The inhuman prisoners overran the base.
You have been hired to clear out BioTech, doing minimal damage to the
base itself. Sounded easy enough, but when you arrived, you began to have sec-
ond thoughts.  You can hear the mutants growling throughout the complex, and
can sometimes hear the scientists calling out over the PA system... Good luck

There you go.  BioTech is mostly high-tech, but as you progress fur-
ther into it, and lower in the building, the levels get progressively change
from high tech and more dirt and rock.
A thing to note about BioTech is that it has nothing to do with Hell,
Satan, etc.  You will not find any lava, blood, pentagrams, or crucifixes.  So
no excuses!


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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