Resource WAD as base for level builders

Blood Resource Pack Build 1
6.65 MB
WAD Type
Title                   : Blood Resource Pack Build 1
Filename                : bloodrpb1.wad
Date Finished           : May 8th, 2004
Author                  : Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
Web Page                :
Email Address           : <email removed>
Description             : Resource WAD as base for level builders
Credits goes to         : id Software for DooM(tm)
  Monolith Productions for Blood(tm)
  My Team of Betatesters:
     - Caligary_87                          
     - Xaser
     - Zell
     - Bouncy
     - wildweasel

Demo Wad: Look for "City of the Damned" in the /idgames
  archiv or geht it directly from

* Play Information *

Map #                   : N/A
Sourceport: ZDooM (and others which support ANIMDEFS)
Single Player           : N/A
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : N/A
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : N/A
Difficulty Settings     : N/A
New Sounds              : N/A
New Music               : Yes, some new lumps!
New Graphics            : That's what it's supposed to have ;)

* Construction *

Source                  : "Blood Plasma Pack"
Build Time              : 2 Weekends
Editor(s) used          : @WAD, Wintex5.0, DeepSea, Adobe Photoshop 6 
Known Bugs              : None

* Description *

This is a set of textures and flats (and also some other objects) converted and
adjusted for DooM from Monolith Productions amazing BUILD engine game "BLOOD". 
Almost every single texture and flat has been converted, bringing the resource
wad up to a total of over 1000 entries. :) Have fun while placing them in your 
favorite wad ;)

* Other Information *

Where to Get: only!

Copy Information: 1. You ARE ALLOWED to use this wad as a base to create new
     additional levels AS LONG as the credits screen stays
     intact as it is (so other doomers know from where you got
     the resources and who put them together) and you mention
     me in the textfile-credits part.

  2. You ARE ALLOWED add these textures to another resource
     wad as long as you don't interfer with number 1. You ARE
     also ALLOWED to remove textures and the titlepic/helpscreen
     or place other lumps for these entries. You ARE ALLOWED to
     edit and alter the textures and flats, als long you don't
     interfer with number 1.

  3. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to remove the CREDITS lump or even 
     place something else on the lump! You ARE NOT ALLOWED
     to upload this raw resource wad to somewhere else or say
     that this is your work!
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