This is a new direction in wad creation for me. This time, there are human sergeants, wolfenstein soldiers and chaingunners to get in your way and ...

Brick War Deathmatch
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1ЙФ├-2222231+   й        +  ) . . . . .                                                                   /                               ==================================================================
Title:Brick War Deathmatch
Author:Michael R. Myers
E-mail Address            :<email removed>
Misc. Author Info:This is my third public-released DM level.
              I hope you'll take the time to e-mail me with
                                                  your comments and suggestions.  My previous
  levels are  Woodwar.WAD and Rockwar.WAD
Description :This is a new direction in wad creation for me.  This time, 
  there are human sergeants, wolfenstein soldiers and
 chaingunners to get in your way and to wear down your
 armor and health, as well as deplete your precious inventory.
                                                  Try this level with monster respawn!  The settings are also 
                                                   enabled for 4 player deathmatch, so if anyone out there tries
                                                   it, please let me know!!!  There is music by sOUNDGARDEN 
                                                   and new weapon sounds.  I wrote some things on the walls..
                                                   Please E-mail me, if you really want to, with your 
                                                   thoughts, ideas, praises and/or criticisms!!  Hope you like
                                                   it--it took forever to build!!!  There are also switches that
                                                   are hidden that you'll need to find to get to key areas
                                                   of the level--like the exit!!
Additional Credits to:  Olivier Montanuy, the author of wintex 3.4, which I used to
  edit the sounds, musics and graphics for this level.  He
                                                   was kind enough to help me personally get a grasp on
                                                   the basics of wintex 3.4 via e-mail.  After you use Wintex,
                                                   thank him by E-mail for his work, and try Wintex 4.x--much
                                                   easier to use than 3.4!!  Also--various authors on AOL for their
                                                   wave and midi files--im didn't get yoour names, but I used your
                                                    works.  At least I mentioned the fact...I could've been selfish!!

*  Play Information  *

Episode and Level:Doom 2 Map 01
Single Player:Yes, to learn to negotiate the level and to learn its
 layout and find "the big secrets".(switches)
Cooperative Player:I suppose...but there aren't many players like you out there..
Deathmatch 2-4 Player:Yes!!  There are settings for 4 player, so if this
 .WAD gets to a network, notify me and tell me
 how it played with 4 players!!  Of course 2 and 3 player
 are there, so frag away!!
Difficulty Settings:Not implemented--it's a frag fest, not a pointless
 monster bash with sissy settings, but there are a lot
                                                  of monsters, so look out!
New Sounds:YES
New Graphics:YES
New Music:YES
Demos Replaced:None--But feel free to make one in DM and e-mail it to
                                                 me.  I like DM demos :-)

*  Construction  *

Base:New Level from scratch
Editors Used:Waded 1.83, Wintex 3.4, MIDI2MUS(for music conversion) and
                                                 MUS2MIDI( for musics again), Windows 3.1 Paintbrush
Known Bugs:I got lazy with texture alignment--this is a hobby, not a job!!
Build Time:Way too long--maybe a moonth and a half, a little here, a little
              there.  Longer than i wanted!!!

*  Copyright / Permissions  *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You may distribute this .WAD in any way you want, but please notify me if you modify
it for public release.  You may make any improvements, corrections or modifications as long
as you mention me in your credits, along with my e-mail address.  This text file
must accompany any alteration of Brick War.WAD or distribution(via any means) of Brick War.wad.

If this level is chosen to be in a compilation of DOOM 2 levels that will be sold to the general public, for monetary compensation, I must demand that I be given a free copy of the compilation disk or cd as compensation for my work and effort.  i don't want much, just a little :-)

*  Where to get this WAD  *

America OnLine

Me, if you really want to bother sending a disk for me to give it to you...
You can get my other levels, mentioned above, from America OnLine as well!!  Try then and tell me what you think!  I like getting e-mail :-)
FTP \pub\levels\doom2\deathmatch\a-l
  note:  i'm not sure, but since it's, that'd be right after a, i think.....o build!!!  There are also switches that
                   ђ├wэ+┴[7el6└[Me_l6ц КЯ>Ќзн[Џ bЪїъ|ЪbЪ0gјЊpШїh2љэ+Ч[3_,њhц4
\ЯW,Hэ+)\┴O,BђD  d    ю  ═  
  M  г  █  )  d  а  С  T  к  4  Б    {  ь  ьY  Ф    B  Ф    і     s
  *  ,  D  F  j  │  Т  ;  Є  ╝  ╝ч  
      *  s  Й  §         6  ѓ  У  7  Є  ╣  ╣щ  ч      ^  `  Х    e  к  ╚  с  !  #  @  B  R  T  А  ц  ц2  5  :  j  ┼  `  Х    e  к  ╚  с  !  #  @  B  R  T  А  ц   Arial                                     wave and midi files--im didn't get yoour names, but I used your


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