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After the brilliant scientist was blown away by his gorgeous squeeze he went to HELL and set up shop in an area with a fitting floor plan...Enter h...

Brundle's Revenge
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Title                   : Brundle's Revenge
Author                  : Scott Harper
Email Address           : COMPUSERVE : 74063,2507

Description             : After the brilliant scientist was blown away 
                          by his gorgeous squeeze he went to HELL 
                          and set up shop in an area with a 
                          fitting floor plan...Enter his realm if you dare...
                          Brundle's Revenge is at hand !
                          No, but seriously, this is a challenging level
                          for all...  If you can make it through on UV 
                          you are a real DOOMER.
                          The map MAY reveal some clues...


Episode and Level #     : E2M1 (for now - see below)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes (6 starting points)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No

* Construction *

Base                    : Totally from Scratch
Build Time              : >200 hours
Editor(s) used          : Doomcad by Matt Tagliaferri
Nodebuilding            : BSP 1.2x by Colin Reed
Known Bugs              : With early versions of this level, immediate 
                          saves in UV difficulty resulted in a system halt -
                          memory overflow error. This problem has been 
                          corrected and as best I can tell, there are no 
                          other bugs. Besides, would I waste your time and
                          money with a level full of "bugs" ?!?!? 

Additional Notes       :  There are 2 spots which produce visual anomalies. 
                          This minor problem is due to the 128 line limit, 
                          and produces something like the HOM effect.  
                          I have re-worked these areas as best as I can, 
                          and although you must be standing in exactly the 
                          right spot, I do not think these anomolous areas 
                          detract from the overall quality of the level...
                          In fact, you may not even notice them unless you are
                          in the precise spots where they occur.

This was (and in fact, still is) intended to be E2M5 in my complete
episode, if I ever finish the last 2 levels. REJECT data
was NOT included in this level because many of the monsters would not
'activate', even if they were looking right at you ! This is because
they have to look through too many transparent lines in places 
(so I was told); they would have to get shot to be activated. This, I felt, 
lessened the quality of the level. If you want to try adding REJECT yourself, 
please do, but I don't think you'll be overly pleased with the results...
Also, if you decide to do a little editing of your own, BE WARNED, adding
even a few more "things" will quite possibly cause this level to be 
UNSAVEABLE in UV difficulty (unsaveable until you have killed at least as 
many monsters as things you added).  This is because the level is right 
around the limit of the savegame buffer size when you start in UV.


I don't mind if you edit this level for YOURSELF, and I encourage
you to distribute it under two conditions : 1) You do not modify it
for distribution, and , 2) THIS README file accompanies it. PLEASE 
don't upload a MODIFIED version of this level or this file ANYWHERE. 
If it is to be offered on BBSs, I want it in it's original form. 
Thank you for observing this request. 
My Compuserve address is at the top of this document. If you have any
comments or suggestions, I would like to hear them.  Enjoy !!
                                        -Scott Harper

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