Cobblers&Codswallop theme patch for DooM, alright, you got me, it's COMMAND&CONQUER!

C&CDoom V.1.0
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WAD Type
Title                   : C&CDoom V.1.0
Filename                : C&CD.wad
Author                  : Alexander Prack
Email Address           : <email removed>
Description             : Cobblers&Codswallop theme patch for
                , alright, you got me, it's 
Additional Credits to   : iD Soft as always
   but this time also to: Westwood Studios
                          for creating Command&Conquer

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Level 01 on DOOM II
Single Player           : no
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : no
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes (crates/no crates)
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Not yet
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch?
Program(s) used         : Command&Conquer, PCXDump, PaintShopPro,
(in correct order:)       PV2, Deluxe Paint, WaveStudio, Wintex,
                          DEUSF, Dehacked, DETH, WarmDos,
                          ZENnode, RMB, Dexter as well as
                          numerous little utilities like Convert
                          and Plany

Known bugs              : I don't WANT to know them!
                          That's why I don't do any playtesting;)

* Installation *

I assume that you have at least V 3.0a of Dehacked. I didn't
include Dehacked 'cause I don't know about your Dehacked
configuration and I don't want to mess it up.
What I did include is DEUSF.EXE, so to use the C&CD-theme patch
you should type:

dehacked -load c&cd
deusf -merge c&cd.wad

When you're finished playing just type:

dehacked -reload
deusf -res

* Parameters *

It is IMPERATIVE that you activate "-respawn" and of course
leave out the "-nomonsters".
If you want to play with crates appearing randomly every 2.5
minutes or so, add "-skill 4". CAUTION: Sometimes the game may
crash when using this option!!!
UPDATE: I worked some more on the crates. It _seems_ that there
are no more crashes. But still: use at you own risk.

The set of paramters I use when playing is:
"-deathmatch -respawn -skill 4 -devparm"

* The Story *

"Are you picking this up? Good! We've been intercepting reports
 about a huge chunk of probably alien machinery lying around near
 Pilltum River. I want you to reconnoitre the area; find this
 machine, try to find out what it is, but your primary objective
 is to defend it against any attacking forces. Shepherd out"

 Indigo: NO MACRO
 Indigo: I'll rip your head off and shit on your neck!
 Green : I'm gonna get the BFG, try to stop me if you...
 Green : have the guts
 Green : You better come have a look at this!
 Indigo: What?
 Green : Did you see Toy Story?"

* The playground *

MULTIPL.WAD was one of the first tries in making a level by one
of my friends, Michael Rudorf <<email removed>>. We've been using
it whenever we wanted to play a fast, high-fragged and
uncomplicated Deathmatch.
This theme patch was the only way I could pry my friends loose
from C&C and Duke Nukem 3D and bring them back to Doom.

* The opposition *

 - The Grenadier -
  Standard issue GDI-Grenadier. Throws Grenades. Explodes when
  killed. A single one is cute, but in great numbers they are
  pretty effective.

 - The Commando 1 -
 This commando doesn't have any C4. When he sees you he stops and
 keeps shooting until he can't see you anymore. There are three
 of those in the level.

 - The Commando 2 -
 He will shoot you with his rifle, but he will also continue
 approaching you. When you're too close, he will mount a
 little something on your leg, throw himself down to the floor 
 and if you don't go like a bomb he _might_ hurt you.
 His fuse uses LOS (line of sight) techniques to explode the
 C4, so if you get out of his sight the bomb won't go off.

 - The Orca -
 A small toy-sized helicopter in Doom, how sweet! His homing
 missiles aren't a real danger but they can be annoying, drawing
 your enemy's attention away from the real danger: you!

 - The Ion Cannon -
 Let's be honest: those brave but tiny soldiers can't stand a
 chance against you space marines. But the enemy has his secret
 weapon, the ION CANNON, deadly on impact. So when you hear the
 "Select target" sound, KEEP MOVING!
 If you do, the ion cannon will only increase his friendly fire
 percentage. >:-)

 - The Guard Tower -
 Don't underestimate this one! You marines are an easy target for
 his high velocity machine gun and those pellets sure pack a
 If you just shoot the Tower, the computer will keep rebuilding
 it. To get rid of this pest forever, hit him with a rocket or
 the BFG. If you can blow the tower to bits before he can sell
 it, it won't reappear.

 - Tanks -
 Sorry, NO TANKS!
 Yeah, I don't like this to, but I can't take their graphics from
 C&C, the perspective just isn't right.
 Same thing for the Orca, but I was able to get his graphics from a
 cutscene and scale 'em down.

* The Goodies *

Depending on the skill level you're playing, there'll be crates
in the level. 
Just like C&C, you never know what's actually in the crate. It
can be everything, ammunition, armor, the BFG and maybe you get the big
joker: 600% health!
But beware: there may also be a bomb in the crate and I can tell
you that you DON'T want to pick this one up!
If you have the feeling that you ALWAYS get the bomb here's a tip
for you: the crate is continuously cycling through its contents.
First comes some ammunition, then a bomb, then some other stuff
and after a while another bomb. You might want to adjust your
timing accordingly.

* The End *

This patch uses graphics that are probably copyrighted by
Westwood Studios. I don't think that there's any problem though
for two reasons:
- this patch won't keep anyone from buying C&C, it isn't anything
  like it, really
- the graphics are also in the free demo of C&C, so if anyone
  wanted to get just the graphics he could do so

Nevertheless, if you didn't pay for your version of C&C then
please do so right now. I know that "there are better ways to
spend your money when you can copy software", but this is
definitely one of the games where your bad conscience should kick
in for not having paid the programmers, artists etc.
Just like Doom! 

Stay save! :)


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