This was my first level and it incoporates many ideas for things that I would like to see in a deathmatch level. I wrote it about a year and a half...

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MAP01, MAP02
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Title                   : C5Gold.wad
Author                  : James Snow
Email Address           : <email removed>
Additional notes        : none
Other PWADS by Author   : K2.WAD
Description             : This was my first level and it incoporates
                          many ideas for things that I would like to
                          see in a deathmatch level. I wrote it about
                          a year and a half ago and my friends and I 
                          have had hundreds of hours of fun on it. I
                          thought that I would upload it and see if any
                          one else enjoyed it. Map 1 was designed first
                          and is best played with two players. Map 2
                          has more places to go and more places to hide
                          with the addition of many automatic doors to
                          facillitate the added complexity of three or
                          four players. The levels seem large at first
                          but they should rapidly become quite familiar.
                          Weapons are spread evenly around the level, so
                          it should be easy to get back in the game
                          after a frag. The use of deathmatch starts
                          facillitates this by preventing instant 
                          anihillation upon regenration. If you like 
                          this level (or if you don't) please send me 
                          an e-mail so I'll know if anyone is even
                          playing Doom II anymore.
Additional Credits to   : Id for the game, the guy who made DCK, the
                          people who take the time to check out other
                          peoples' wads. 
* Play Information *
Episode and Level #     : Map 01, 02 
Single Player           : no, just to look around
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : nope
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : yup, for 2 use map 01, for 3 or 4 use map 02
Difficulty Settings     : no 
New Sounds              : I think there are a few gun sounds that I
                          I found on the net, not sure though
New Music               : no
New Graphics            : no
Dehacked patch          : no
Demos Replaced          : none

* Construction *
Base                    : new level from scratch
Build Time              : long time
Editor(s) used          : DCK2.2
Tool(s) used            : that's it
Known Bugs              : a few textures, maybe...
History                 : A conglomeration of many ideas that I 
                          wanted to try that worked out so well
                          that we have played this level probably
                          more than any other one. Because of the 
                          size of the "big room", this level is 
                          great for those who like to stage epic
                          battles. Also, many excellent combats have
                          revolved around trying to get out of the
                          moat on the two player version (which only
                          has one way out). Look carefully on the
                          3-4 player map, 'cause there's some stuff
                          that you might miss in the heat of
                          deathmatching. Hope you like it!
* Copyright / Permissions *

You may modify this level or build new levels based on it
        provided you credit me with authorship of whatever parts you 
        use. Also, this level may be freely distributed provided that
        no money is made and that I get credit as author. (sending
        this text file is the easiest way to accomplish that) Enjoy!
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DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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