30 levels for Doom II v1.9 - 20 levels support all play modes, and there's 10 Deathmatch-only levels as well. ChrisWAD also includes new sounds, mu...

4.7 MB
WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP12, MAP13, MAP14, MAP15, MAP16, MAP17, MAP18, MAP19, MAP20, MAP21, MAP22, MAP23, MAP24, MAP25, MAP26, MAP27, MAP28, MAP29, MAP30
Archive Maintainer      : This is a legalized version of CHRIS60.ZIP
                          (the original contains all the floor/ceiling
                          textures from doom2.wad).  This version also
                          contains several bug fixes, but no actual
                          changes to the content, except the addition
                          of an internal lmp demo to prevent Doom II's
                          default demos desynch'ing at startup.
Update to               : .idgames/levels/doom2/a-c/chris60.zip
Advanced engine needed  : no
Primary purpose         : Single+Coop play (includes 10 DM-only maps)

Title                   : ChrisWAD v6.1
Filename                : chris61.wad  chris61.deh  chris61.txt
Release date            : Nov 2000  (v6.0 - Dec 1995)

Original author         : Chris Polan        <email removed>
Version 6.1 Update      : Sparky of KISS Software      <email removed>

Description             : 30 levels for Doom II v1.9 - 20 levels
                          support all play modes, and there's 10
                          Deathmatch-only levels as well.

                          ChrisWAD also includes new sounds, music,
                          graphics, a new monster (The Blob), and
                          several changes to the existing monsters.

Additional Credits to   : The authors of all the utilities and editors
                          who make this hobby possible. Did I just call
                          Doom a hobby?  ... I meant lifestyle  ;)


New to this version:   (a.k.a. Fixes by Sparky of KISS Software)

- deleted the 600KB of illegal, unmodified flats which had been
  extracted from doom2.wad.  Four of the remaining 5 flats are also
  copyrighted by id Software, however they had been renamed.
- combined the 3 wad files (maps/graphics/sound/music, sprites, flats)
  into a single wad and sorted the resources into categories with the
  correct start/end markers.
- fixed all the faulty sounds.
- converted the DeHackEd patch to Patch Format 6 for compatability with
  Doom II v1.9 and many popular Doom Source Ports (see list below).
- deleted the resources specific to Doom I - sky1 to sky3, wilv00 to
  wilv28, help1, m_epi1 to m_epi3.  These must have been accidently
  left in by the original author when he converted the wad to Doom2.
- deleted the unmodified graphic stgnum0 (I don't know what that was
  doing in there).
- fixed the alignment of the menu bullet and status bar numbers.
- the original archive (chris60.zip) contained 11 files and was over
  6MB uncompressed.  This version is less than 4.7MB and consists of
  only 3 files:  chris61.deh  chris61.wad  chris61.txt

The only actual 'change' (as opposed to 'fix') made for this update
was the addition of an internal lmp demo.  The demo was added to remove
the unsynchronized default Doom2 demo at startup. Details of the demo:
   Recorded with : Doom II v1.9
   Map           : Map 01                    Skill : 4 (Ultra Violence)
   Description   : 100% kills and secrets    Time  : 4min 13sec.  



To play CHRIS61 with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom2, you need to:

a) create a new .exe file using DeHackEd v3.1 and chris61.deh
   For example:   dehacked -load chris61.deh

b) add the extra sprite graphics to chris61.wad using a program such as
   DeuSF, WinTex, NWT, etc.  For example:   deusf -as chris61.wad

c) run the new exe and patched wad as follows:
     doomhack -file chris61.wad

d) to view the internal demo, just wait for it to start automatically.
   Demo2 and demo3 have not been replaced so you'll see a lot of head
   banging on walls.


This is the preferred method because patching of the exe and wad are
not required.  You will need a Doom Source Port which can import
DeHackEd patches and pwads containing sprite graphics; such as:
  Boom, PrBoom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom, ZDoom, Legacy, etc.

Note that CHRIS61 has not been fully tested with all of these ports,
but they should all work okay using the following commands:
  Boom/PrBoom/MBF/SMMU/PrjDoom:  -deh chris61 -file chris61
  Legacy:  -deh chris61.deh -file chris61.wad

The demo tested okay with:
  Doom II v1.9 (after patching the exe and wad)
  Boom v2.02     PrBoom v2.02     MBF v2.03
  SMMU v3.21     PrjDoom v0.1     Legacy v1.30

The game also tested okay with ZDoom v1.22, but that source port does
not support lmp demos made with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II v1.9

CHRIS61 will not work with:
  partial DeHackEd support - Vavoom v1.5
  no DeHackEd support: Edge v1.24, DosDoom v0.653b, JDoom v0.81,
                       Doom3D v1.14, glDoom v0.94e, DoomGL v1.0b
                       MidDoom v0.03, PDoom v0.1, and many others...

- to play the second episode of Single Player levels (MAP21 to MAP30):
  start a new game and use the Level Warp cheat code...   idclev21
- CHRIS61 will NOT work without the DeHackEd patch, so don't even think
  about running it with a Source Port which cannot import DeHackEd
- read the story below BEFORE you start playing so you know what you're
  supposed to be doing.

The original text files follow:



    ChrisWAD storyline - by Chris Polan

Prologue - read before playing the game

Year: 2108 A.D.
     It's been 27 years since the last invasion from Hell. Back then, it
was your father who fought innumerable demons, imps and other hellspawn.
Now he's just an old fart who sits around saying things like "Why, back
in my day we could take on a Baron of Hell with just a pistol. Now you
young whippersnappers carry around things like that Big Freakin Gun."
You have always wondered what a Baron of Hell looked like, anyway....
Of course, to follow in your dad's footsteps, you joined the marines.
You didn't see much action, just a short war in China 5 years ago. Little
did you know that Satan was still rebuilding Hell stronger than before.
And that's why when he openly made war on the world, it caught everyone
off guard. In fact, you were just coming home from the marine base to your
crappy little home on the edge of a toxic waste dump when it all happened.
You just stepped in the door, silence. Suddenly, a growl from the kitchen.
Good thing you still have your pistol with you...

After Map01...

     Well, you've cleared out your house of demons. Too bad that your
father was killed, you guess he was just past his prime. You struggle
to remember the stories your dad told you about these creatures...
Anyways, you decide to see if Joe over at the toxic waste dump is okay.
You sure hope he's okay, he's always been nice to you by helping you
get rid of the plutonium around your house...


After Map02...

     Damnit. Joe was either killed, or mutated into that weird zombie over
in storage. You start to wonder how many survivors there are around here...
You also think if you can face the demons with only a shotgun and a
chaingun... You think that you should go back to work and find yourself
a rocket launcher or a plasma rifle. You could also maybe find some
surviving marines, willing to fight with you. You could also maybe find
mutated soldiers...


After Map03...

     Too bad. Not a single ( human ) survivor in the military base. You
snagged some pretty decent weaponry, though. Even that stupid Sergeant
Chasen who commanded your squadron was a mutant. You took pleasure in
killing him... You wonder how many people are survivors... 1 in 1000,
maybe 1 in 5000. You decide to visit the apartments nearby...


After Map04...

     You did find some survivors in the apartments, but they were killed
when following you due to their poor civilian strategies. Ahh.. so what?
Wait. What's that? You peep around the corner and see 2 imps chatting.
You decide to eavesdrop. ".....nexxxt troop arriving from the gate?".
"It'll arrive ssssoon. It wasss ssstupid to have the gate in the Mountain 
labsss, yesss it wasss." The Mountain labs! You quickly run there...


After Map06, the story is in the game...


After Map09...

     After fighting through Hell for a while, you realize that this is not
the way to the core. And to make matters worse, Hell decided to pull its
worst trick yet. You now stand before your old highschool. Oh no. OH NO.
You just hope that your old teachers arent out to get you....


After Map10...

     Ahhhh. Peace and silence. You REALLY enjoyed brutally massacreing all
your old teachers, principals, guidance counsellors and all those mindless
morons that walk in the halls. Turns out the forces of Hell have all
ran away. But you KNOW that they WILL be back... Buuuut until then you
can sit back and maybe have a deathmatch with some of your old buddies.
And you have a score to settle with Steve, he really deserves to be

                  Enjoy the Deathmatches!


After Map19, the story is in the game...


After Map21...

     Some vacation this has been. Satan must really be pissed at you to
send hundreds of demons after you in your vacation home in Florida.
Its a good thing you packed your trusty shotgun with you... The bad part
is that all your neighbors were probably killed or mutated. You sit and
watch TV for a bit, but all the channels are cut. Suddenly, you hear a
loud horn in the distance. You look out the window and see a ship coming!
A look through your binoculars tells you that it's packed with more
hellspawn. You decide to get on while it's docked and see where it takes


After Map24...

     Well that ship sure took you to an important place. It took you to
a jungle island in the Atlantic. On it you found a secret military under
water base. After clearing it out, you found something interesting: a map
of Florida. After looking at it, you find that the NEW gate is at some
abandoned mines on the edge of your town. You take the ship and bring it
back to Florida and then head for the mines...


After Map25...

     Those mines were sure interesting. Sure enough, in the deep halls
2 miles below the ground the Gate was hidden. But you think to yourself,
"Not this time." You quickly run away from the mines before the Gate can
pull you in again. Instead, you get about 10 of your military buddies to
help you get into Hell. You decide to set up a camp on the outskirts of
an old castle in Hell. But, late at night, the siege was broken. All of a
sudden, Demons started teleporting into the camp, and all your buddies 
were killed. Grabbing your shotgun, you think "These freakin bastards will
pay for this!". Time to take the castle, and the rest of Hell, too.


After Map28...

     Dammit! DAMMIT ALL!!! Just when you thought you had ended Hell for
good, it turns out there is still plenty of creatures left. The hideous
CyberDemon, in his last breath, said "YOU FOOL! DO NOT THINK THAT IT IS
MUAHAHAHA!! oh no..AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGH!". And so, with his voice still 
echoing in your head you trudge on further into Hell to find the core...


Epilogue - read after finishing the game...

     Life has pretty much been returned to normal after you destroyed
the core of Hell and escaped. You have avenged your father's death and you
now are helping the survivors of the invasion establish civilisation once
again... After this, you think, you will take a REAL vacation and retire
from the military. You think to yourself that you truly have followed the 
footsteps of your father. Now to relax back and enjoy the absence of
all the hellspawn.....

        | T H E   E N D |



                                                        subliminal messages
*******************>  ChrisWAD v6.0 - DOOM 2 version <********************* 

           A quality DOOM pac by Chris Polan and others

Contents (in order):  Version history
                      Overall description              
                      Stuff to be included next version
                      Level descriptions
                      Installing and running ChrisWAD 6.0
                      Credits and other cool things


             No, this is not german. Read it backwards, silly!


   Version history


    Just one thing: I never released these earlier versions, I only gave 
them to my friends.

v1.0: The first thing. One level, default textures.

v2.0: 3 levels added.

v2.1: Still 4 levels, but now DOOM 2 compatible.

v3.0: 6 levels, new pics and sounds but not in PWAD format.

v3.1: Same as above except some major bugs were fixed and textures changed.

v3.2: One more level added.

v3.3: DOOM 2 converter program added.

v3.4: One more level added.

v4.0: The latest release, as of 95-02-18. 10 levels, more pics and sounds,
      now in PWAD format. Works with DOOM 1.2, 1.666 and DOOM 2. ChrisWAD
      .BAT files to run it easily. Auto install program. DeHackEd patch for
      DOOM 1.666. More bugs patched.

v5.0b1: Beta of what's to come. Now uses Dehacked 2.3, so the patch works
        with DOOM 2 v1.666. 1 more d-match level, 3 more normal levels.
        Plenty more graphics. 3 more music tracks. Music works with 
        DOOM 2. SF WAD via DEUSF. More bug fixes.

v5.0: Who knows? Was drunk at the time :o

v5.5: Now 22 pumped up, debugged levels, most with new music!
      DEUSF support dropped cuz it got fucked up. Blah Blah!!!

v6.0: 30 levels, 10 of which are deathmatch. More graphics. Lotta music.
      Sounds from Adam Sandler (SNL). Sprite/flat remake, now uses DEUSF
      3.6. Now separate versions for DOOM 1 and DOOM 2.


   Overall description of ChrisWAD v6.0

Title             : CHRIS60.WAD   
Requirements      : 5-6 megs of space and a strong stomach :)
Recommended       : A 486DX33 or better for some levels
                    Would be better on a 486/66 or Pentium
Author            : Chris Polan
Email Address     : I GOT AN INTERNET ACCOUNT!! WOO WOO!                         
                    please mail me your comments at:
                    **  <email removed>  **
Misc. Author Info : Probably the first 15-year old to make a DOOM
                    pack (or at least a good one). WAIT!! Don't
                    think that just because this was made by a kid
                    that it sucks. Try it first. I play with 4 of my 
                    friends that have modems, Vince, Ryan, Jon and
                    J.C ( always calling me to ask for codes ) :)
Description       : Features include:
                    - 30 wicked levels, 10 deathmatch only!                         
                    - A engrossing storyline!
                    - A few new textures
                    - New Sounds - Adam Sandler from SNL
                    - New Music - various stuff
                    - New Sprites/Flats integrated via DEUSF 3.6!
                      You don't have to blow 4 megs of space to
                      have them!
                    - A totally new enemy - The Blob!
                    - Pumped up Mancubuses and Arachnotrons!
                      They shoot Rockets! Believe me, this is
                    - A Dehacked 2.3 and a patch! Its supposed to
                      work with all versions of DOOM 2!
                    - A nice little auto install program!
                    - In a multiplayer game, I threw in some
                      more monsters to make it tougher. 
                      i.e. cyberdemon, cacodemons, etc.
                    - Also on multiplayer mode, I threw in some
                      more weapons to make it easier to take on
                      those damn cyberdemons! It also makes a 
                      deathmatch more exciting.
                    - These are quality levels here! All levels have:                                  
                        - No default wall, ceiling or floor textures!
                          ( mail me if you find some, and i'll fix
                            it in the next version )
                        - 3 different skill levels!
                        - Cool scenery!
                        - DeathMatch starts! 
                        - And a hell of a lot more!

Additional Credits to: See below

* Play Information *

Oh ya, one thing. I made all these levels BY MYSELF, unlike all those
assholes who just collect wads and group them. The exceptions are
MAP19 and MAP20, 2 of my favorite d-match wads. Thanx to the authors!

Episode and Level #   : Map01-Map30, thats 30 brand spanking new levels!
Single Player         : Yes! (Duhhhh)
Cooperative 2-4 Player: Yes! (very cool)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes! (up to 8 starting points per level and
                             10 deathmatch only levels, Map11-Map20)
Difficulty Settings   : Yes! Oh ya, no BFG except on net games.
New Sounds            : Yes! Adam Sandler sounds and others
New Graphics          : Yes! A bit..
New Music             : Yes! Random stuff
New Dehacked patch    : Yes! Explosive Fatsos and Spideys!
New Sprites/Flats     : Yes! The BLOB and more..
Demos Replaced        : None for this version cuz DOOM bombs if you  
                        don't have the same version as the demos.

* Construction *

Base              : New levels from scratch of course
Build Time        : Who knows? About 900 hrs + endless testing
                    Didnt work on it all summer
Editor(s) used    : DEU 5.1, DoomCad 4.3, DeeP 6.11, WAD_DWD / IDBSP 1.0 , 
                    DMAUD 1.1, DMGRAPH 1.1, DMMUSIC 1.0a, DOOM2WAD 1.00, 
                    Sound Recorder ( Windows ), NeoPaint 3.0, LView 3.1, 
                    DeHackEd 2.3, Midi2Mus, and DEUSF 3.6 
                    DEEP is the most kick ass level editor!
Known Bugs        : Got some visplane errors in Map21 and Map23. Fixed them 
                    now but mail me if you get the error again.
Unknown Bugs      : MAIL ME!!                    

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may distribute this file in any way, but you must keep all files intact.
Ex. You can't give out CHRIS60.WAD on its own, you can only distribute  

And also, don't modify the levels and distribute them as your own cuz 
you'll feel a lot of shame and it'll piss me off. If you wanna make levels,
make your own. Or if you REALLY love my levels and wanna use 1 or 2 or 20,
MAIL ME FIRST. Ill probably let you as long as i get credit where it's due.
If you wanna use Map19 or Map20, mail these addresses:
Map19: <email removed>
Map20: <email removed>


   Stuff to be included next version

In the next version, you will see:

    - Maybe some more Character sprite replacements.
    - More music!
    - Weapon replacements, maybe...
    - Any other thing I can think of... I have a great


   Level descriptions


Level | Title      | Short description              | Music
Map01 | Your House | Basic house, short level.      | From New Age collection
   02 | Waste Dump | Wide open, lotsa slime. Small. | From DOOM 1
   03 | Secret Base| Varied indoor base, 4 parts.   | New age collection
   04 | Apartments | 4 floor apartment. Sorta big.  | Hotel California
   05 | Teleport!! | Lotta rooms and Tporters.      | From GATEWAY.WAD
   06 | The Gate   | A building, mountain + da GATE | Master of Puppets
   07 | The Hell?  | Kill all Fatsos + Spiders.     | 
   08 | Outer Hell | Hellish indoor areas. Big.     | Peer Gynt
   09 | Inner Hell | Lotta monsters. Creepy.        | New age collection
   10 | HellSchool | About 1/5 of my highschool.    | From DOOM 1
   11 | D-Match 1  | Tunnels and fake walls. Small. |       
   12 | D-Match 2  | Outside + flashing building.   |    
   13 | D-Match 3  | High area with lots of pillars |    
   14 | D-Match 4  | Halls and elevators. BERSERK!  |          
   15 | D-Match 5  | Race to the end or be crushed! | From EOB2S.WAD   
   16 | D-Match 6  | 4 controllable towers. IT ROX! | From EOB2S.WAD
   17 | D-Match 7  | Maze arena with elevator walls |      
   18 | D-Match 8  | Small room with rockets        |    
   19 | D-Match 9  | From MYHOUSE2.WAD - WICKED     |   
   20 | D-Match 10 | From Map04 of PPALACE.WAD      |  
   21 | Vacation   | Plan of vacation homes. HUGE!  | NIN - Head like a Hole
   22 | Cargo Ship | Highly detailed ship.          | Everybody dance now
   23 | Jungle     | Jungle island with cool stuff. | From EOB2S.WAD
   24 | Marine Base| Underwater base. Very cool.    | From EOB2S.WAD
   25 | Lost Mines | 2-level mines. Detailed.       |          
   26 | HellSiege  | Cool Castle in hell. Deadly.   |       
   27 | HellChaos  | Crazy hellish level. Weird.    | From EOB2S.WAD
   28 | Finale???  | The End. Or is it???           |
   29 | BonusLevel | Cool extra level.              |
   30 | Hell's core| This is the end. Really.       |


   Installing and running ChrisWAD 6.0


PKUNZIP CHRIS60.ZIP in your DOOM2 directory.
There should be 11 files in the zip file: 

   CHRIS60.WAD   -  All the levels, graphics, sounds and music
   CHRIS60.TXT   -  This text
   STORY.TXT     -  The cool storyline
   FILE_ID.DIZ   -  BBS file
   DEUSF.EXE     -  Used to merge DOOM2.WAD with sprite wad (reversible)
                    Also used to implement floors wad
   CHRISSPR.WAD  -  Contains Sprites
   CHRISFLR.WAD  -  Contains (some) Floors - see tech note below
   DEHACKED.EXE  -  Program that changes DOOM2.EXE (reversible)
                    Actually, it doesnt touch DOOM2.EXE. It hacks
                    at a double of DOOM2.EXE ( CWAD.EXE )
   DEHACKED.INI  -  .INI file for Dehacked
   CHRIS60.DEH   -  Dehacked patch
   CWAD2.BAT     -  Runs / prepares ChrisWAD

If you already have a DEHACKED.INI, be sure to use the one in the package.

    Just type  CWAD2  in your DOOM2 directory to run it! Enjoy!

To use the storyline, do a level, exit, read the story for that level,
then go back in. 

Tech note about DEUSF: For some reason, DEUSF wouldnt let me merge new 
                       floors with the DOOM2.WAD. What I did instead was
                       made it append all the floors in DOOM2.WAD to
                       CHRISFLR.WAD. Don't worry, it only has about
                       600k in size. BTW it only has a few floors.


   Credits and other cool stuff

Level design, compiling, graphics and all the hard work: Chris Polan         
Ideas:       Chris Polan <--- did almost everything!!
             Ryan Hearty
             Mike Polan

Map01-18, Map 21-30 by Chris Polan ( who else? )
Map19 courtesy of Noah Haskell, author of MYHOUSE2.WAD
Map20 courtesy of Nye Liu, author of Map04 of PPALACE.WAD

Sounds:      Chris Polan -----> All the recording & tech. stuff  
             Ryan Hearty -----> I used his Adam Sandler tape  
             Chris Powers - 1 stinkin sound ( holy crap its a cow )
             Mike Lewandowski - 1 teeny sound 
                                ( I think hes a little pissed today )

Rip offs: I didn't rip much, but here is some stuff I ripped:
                - 2 D-Matches, Thanx to the authors of MYHOUSE2.WAD
                  and PPALACE.WAD
                - the sound when you get hurt, OW! ( Beavis & Butthead )
                - the sound when the lost soul charges, AAAAAH! 
                  ( Lost in Paris - a wadfile )
                - the idea in E1M7 where you see CHRISWAD ( some wadfile )
                - the music ( like im gonna compose it myself )

Special thanks to: - The makers of DEU and all those other programs I used 
                   - Id software, for making such a great game
                   - The composers of all the music I used
                   - This guy ( can't remember the name ) who gave me 
                     DOOM 1 shareware 1.0 a long time ago
                   - Ryan, my Beta-Tester. EEEEEEEEE!!

Quotes: "I don't give a flying fuck." - Ryan Hearty
        "Deathmatch is cool! I enjoy getting my ass blasted off!" - Jon
        "Internet is cool" - Vince Pereira
        "IT WAS ALL MY IDEA! CHRIS IS JUST AN IMPOSTER!" - My brother Mike :)
        "Chris, could you tell me the god code again?" - J.C
        "help.com!!!" - Vince when he's in trouble
        "I could pull a better level outta my butt!" - Me ( Chris Polan )
                                                       looking at some DOOM 
                                                       levels I just DL'ed

If you are reading this, you must be REALLY bored!


Now go play ChrisWAD v6.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Right this very second!!!!!!!!!


Have you got some sort of mental problem???

This is the end of the text. Go away.

If you are reading this last line, then you must have no life.


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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