Kick butt in a cool canyon warzone!

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Original Completion Date: June 16th, 1998
Title                   : Canyon
Filename                : Canyon.wad
Author                  : Derek McBurney,
                          This is most likely my last entry to the DOOM 
                          world so I tried my best.

Homepage                :

Version                 : 1.3 as of October 10th, 1998
                                *Different Build, no glitches
                                *Map is a little easier but still hard
                                *Fixed lighting problems

                          1.2 as of July 5th, 1998
                                *Texture alignment.
                                *Even more special light sectors added.
                                *Fixed texture missing at end of map.
                                *Integrity checked and passed.
                                *Some graphics added.
                                *Added ENDOOM text when you exit.

                          1.1 as of June 21st, 1998
                          *More Light Fixtures added.
                          *Fixed 1 glowing light problem.
                          *Commander Keen room ceiling smaller.
                          *Fixed not being able to access a secret.

                          1.0 as of June 16th, 1998
                          *Original Release

Email Address           : <email removed>
Description             : Kick butt in a cool canyon warzone!
Previous levels         : **DOOM2:
                          Derek's Doom Levels - derek.wad
                          Canyon 1.0 - Canyon.wad
                          Volcano Base - derekdm1.bsp
                          The Arena - derekdm2.bsp
                          The Stadium - derekdm3.bsp
                          **QUAKE II:
                          Vantage Point - vantage.bsp
                          Death Perception - deathper.bsp
                          The Fatality Zone - fatalzne.bsp

Additional Credits to   : id software! The DOOM hacker's guide!


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : MAP01 for DOOM2.
Single Player           : Yes,
                          Secrets to Canyon...
                          ***Only read this if you need help in this map***
                          There might be some secrets I am not telling in this
                          list so search for them and find them!

               Secret #1: Once you start the level, the room you start in has
                          some water, walk on it and it takes you to an item.
               Secret #2: Enter the hallway that is right in front of the start.
                          Once in turn to face the door and shoot the texture
                          on the left that is different from the others, you
                          will get a chainsaw.
               Secret #3: In the main courtyard (right when you get off the
                          lift) head to the left wall where 4 helmets are in
                          a square pattern, enter the square and you will lower
                          to a partial invisibility.
               Secret #4: In the courtyard head to your right and go off the
                          bridge, in to the dark water area. Search and you
                          will find the Double Barrel Shotgun.
               Secret #5: In the green "tech" room after the stone room, go
                          shoot the right pillar's blue triangle texture and
                          the floor right there will raise and you get an item.
               Secret #6: Shoot the left pillar's blue triangle texture and go
                          to the stone room and go left off the bridge to the
                          dark water place. A passage has opened up and a blue
                          armor is inside.
               Secret #7: The white hallway with the blue key lift has a secret.
                          Press that lift and turn around and run straight to
                          the corner, where a wall has lowered, press the switch
                          and lower the wall that raised again to get out.
                          Go to the green "tech" slime room, and the supercharge
                          is lowered.
               Secret #8: In the canyon where the river is and all the
                          teleporting monsters are there is a switch, if you go
                          to the right of where you entered and look around.
                          Press it and the floor raises up and you can get stuff.
               Secret #9: In the cyberdemon room after the blue hallway after the
                          end of the canyon there is a grey texture with a design
                          different then the others. Press it and run back into
                          the blue hallway and the windows are temporarily open
                          Grab the goodies in the water.
              Secret #10: ********Mega Sphere Secret, Find it yourself********
              Secret #11: *****The Commander Keens secret, Find it yourself***
                          By the way, this secret is at the very end. When you
                          find the secret, on easier skills there will be less
                          Keens to kill, on the harder skills there will be
                          more keens to kill! Cool!

                          ***Only read this if you need help to finish map****
                 Hint #1: If you can't reach a switch. Try shooting it with a
                          pistol, shotgun, super shotgun or chaingun.
                 Hint #2: Get the Spider Master Minds to fight each other and
                          then kill the weakened winner.
                 Hint #3: Run past the duo of Cyber Demons and head for the 
                          switch, press it and run back, The Cyber's will get
                          trapped. Make sure you get off the rising platform!

Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes,
                          I did a lot of work on this map to make it great
                          for cooperative play. Actually it is very similar
                          to single player, with 2 exceptions. The first is
                          there are more enemies in cooperative. The second
                          is, to finish the map on coop (the SP exit is not
                          accessible in coop) you must do a cooperative exit
                          To do it, there is a switch in the Cyberdemon room
                          that is available after you destroy the Spider
                          Master Mind. Press it and a lift just out of run
                          reach from the switch lowers and raises. So I think
                          you can figure out how to team up to get on the lift
                          Once on the lift there is a switch that lowers it
                          again so your teammate can reach the lift and is not
                          stuck below. Then, you better have your buddy with
                          you above the lift for this part. There are two
                          hallways with two switches. The switches (when both
                          turned on) open the large door in this room. Go 
                          into one of the hallways and when you reach the 
                          switch and press it the hall closes. Your stuck. So
                          if your buddy goes to the OTHER hallway and presses
                          that switch he opens the main door open and frees
                          you. Now you can free your buddy by pressing the 
                          switch again, or walk through the main door passage
                          automatically freeing him. Now kick butt and finish
                          the remainder of this level! The Single Player part
                          converges into this point. Once you have finished
                          that part, if you die and get sent back to the start,
                          open the door in front of you and turn to the left
                          in the hallway. There is a teleport which sends you
                          to just after the cooperative switch section.

Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes,
                          I did a lot of work on this map to make it great
                          deathmatch and it was hell doing it. I had to make
                          the deathmatch spots inaccessible in Single Player
                          because the DM spots need to start near a trigger
                          that opens up many doors and teleports to make the
                          map interconnected for Deathmatch. (makes DM faster
                          and funner). If those triggers were accessible in
                          single player you would not need to do much of the
                          level in order to finish it.

                          Also, I made a trigger by each DM spot to close off
                          a good chunk of the single player map because if that
                          section was available in DM the level would be too
                          large for a good Deathmatch game. So don't get
                          confused when you start in a wierd spot in DM, just
                          walk around the room your in and you will set off the
                          trigger which connects the level. I did a lot of work
                          on Deathmatch so you'd better like it!

Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Sprites             : No
New Textures            : Yes, The DOOM 1, EPISODE 1 sky, waterfall, and laser
New Music               : Yes, "Metallica - Enter Sandman", DOOM format.
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Doom II CAD (cool and easy) and Waded 
Known Bugs              : Not in my level, baby.
Map Statistics          :-Linedefs - 1547+
                         -Sectors - 352+ 
                         -Verticies - 1205+
                         -Map Size - 214 Kilobytes
                         -Map Size with graphics & stuff - 508 Kilobytes
                         -Deathmatch Spawnpoints - 8+
                         -Activated Triggers and Buttons - 55+
                         -Contruction Time - 4 months (on+off, probably 48 real
                          hours work on this map)

* Files included in this package * (146 kb) - The entire package.

canyon.wad (508 kb) - The music, graphics and map.
canyon.txt (11 kb)  - This text file.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, Internet, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. You must ask for permission for using this level on an addon cd
or something. If you don't and I find this add-on collection, prepare
for some serious consequences! (By the way, I'm a nice person, so if 
you ask I will 99% of the time say "yes" to putting this map on a 

(c) Derek McBurney, 1998.

* Download Sites *  -Derek Soft Online.


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