City In Chaos
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Title                   : City In Chaos
Filename                : CIC.WAD
Author                  : Alex Busby
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info.      : Student with nothing better to do 
Crap Intro              : Looking out of the door at the expansive city
  outside, you see a strange bloke with spikes 
  protruding from his body. Funny, you were
  sure national bondage day was next week.
  Suddenly, an odd bloke obscured by a tree tries
  to blast you with his gun. Fortunately, you always
  carry a gun pointed directly in front of you, so
  you squeeze off a few rounds, and take him out.
  You decide to go and see what's going down. 
  Grabbing your backpack, map, shotgun and shells
  you head out the door. Maybe you'll find a double-
  barreled shotgun lying about someplace, after all,
  this is Doom II. You feel a shell slam into your
  back. Ouch. You spin round, and blast the 
  hell spawn. 40% health. Plenty. You run for cover
  followed by a hail of machine gun fire. As you run,
  you suddenly realise you've never seen your feet.
  Maybe I'll check 'em out some time, you think....

Play notes              : By my standards, and probably quite a few peoples
  standards, this is a difficult level. On the other
  hand, if you're the kind of person who can drink
  two bottles of vodka and then complete all the 
  Doom II levels under par without saving a game
  then its probably quite easy.
  On my DX2 50, this level slows Doom up quite a bit
  at the beginning when there loads of demons trying
  to blast you (or each other). So its a good idea to
  crank down the screen size until you 've killed
  some of the monsters, especially outside. If 
  you've got a Pentium then you don't need to, so 
  instead, you can buy me one. 

** PWad Information **

Level                 : MAP01
Single Player         : Of course
Cooperative 2-4       : Yep (Not tested)
Deathmatch  2-4       : Yep (Not tested either)
Difficulty Settings   : Yes 
New Sounds            : Nope
New Graphics          : Yes (A couple of animated fire textures)
New Musics            : Not really, I put a different soundtrack on level 1
'cos I was sick of hearing the same tune.
Demos Replaced        : None whatsoever


**  Construction **

A new level built from scratch using DETH 2.62.
New patches and music integrated into level using DEUTEX 3.5. 
Those cool nodes were built using BSP 1.2x


**  Known Bugs **

If you look through some bars in a room overlooking most of the level,
(quite a nice view I might add) and sort of move whilst looking, the 
game crashes giving the error : No more visplanes, or visplanes overflow.
I'm afraid I have no idea what visplanes are, where you get them from,
how you get rid of them, or what colour they might be, so I can't do 
anything about that. So, save the game before admiring any vistas :-)


** Credits **

Thanks to :   Antony Burden and Simon Oke for DETH.
      Colin Reed for BSP.
      Olivier Montanuy for DEUTEX.
      ID for a great game.


**  Monster Breakdown **    (ULTRA-VIOLENCE)
Zombiemen      : 56
Shotgun Guys   : 49
H.Weapons Dudes: 24
Wolf. Soldiers : 30
Imps           : 134
Demons         : 16
Spectres       : 14
Lost Souls     : 5 (+ any puked up by the Pain Elementals)
Cacodemons     : 33
Pain Elementals: 5
Hell Knights   : 21
Barons of Hell : 11
Arachnotrons   : 10
Revenants      : 15
Mancubi(?)     : 13
Arch-Viles     : 4

     May you proceed forth and slaughter. Amen.


** Copyright / Permissions **

You may use this level as a base for additional levels as long as you 
say something like 'originally a lame wad by Alex but I made it cool'
The animated fire texture can also be used as long as you say where and
from whom it orignated. This level can be distributed freely with this
text file in its zipped format.


** Last words **

Only complimentary e-mails please. 

My other wad is Castle Of Death (COD.WAD) also found in the 
Action games forum on Compuserve, but it's nothing special so only
download it if you've got nothing better to do.

Well, go and play it then.

   Al.  (11th Sep. '95)

What are you waiting for ? Armageddon ?


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