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You either loved it or hated it's TF and TFC versions. Now the joys of Civsaw come to Doom! I decided to port my popular Quake map over, and it has...

Civilian Sawmill for Doom v1.0
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Title                   : Civilian Sawmill for Doom v1.0
Author                  : J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Original Release        : January 1st, 2000

E-Mail                  : <email removed>
                          <email removed>

Web                     : http://home.ptd.net/~golbez

Included Files          : CIVSAW  .WAD
                          CIVSAW  .TXT

Additional Credits      : Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald, for porting the Quake
                          textures to Doom. Also thanks to my former TF
                          clan Fifth Element, for the inspiration and great
                          times playing together that we had with the original
                          version of Civsaw.

Description             : You either loved it or hated it's TF and TFC
                          versions. Now the joys of Civsaw come to Doom!
                          I decided to port my popular Quake map over, and it
                          has mixed results. I've changed a few things in this
                          one, not only because of engine differences but also
                          to accomodate as many source ports as possible.

                          The goal in the original Civilian Sawmill was simple
                          but demented. One team composed of nothing but
                          Civilians.. 50% health, no armor, weaponless players,
                          had to face off against the other team of two Heavy
                          Weapons Guys, who ARE armed with chainguns and
                          grenades. It's not meant to be serious; in fact I made
                          the map crazy on purpose, as a nice diversion from
                          ordinary TF. The things I come up with in IRC..

                          What's changed? Well, since there aren't any classes
                          in Doom like in TF, but I wanted to keep the Heavy
                          Weapons Guys, you will randomly spawn in a small room
                          outside the main map, with a chainsaw, chaingun and
                          rocket launcher, as well as a megasphere and a blue
                          armor. This beefs you up to HWGuy level, although of
                          course you've still got the Doomguy speed. :)

                          Civilians start with a single bullet for their
                          pistols. I wanted to make them start with just their
                          fists, but a flaw in DOSDoom's DEHACKED implementation,
                          as well as problems with the ZDoom bots, caused me to
                          settle for that. Also, because I have no way to award
                          a Quad damage without ACS, I put a single beserk pack
                          in the exit room. The exit room is new too.

                          Please see the section on source ports to see how to
                          play this map. I designed it in such a way that it'd
                          work with as many as possible.

Revision History        : v1.0  - First release.

This section will tell you how to properly play Civsaw in the source port of
your choice. I strongly recommend using ZDoom if you want to play this like
a regular DM map, or CTFDoom to play it in a way that is closer to the original.
You cannot play this map with standard Doom2, or else it will crash. If you
find a source port besides the ones I list here that work, please e-mail me!

In order to properly experience Civsaw with BOOM/PRBOOM, you need to load the
included patch. To play, just start up a normal Deathmatch game and frag away!
You will randomly spawn as a Civilian or Heavy Weapons Guy in this port.

 boom.exe -file civsaw.wad -deh civsaw.deh

See above, but you don't need to load the patch.

 mbf.exe -file civsaw.wad

In this port, half the players will always spawn as HWGuys and half will
always spawn as Civilians. This is the closest you can get to the original TF
thus far. The Civs should try and take the flag (red key) to the capture point
(blue skull). Unfortunately, this also means that HWGuys can return the flag,
and can also capture the Civies flag (blue skull) too! I can't help this, as
CTF rules are different from TF rules.

Since you DON'T spawn with keys in CTFDOOM, you will not be able to leave the
map early. You will also need to load the patch with this port.

 ctfdoom.exe -file civsaw.wad -deh civsaw.deh -ctf

Since CTFDOOM is just a different version of DOSDOOM, this port works the same
way, albeit without the flag captures.

 dosdoom.exe -file civsaw.wad -deh civsaw.deh

DOOM Legacy
Also easy, just load the WAD file and patch. You can setup your DM options in
the menu. I'd recommend using the Blue Max Quakeguy skin, which you can get
off the Doom Legacy homepage.

 legacy.exe -file civsaw.wad -deh civsaw.deh

The easiest port to setup for, you can not only setup all your DM options from
the menus but you can also load just the WAD file. There are two ways to play
in ZDoom as well. You can start up a normal DM game and play against friends,
or start a DM game by yourself and use the 'addbot' command in the console
to add some computer opponents.

Do NOT load the railgun patch that comes with ZDoom, or else it will mess things
up for this map. There aren't any plasma guns in here anyway..

 zdoom.exe -file civsaw.wad

For all source ports, 'Weapons Stay' should be on, and 'Item Respawn' should be
on as well. If using ZDoom, you can type 'dmflags 20804' in the console to set these.
I'd also recommend a timelimit of 10-15 minutes, and a fraglimit of 100.

Please read the included documentation with your engine to see how to set
these options up.

Game/Map #              : Doom 2, MAP01
Demos Replaced          : N/A

Supported Modes         : Deathmatch (16 Starts) & Capture the Flag (8 Starts)
Difficulty Settings     : None

Base                    : A UAC facility on Phobos. Oh, I mean, all new
                          level from scratch!

Build Time              : One day.

Editor(s) used          : DETH v4.42
                          BSP 3.0
                          NWT v1.3
                          RMB v2.1
                          Wintex v4.3

Level Statistics        : THINGS   - 246
                          VERTICES - 773
                          LINEDEFS - 961
                          SIDEDEFS - 1330
                          SECTORS  - 140

Known Bugs              : You cannot play this map with the standard Doom2.exe.
                          When using source ports which don't support BOOM
                          functions, the lighting around the lamps doesn't
                          look realistic (notice the ceiling).

 Authors are NOT permitted to use this compilation as a base for their own.

 You MAY distribute this compilation, provided it is the original ZIP file.

 id Software provides no support for any user add-ons, including this one.
 All mentioned trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

 This map copyright (C) J.C. Bengtson

Civilian Sawmill (MAP01)

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