An addon for Doom2 ZDOOM with three new levels, new music/graphics, lots of ACS scripts, a dehacked patch and a storyline. These maps were made wit...

Claustrophobia: The Walls Close In (version 1.1, revised)
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
Version 1.1 - fixed the script lag in map03 at the archvile ambush
Update to: /levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/
(you can get it at:

Read the story/gameplay sections of this text and follow the in-game story,
etc.  This wad is just not the same without it.  Also, read what I have to
say about gameplay and difficulty settings.  Follow these suggestions if you
want to avoid unnecessary frustration and confusion.  I know some of you may
hate reading but this time it's worth it.

Once you've played through this, DO NOT SPOIL THE WAD FOR THOSE WHO
HAVEN'T.  It's all too easy to accidentally blab about an ambush or a
twist in the storyline.
Title           : Claustrophobia: The Walls Close In (version 1.1, revised)
Filename(s)     :, claust.wad, claust.bat, claust.txt
Author          : Virgil the Doom Poet
Previous Works  : AfterDOOM2: Deep Space Pursuit, pre-release (
                  Black and White (
                  Dark Castle (
                  Ash 2 Ash (
                  The Lost Seraphim (
Email           : <email removed>
                  I appreciate any feedback.  The more the better.
Description     : An addon for Doom2 ZDOOM with three new levels, new
                  music/graphics, lots of ACS scripts, a dehacked patch and a
                  storyline.  These maps were made with the concept of
                  claustrophobia in mind, hence the name.  Don't expect to
                  have plenty of space to dodge.
                  On a side note, this is the first wad in which I
                  experiment with STARTAN textures.

STORY           : After surviving the hellspawn-overrun castle (see
                  "Dark Castle" -, you barely escaped back to
                  your own time.  Everything on Earth seemed fine, no satanic
                  signs, no zombies anywhere.  However, the base that
                  contained the gate which sent you back through time had a
                  different story.  After sending you to the entrance of the
                  hell-ridden castle, the gate became destabilized.  At
                  first, it seemed like just another magnetic storm, but then
                  a creature stepped through.

                  You arrived back at another location, so the base's events
                  didn't reach you until the day after your victory.  You
                  were awakened by a phonecall at 3:25 in the morning:

                  "Get your ass over to the nearest military installation on
                  the double!  We've got a situation..."

                  After explaining the 'situation', you were briefed.  You
                  were to lead a squad of SEALs into the rebuilt base on
                  Deimos.  You were to scout the area and to report back
                  with information about what the military would be dealing
                  with.  As you went into the main entrance, it for some
                  reason shut behind you and your squad.

                  At first, there was only one loss.  Around half an hour
                  later, the SEALs started dropping like flies.  They came
                  out of nowhere.  16 veteran soldiers, including you, went
                  in.  An hour later, only 2 others were left.  These 2
                  survivors then disappeared in a series of shrieks in a
                  poorly lit hallway.  You somehow managed to escape from the
                  dark, clawed shapes.  You ran.  Then you ran some more.
                  You stumbled upon an door, managed to open it and tripped
                  right into the claws of an imp.

                  All you have left is a pistol.  Screw finding information.
                  You're scared, confused, and, most of all, pissed off.
                  Might as well start by taking it out on the imp.

GAMEPLAY        : First off, the best way to play this wad is in a dark room
                  with no outside distractions.  The music volume should be
                  as loud as the sound volume and both should be very audible.
                  I suggest headphones.  Jumping is required and occasionally
                  mouselooking is recommended.  Don't save unless you want to
                  spoil the gameplay.  My scripts will save for you using
                  autosave.  If you don't like the gameplay and you happen to
                  have saved instead of using my scripts' autosaves, I will
                  not accept your criticisms of gameplay, period.  Use only
                  the autosaves. (Am I repeating myself?) There are no
                  autosaves on map01, 4 on map02, 4 on map03, 3 on
                  map04.  Last but not least, here are some pointers.  If you
                  really don't want to read them, at least read the first two.
                  I'd read them...

                  1)    The bosses were NOT made to be beaten on the 1st try.  I
                        know they're hard, but I purposely made them so.  Resist
                        saving.  Keep reloading from those autosaves.  Get to know
                        their attacks, their patterns, when they're vulnerable
                        and for how long.  Even on skill 3, it will probably take a
                        lot more than a couple of tries to beat each of them.  I've
                        beaten each with more than 100 health and 100 armor left
                        on skill 3.  Repeatedly.  In a row.  So stop whining.
                        What kind of boss would it be if it couldn't show off all
                        its moves before it died?
                        (If you really want a detailed explanation of how to
                        beat them, email me.  They're quite easy if you know or
                        figure out how.)
                  2)    At exactly two spots (the beginning of MAP02 and the
                        beginning of MAP04) the detail can slow the game down.
                        The best solution is to temporarily turn down the
                        resolution.  For example, my 1.7Ghz 512 SDRAM computer
                        runs those spots at around 20-30 fps with 640*480
                        resolution but runs them at 50-60 fps with 320*240
                  3     If in-game conversations are too fast to read, they're all
                        logged to the console, so feel free to go to the console and
                        read it AFTER the cinematic sequence is over.
                  4)    If there's a shitload of fireballs all heading
                        toward your shins, jumping can be a good idea.  Likewise,
                        if it's raining fireballs, mouselooking can help.
                  5)    The higher the difficulty level, the more fireballs
                        bosses throw.
                  6)    Don't get too cocky with dodging.  Certain enemies in
                        the later maps can predict where you're going to go
                        and then shove some hot tasty turd down your helmet.
                        (courtesy of zdoom's Thing_ProjectileIntercept)
                  7)    At two points in the game you will temporarily be given
                        the power of flight.  It's quite obvious where.
                        Mouselook + flight = height change = a 3rd dimension to
                        dodge in.

Revisions       : Lots of changes to gameplay/scripting in map01.
                  Fixed a bug in map03 that made players get stuck if they
                  played on a skill lower than Hurt Me Plenty.
Credits to      : The makers of DOOM editing utilities in general, ID
                  Software, various PWAD makers (too numerous to mention)
                  for inspiration and Pascal "Gherkin" Vd Heiden for not giving
                  up on Doom Builder

 Play Information 

Engine                  : ZDOOM 2.0 beta 60 or higher
Episode and Level #     : MAP01-MAP03
Single Player           : Yes!
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : No, but starts are there.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No, but starts are there.
DIFFICULTY SETTINGS     : Yes.  They are as follows:

                          skill 1 = You suck so much you can't even kill a
                          Baron of Hell with 100 cells and a plasma gun.
                          skill 2 = You don't suck (too much), but you can't
                          fight in cramped places even if your life depended
                          on it.  And it does.
                          skill 3 = What most of you should choose.
                          skill 4 = Even if you're the best doomer in the
                          world, CHOOSE SKILL 3.  I'm not joking, you've been
                          warned.  Even _I_ die at this skill level.  Play
                          this skill only if you've beaten it on skill 3.
                          Otherwise, it'll destroy you faster than a CPL
                          Counter-Strike team.
                          skill 5 = Doesn't work; screws up the scripting.

                          (In case you haven't noticed, this is aimed
                          particularly at those of you who always choose
                          Ultra-Violence, regardless of what wad file you're
                          playing.  Do the right thing, have fun.  At least
                          for the first time you play through, choose "Hurt
                          Me Plenty."  If you first play it on UV and then
                          whine about it, I will, again, not listen to what
                          have to say about gameplay.)

New Sounds              : Yes.  I eliminated the DSPSTOP sound.
New Music               : YES!!
New Graphics            : Yes.  Some of my original flats, TITLEPIC/ENDPIC
                          and some extra stuff...
Dehacked                : Yes.  They're not just text changes either...
Demos Replaced          : No.  Send me some if you manage to record them.
How to load the wad     : If you don't know how, unzip the zip file
                          ( into the directory that has ZDOOM and
                          the doom2 wad (doom2.wad).  The batch file
                          (claust.bat) will take care of it.


Base                    : The idea of getting trapped in a small room, with
                          a Baron of Hell to keep you company.  Oh yeah, and
                          the usual delusional thoughts and sheer creativity.
Editor(s) used          : DMapEdit 4.0, NWT for music/graphics changes,
                          Doom Builder.
                          *Doom Builder is more awesome than DMapEdit, heh*
Known Bugs              : None that I can see.  Everything has been very
                          thoroughly playtested.

May not run with        : anything other than ZDOOM 2.0 beta 60 or higher

 About the Music 
The original MP3 files were all found and
downloaded using an internet browser.  I then used
an MP3 mixer to produce low-quality snippets.

PSX01: a snippet from an mp3 from psxmusic.wad
PSX05: a snippet from an mp3 from psxmusic.wad
PSX06: a snippet from an mp3 from psxmusic.wad
PSX21: a snippet from an mp3 from psxmusic.wad
(full credit goes to Elbryan42 for the making of
psxmusic wad and also full credit for the mp3s to
their respective authors)

Q_DOE_03: a snippet from the Quake DOE Soundtrack

D_DM2TTL: a snippet from the main theme of
Resident Evil, the movie.

D_DM2INT: D_READ_M from Final DOOM, TNT: Evilution.

D_B1: Lavos boss theme (2nd battle) from Chrono

D_B2: Lavos boss theme (final battle) from
Chrono Trigger.

D_B3_1: A snippet from Final Fantasy 3 Final
Battle, part 1

D_B3_2: A snippet from the song in Resident Evil
the movie.  It's the one that was playing when they
first encountered the zombies.

Full credit goes to the authors of the MP3s.
And when I say FULL credit, that means FULL; NONE
is to be given to me for their excellent work.
This wad would literally not exist without these


Authors MAY use these levels as a base to build additional levels
but you have to give me credit.
Authors MAY NOT make profit with these levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD (and please do), provided you include
these files, with no modifications.  You may distribute these files in any
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include these
files intact without any modifications.

 Where to get this WAD 

3DARCHIVES.IN-SPAN.NET and its mirrors, or my website

=   My website is at:                                                   =
=                                                                         =
=                                      =
=                                                                         =
=                                                                         =

stranded, but not alone (MAP01)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

dark reminiscences (MAP02)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

a rift between dimensions (MAP03)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

the cause (MAP04)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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