Ok, now this isn't your normal Deathmatch level. Yes, it's called "co"dead for a reason. You play on cooperative mode! Let me explain. Th...

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Title:               Codead.wad
Author               Emil Brundage
Email Address:       <email removed>
Misc. Author Info:   ...
Description:         Ok, now this isn't your normal Deathmatch level. Yes,
                     it's called "co"dead for a reason. You play on
                     cooperative mode! Let me explain. This map is kinda like
                     playing capture the flag, in teams of two. Basicly the
                     whole point of the match is to get the key on the
                     opponent's side and get back to your side to exit.
                     That's the basic concept, and if you
                     can figure out the rest w/o reading all of
                     this go ahead. If you need help, here's the details...
                        Each side starts with a different color key. This key
                     opens a door on the other side of the map that your
                     opponents are guarding. You want to get to thier side
                     and steal the "flag" that they guard. The flag is
                     actually the blue skull key. Once you get the flag you
                     need to get back to your starting point so you can open
                     the blue door and exit. Remember, the other team is
                     trying to do the same thing, so you need to guard your
                     side to prevent them from stealing your flag. Got all
                     that? Just test out the map some and you should be able
                     to figure it out.
Ok, so what does playing DM on coop mean? Well, think about it... perhaps the
coolest thing is that you can see each other on the map, and look through each
other's eys! You know what that means, no hiding or sneaking around. Ok, so
that's a good thing.
You won't be able to get loaded on weapons because in coop weapons and ammo
don't come back. I only stuck weapons on w/o ammo for the most part, except
for a few exceptions on easy difficulty. That's also why I gave you a chain-
saw at the start...
There are all three difficulty settings, with more weapons the easier you set
it. You can also play with or without monsters, whatever floats your boat.

Now I have to admit that I am not sure this wad will actually work. I can't
play test it, 'cause I have no means of setting up a 4 player game. It works
for two players too, but it is really meant for four. It may
have been better if I just had made one path instead of three, and so on.
I really just hoped this might give some ideas to all you other level build-
ers out there so more wads like this can be created & refined.
Send me any questions or comments! <email removed>


        * Play Info *

Level               : Map1
Single Player       : Sure
Coop 2-4            : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4      : If you must
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Graphics        : No
New Sound           : No
New Music           : Yes (Fade To Black...MetallicA)
Demos Replaced      : None


        * Construction *

Base                 : New Level from scratch
Editor used          : DEUv6.66B
Date Completed       : May 97
Bugs                 : You tell me!


        * Copyrights / Permissions *

Arthors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD provided you include this file with no
modifications. You MAY distribute this file in any electronic format as
long as you include this file intact.


        * Wanted! *

I need to find an editor for either episode of Final DOOM. I don't even need
one that would moves walls ect, just one to change the wall textures. If any-
one out there has one or knows where to get one please Email me at
<email removed> 


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