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Compiled Death
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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05
Title                   : Compiled Death
File Name               : COMPDETH.WAD
For                     : DOOM II

Author                  : Scott Smith 
Email Addresses         : <email removed>
                          <email removed>

Other works             : ARCHDETH.WAD, ORIGDETH.WAD,
                          WESTDETH.WAD, MEDIDETH.WAD,
                          MINIDETH.WAD, CYBRDTH2.WAD,
                          CYBRDETH.WAD, E1M1SAS.WAD,
                          E2M1SAS.WAD, LMP20.EXE

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Maps 1-5
Single Player           : Nada.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Cooperative play is for old ladies.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yayuh!
New Sounds              : Yes.
New Graphics            : Yes.
New Music               : No.

Additional Notes        : These levels should be played WITH
                          monsters; they are needed for SFX
                          and traps.

Credits:                  Everyone who helped me beta test these

                          Don, the Sysop of the Greaser's Palace
                          BBS in Tampa, FL, which is THE most
                          happenin' BBS in the Bay area. If you
                          want to check out the BBS, give it a
                          call at 813-462-5351. We're waiting
                          for you... <G>

* Description *


          This map started out as nothing more than a test bed to
          try out my wall map concept, but I continued to edit it
          after proving that the map would work and it has turned
          into a great DeathMatch level.

          One of the main features is an electronic wall map that
          will display the location of other players with little
          blue lights when they enter various regions of the
          level; there's also an audible ::DING:: when a light
          flashes on. By using two arrays of teleporters in the
          map room (which are positioned relative to the wall
          map), you can quickly get to any main area of the
          level. The trick is to watch the wall map for movement
          and then quickly jump into the teleporter that takes
          you to the closest location.

          There are also some cool TURBO lifts, which are either
          all the way up, or all the way down... there is no in
          between state. These allow you to get to the top of the
          tower in a split second.

          Other cool features are the ambient sound effects
          (monsters are needed for these) and the cool lighting
          and shading.

          Rev A fixes the outside walls which were prone to suck
          up rockets in the original version. I also noticed how
          DeathMatches in this level quickly turned into plasma-
          fests, so I put a rocket launcher in the tower and
          moved the plasma to a tunnel behind the acidfall, 
          forcing a player to trade some of his health for the
          gun. The exit is also behind the acidfall.


          This is a mod that I did to the original E1M1 from
          DOOM1, which was always a blast to DeathMatch in. The
          changes really improve the flow of the level and make
          it a bit more balanced in terms of weaponry.

          The main addition is the trap, which is controlled from
          the trap control room, located beside the hidden ledge
          (stand on the hidden ledge, turn 90 degrees to your
          left, and run along the very edge of the ledge into the
          wall). When a player springs the trap, he will cause a
          ring of posts to burst from the ground around his
          victim. The next stage in the trap lowers 4 Arviles into
          the room, which will only attack the person(s) caught in
          the trap. After the deed is done, the trap can be
          completely reset for the next victim(s).

          Other features of this level include walls that you
          can climb, a hard to reach plasma gun, and a few other
          minor structural changes.


          This map has an open arena style layout with four main
          weapons depots, located at each corner of the arena.
          There are randomly placed pillars scattered throughout
          the map which provide great cover when you're getting
          bombarded with rockets! DeathMatching in this map
          requires some good maneuverability skills, as you'll
          be dodging in and out of the pillars trying to nail
          your opponent while he's doing the same.

          For solo play, there can be 3 to 6 CyberDemons to
          to battle, depending upon the skill level chosen.
          Skills 4 and 5 have no monsters. This is a great way to
          practice for DeathMatch. If you can beat all 6 Cybers
          without taking any direct hits, you're on the right
          path to being able to crush your opposition over the

          And check out the exit; it's quite smashing!


          This map has a warehouse look to it, with tons of
          crates stacked all over the place. There are lots of
          nooks and crannies to duck into, as well as a few cool
          snipers ledges. All of the weapons are available, but
          the BFG is REAL hard to get in the heat of battle and
          if you make  one wrong move when going for the plasma
          rifle, you'll find yourself on a display pedestal,
          surrounded by Archviles. The other player(s) can take
          a break while you're in the trap and watch you
          literally getting blasted into the ceiling. This was
          the first trap that I ever did...

          In Rev A, I changed the skill level on which the
          roaming Archvile appears; he is now on Skills 1 & 2,
          so that Skill 5 can be played with just the Archies
          in the trap. I also got rid of the monsters on the
          other skill settings, since nobody seemed to use them,


          Well... I wanted an even number of levels in the PWAD,
          so I tossed this one in!

          This map is NOTHING but frags; there's nowhere to run
          and nowhere to hide. Fire a rocket across the room and
          chances are you'll take damage from it! 4 players in
          this level is the most completely ridiculous thing
          you'll ever see. I was laughing so hard the first time
          we played this with four players that I could barely
          control my movements!
* How To Play *

To load COMPDETH into the game, copy COMPDETH.WAD to your DOOM II
directory and enter:

   doom2 -file COMPDETH.WAD

To play it over the modem or on a network, consult the game docs
and the FAQ.

** NOTE!! ** Some shell programs load PWADs without also loading
the internal graphics. If you launch this PWAD from one of those
shells, it will be unplayable! Launch it from the command line,
* Permissions *

Authors may NOT use these levels as a base to build additional
levels without giving me credit for the original versions, as
well as stating the changes made within a text file. Also, 
please don't recycle the COMPDETH name with your modified 
versions. I've found a few modified versions of my other levels 
being passed around with no mention that I created the original 
version, and that SUCKS! Please have a little respect for the 
time involved in creating this WAD by at least mentioning the 
original author!

You may distribute COMPDETH.WAD in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this text file INTACT. 
If COMPDETH.WAD is to be distributed under the COMPDETH name,
the embedded ENDOOM directory entry MUST be included (that's the 
credits that get displayed after quitting the game. If COMPDETH 
is not mentioned there, someone has been screwing with the 
level! Contact me and I'll send you a new copy).


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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