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Title: Core
Filename                : Core.WAD
Author                  : Jake "The Nutcracker" Stevens
E-mail Address: <email removed>  
Discription: A (almost) TC that follows the idea of making a series of small maps with a storyline about hellspawn and such (similar to doom2). It was supposed to follow the "classic" doom2 style gameplay, so it should feel like doom2.
Misc. Author Info       : A young author who likes to "think outside the box" and harness doom in ways people have never thought                            of before. I learned everything I know about doom          from guesses, except basic stuff, which I learned     from a pdf document on how to use doom builder by John W. Anderson
Credits:Tons of people

NOTE:I could not contact people to ask to use their resources so I will say this:

You are entitled to 100% credit and everything else, so please do not complain.


* Story *

In the year 2165, a war for planatary authority took place. Billions of people died out in this war. Small groups of people remaining, fighting despratly for survival moved to Mars in hopes of finding life. Small bases were set up on Mars, fighting despratly, though not quite as despratly as on earth, for survival. Soon, most humans had simply died out. The very few that remained were the super soilders in the war. Most people on Mars had died too, some from lack of survival resources, some from misguided weaponry on earth, some from suicide. One day, everyone on Mars woke up and looked out their windows. Something was missing. It was Diemos. But something ELSE was missing too. Then it hit them. No Inferintial missle systems launching from space. No BFGs firing on earth. The war is over! Or so they thought...

The sun then began to expand it grew and grew and grew. Then it shrunk and exploded... into what would be called "Void of Life" or "Armagedon". It was a black hole! It sucked in all the planets in the solar system. Then the black hole exploded.

The Light Signifies The End Of Humanity.

Or so they thought...

Apperantly, the explosion threw all planets to some different place in the galaxy. All the people on mars woke up, and learned that earth was gone.  Jupiter was gone. The astroid belt was gone. The sun was gone. Everything was gone. Except Phobos. The people saw a ship coming from phobos. They thought the people of Phobos found a way home.

Were there people on Phobos?

Nobody knew for sure. Some people may as well have gone to Phobos. It isn't very far fetched. The war caused so much confusion. What was that? The ship wasn't made of Carbonox! What was it made of? A bizzare, new substance? No, not at all. It was made of HUMAN BODY PARTS!!!!! Then bizzare, nightmarish, completly ugly and disorted creatures skydived down to Mars. One that seemed like a leader, or commander, let out a gutural roar, sounding as though adeclaration of war. The super soilders that ended up on Mars started fighting, but they were no match for these terrifying beasts. One seemed to fight less despratly than the others. They said that he would have to go to phobos and eleminate them. He thought for a second, then hi-jacked the ship they came in. "How do you run this damn thing?" he mummbled to himself. He then, by no fault of his own, sliped and landed face down on a lever labled "Fdfegrunu". The force of his impact pushed the lever forward. Then the ship thrusted forward, straight to Phobos. The ship crashed into Phobos, throwing you into a building. Weird growling noises came from inside. You have no choise. You must face these monsters in a head on assault! So you did. One by one, the monsters fell from your merciless blows. Then several parted. What appeared to be leaders started throwing fireballs at you. But they were odd. You slayed them after a long and painful battle. Then you were banned to hell, but at the last second, a meteor threw you somewhere else. Yes, it was earth! But... what's going on? The monsters are here too! Then you feel a sensation you never felt before. A sensation of hell! You climb on top of a building and think about the situation.

Finally back to earth, yet the war rages on. This time, against demons. How can you fend off an army like this? For all you know, all humans are dead. Can you continue? Will all your hard work be for nothing? The ultimate question is still yet to be asked. Can your battered and bloody body cary you through such a task? Before you can decide, some demons jump down from an aerial fortress. you drop all your weapons except a sub-machine gun to lose weight. Loading in a clip, you shout, "Hell yeah I can!". you jump through the roof to meet your destiny.

Advanced engine needed: Zdoom or GZdoom
Primary purpose: Solo Play, but Co-op and Deathmatch are both possible
* Play Information *

Levels replaced    : 1-20 plus a gameplay test map  It also has a few deathmatch exclusive maps, but I forgot how many, and a Demo map.
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
Dehacked Patch: Yes (It is built into the wad file)
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : No, but they don't show anyways
* Construction *

Time spent: Started June 8, 2005, finished January 4, 2007
Base                    : New from scratch
Editors used            : Doom builder, Slade, SlumpEd, Zennode, Zdbsp
Known Bugs              : It says you found the secret level when you go to level 9/10

Might not run with....: It WILL NOT RUN with anything but Zdoom and GZdoom

New weapons:

1: Attack go-cart: A portable attack gocart that you can drive around the level and use it's thrusters with the jump key (which, conviently, make no noise). The most important feature of this gocart is it's ability to attack by repeatedly squezing the enemy at an astonishingly fast pace until it's skin weakens enough to tear it with the other claw, thus killing the enemy. Also a conveinience, it comes with a built in "Lock-on" feature, which automaticly drives you to close enemies when you are attacking, that is, after the current enemy is dead. Note that the "Lock-On" feature has limited range, so you have to make sure the enemy is close, or it will be useless. Also note that the enemy will have trouble attacking when you are using the gocart against it.

Fist: they are faster and stronger,

2: sub-machine gun: pretty cool gun. one of my favorites

3: shotgun: same thing, just more powerful

3: rifle: long range shotgun, basicly

4: chain pistol: was gonna make two, but they couldn't fire fast enough.

5: missile launcher: its big, its strong, its a missle launcher.

6: plasma gun: same thing, I just made some slight modifications

7: quantum destabilizer: this is pretty much not like the BFG in any way. It, unlike the bfg, can kill a cyb in one hit. Also unlike the bfg, it will harm you if you are too close to your target, just like the rocket launcher, but this has a bigger blast radius. But, alas, it has limited range, so it must be used with extreme care. Summary: Fire too close, you die. Fire too far away, nothing dies, and you lose some ammo.

NOTE: I did not create any of those guns (save for the gocart) and I made up the comments (save for the gocart).

* Where to get this wad *

My homepage, Once I create a homepage. Buh-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa!!!!
Or Doomworld. (BUH-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *cough* *hack* *gasp*)

1: DO NOT JUMP!!!!!

2: Do not cheat, unless you absolutly must.
* Copyright / Permissions *

I don't really care what you do with this wad. Just make sure to say you got it from this wad in the txt file. DO NOT CREDIT ME! The majority of this was taken from other wads and possibly SLIGHTLY modified. I only made the maps, so if you use them, or rip them out and play with them, THEN credit me.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this WAD in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact and ALL files that came with this. (Buh-ha-ha-*hack* *cough* *gasp*) 

intro1 (INTRO1)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

uac labs (MAP01)

sub level 1 (MAP02)

hell (MAP03)

take off (MAP04)

aerial fortress (MAP05)

symbol of doom (MAP06)

escape pod operator (MAP07)

refuling dock (MAP08)

ship crash (MAP09)

brick maze (MAP10)

demon breeder (MAP11)

desalinatation plant (MAP12)

spaceport (MAP13)

spacestation (MAP14)

spaceprison (MAP15)

uac rubble (MAP16)

uac base (MAP17)

demon entry point (MAP18)

uac dig site (MAP19)

valley of heros (MAP20)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns





Landlord demo (MAP31)

Training (MAP32)

Training (MAP33)

Training (MAP34)

titlemap (TITLEMAP)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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