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So, you think you are a whizz with Doom's weaponry? Think again, hot-shot! Take my clay pidgeon target practice, and get to work on random, fast mo...

Cory's Clay Pidgeon Target Practice
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Title                   : Cory's Clay Pidgeon Target Practice
Filename                : cw-targt.wad
Date Finished           : September 2000
Developer               : Cory Whittle
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Releases          : Immoral Conduct, etc.
Misc. Developer Info    : None

Description             : So, you think you are a whizz with Doom's weaponry?
  Think again, hot-shot!
  Take my clay pidgeon target practice, and get to work
  on random, small, fast moving targets!
  For EDGE, I've given all the standard Doom weapons
  an alternate-attack which throws a clay target - see
  if you can hit it before it touches the ground.
  It's that simple.
  A high pitched "Bing!" will signify a hit, while a
  low pitched "bzzt!" will mean you suck real bad : )

  The only weapon I didn't add a target launcher to is the
  BFG9000, and even the RL and PG are useless here.
  Bullet weapons are the easiest to use.

                          Please refer to the hints n' tips section below.
* Play Information *

Required Game           : Doom, Doom II
Required Engine         : EDGE 1.2x
New Graphics            : Yes
New Patch               : DDF files
New Sounds              : Yes, from Half-life
Included Files          : cw-targt.wad

Use: Edge32.exe -file cw-targt.wad -nomonsters

  I recommend a large outdoor area, like the last part
  of map 01. Indoors just doesn't have the same effect.          

* Construction *

Base                    : Watching US Television
Build Time              : 15 minutes, tops, and hours of playing / losing
Editor(s) used          : Notepad, Wintex, PSP
Known Bugs              : Difficult, until you figure out the rythm.
May Not Run With...     : Anything that isn't EDGE

* Copyright \ Permission *

There isn't much to steal here, but if you find something, go ahead.


* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites.

* Other Comments *


For complete incompetent's, I've added two 'cheater'
weapons, on slot 0 - an instant firing accurate pistol,
and an instant firing automatic shotgun.
These weapons don't use ammo, so you can always fire them.
However, you should use the Doom weapons, that's the whole point of

Be on your toes - targets will be launched in a random array, even behind you!

The higher you mouse-look, the farther you'll throw the
target, but I find it's best NOT to look all the way up. About 3/4 is good.

You can easily fire multiple targets - hitting then all is
another story!

A BFG shot will usually clear all those missed targets on the ground.

When in doubt, aim high - try to get your bullet / pellets on the top edge of
the target - works every time!

I would have included a demo, but I didn't feel like being embarrassed..
Let's just say I'm great with the cheater pistol, and leave it at that.

I recommend using the mouse for aiming / firing (you don't need to move around here)
and binding a keyboard key (l-ctrl) to launch a target.

I think EDGE's mouselook should be as free as ZDoom's - way up and way down.

If this gets popular, I'll continue to build on it, so you can get a total
Doom training exercise!


Anyway, get to work, and if you are really good at this, make a demo!

Cory Whittle, September 9 2000.

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