You don't remember what happened, just that you awoke in some kind of building that looked as if it had once been occupied. Eerie noises make you a...

Crabbet Park House
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Title                   : Crabbet Park House
Date                    : November 1998 
Game                    : Doom II plus TeamTNT's BOOM Engine (   
Filename                : CRABBET.WAD           
Author                  : John Bishop

Email Addresses         : <email removed>
                          <email removed>
                          <email removed>

Web pages:              :                           

Author's works          : BrikBlat! (with Chris Christensen)
                          The Honeycomb (with Chris Christensen)
                          The Orangery
                          Crabbet (with Chris Christensen) 
                          The Waterwheel

                          Author of 'Getting Started with DOOM Editing'. 
Contributed to          : BIOWAR (Maps 6 and 13)
                          Plutonia 2 (Maps 3 and 28)          
Description             : You don't remember what happened, just that you
                          awoke in some kind of building that looked as if 
                          it had once been occupied. Eerie noises make you
                          aware that all is not well with this world. Taking
                          a deep breath you walk slowly forward finding some 
                          abandoned ammunition and an old shotgun on the
                          floor. You feel a bit more confident with the 
                          solid weight of the weapon in your hands which is
                          good, because as you round the corner all hell 
                          breaks loose...

                          So, waste the enemies, find the keys, locate
                          the exit and FLEE...           
Notes                   : This WAD requires the BOOM Engine by TeamTNT.
                          If you try to run it under the normal DOOMII
                          Engine you will get massive Visplane errors 
                          in the larger of the two outside areas, some
                          of the effects won't work and you will not be 
                          able to get onto the upper stories of the 
                          building because I have used BOOM's silent 
                          teleports. This also means you won't be able to
                          save the game or reach the exit. Go to TeamTNT's 
                          website for the BOOM Engine - 

                          which is free and has loads of cool new features
                          in it, but mainly 'cos it's bug-free !! At the 
                          time of writing TeamTNT had just released the 
                          final version of BOOM v2.02. Get it - it's FREE!  

                          The BOOM silent teleports take you from floor to 
                          floor (there are four floors in the building) 
                          and I have to thank Chris Christensen for 
                          pointing out how confusing this can be and coming
                          up with the idea for color coding each of the 
                          different floors so you know where you are.
                          There is also a basement again reached by
                          silent teleport. 
                          CRABBET is a WAD based on an actual building
                          called Crabbet Park House, a Queen Anne style
                          mansion built around the end of the 19th 
                          century in Worth, near to Crawley in 
                          West Sussex, UK. This building is owned by a 
                          company at which I used to work. Cameo appearances 
                          by some current and not-so-current company members 
                          are made in this WAD.                                                    
Additional Credits to   : Jack Vermeulen for DeeP97 and help with graphics   
                          Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB version 2.1 
                          Ben Morris for DCK
                          All the guys at TeamTNT for BOOM
                          And, of course, id Software for DOOMII

                          Also thanks to Chris Christensen for support,
                          help, advice and encouragement and Olivier 
                          Montanuy for DeuTex/WinTex. 

                          Special thanks too to Jack Vermeulen who was 
                          very patient when I transferred from DCK to
                          Deep97 and always answered my EMails helpfully.
                          See the Deep97 website at              

                          A special mention too for Graham Street, colleague,
                          friend, HTML guru and graphics wizard who gave 
                          invaluable help with some of the images that
                          appear as wall textures in this WAD as well as
                          help with my websites.

                          Finally, to the makers of OSIRIS.WAD from which
                          the door open/close and teleport sounds originate,
                          and the Alpha Dog Alliance who made the superb TC
                          STRAIN ( 
                          where the shotgun sound came from. Also, to the
                          creator of the amazing 'punch' sound, origin

* Files Supplied *

CRABBET.WAD   The Crabbet Park House WAD
CRABBET.BAT   Batch file to run CRABBET.WAD
CRABBET.BEX   BOOM Engine BEX file for text replacements 
CRABBET.TXT   This text file


* Play Information *

To install              : First install BOOM into directory C:\BOOM then
                          unzip CRABBET.ZIP into C:\DOOM2    
To run this level       : BOOM C:\DOOM2\DOOM2 C:\DOOM2\CRABBET C:\DOOM2\CRABBET.BEX 
                          or use CRABBET.BAT (both from the \BOOM directory)
Level #                 : Map01
Single Player           : Yes whoo-hoo
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (untested) 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes 4 starts (untested) 
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes 
Demos Replaced          : Yes


* Construction *

Base                    : New level built from scratch

Editors used            : DeeP97 by Jack Vermeulen 
                          Doom Construction Kit 3.2 by Ben Morris
                          RMB version 2.1 reject map builder
                          WinTex to change music and sound effects
Known Bugs              : None significant - EMail me if you find any.
                          I am aware of the slight 'flick' when silent
                          teleporting to another floor and hope this 
                          doesn't spoil the game for you.                        
Other info              : This is a pretty big WAD which eventually blew 
                          the maximum number of sidedefs that DCK could
                          cope with (8192) which is why I switched to
                          DeeP, an editor beyond compare which is actively
                          supported (unlike DCK) and has full support 
                          for the BOOM Engine features.

                          Note that in order to build the reject map, the
                          sidedefs and sectors have been packed. This map 
                          is therefore not editable.
                          This WAD took many elapsed months to build... 
                          but then compared to some I'm pretty slow !

* Copyright / Permissions *

Please keep this WAD and its associated TXT file intact and give me
credit for it. Otherwise feel free to distribute it at will.

You may use this WAD as a basis for your own WAD design if you really
need to, but note the remark above about the packed sidedefs. If you
want an editable copy you can have one - EMail me. 

Email me with questions or comments at any of the above addresses.


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