This is the last of a four-level series. Here you encounter The Conspiracy. Something is not right at the UAC (stay tuned for the full story). This...

D.O.A. - The Conspiracy (part 2)
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Title                   : D.O.A. - The Conspiracy (part 2)
Filename                : DOA1-2.WAD
Date Finished           : 11/10/98
Developer               : Dan L'Ecuyer
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Releases          : DOA1-1 (three levels)
Misc. Developer Info    : computer programmer who loves Doom and Defender

Description             : This is the last of a four-level series. Here you
  encounter The Conspiracy. Something is not right
  at the UAC (stay tuned for the full story).
  This is a fairly large map with a lot of detail,
  including several special effects (dontcha love
  that?). Like the first three maps in this series,
  the emphasis is on a realistic look and feel. The
  game play is designed for the average player but
  it's still tough no matter how you cut it.
  I have included a demo of me finishing part 1 in
  UV according to the rules of the challenge. Of
  course, you will need DOA1-1.WAD to play the demo.
  Check the file DOA1-Y.TXT for more information.

Additional Credits to   : id software (of course)
  Matthew Ayres for WADED (source code please)
  Robert Fenske, Jr. for WARM
  Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB
  Justin Fisher for the sky graphic
  SAMS Publishing for "3D Game Alchemy"
  All of the people who keep Doom alive (yes!)
  For Doom news, is the best!


* Play Information *

Episode and Map #       : E2M7 (Ultimate Doom)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative             : Yes
Deathmatch              : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Music               : No
New Graphics            : Yes (just the sky)
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : hellcast.wad - 03/26/95 - by Richard Dignall
  (um, it's been mangled beyond recognition)

Build Time              : 5 months (well worth it!)

Editor(s) used          : WadEd v1.88, WARM v1.6, RMB v2.1, WadAuthor

Known Bugs              : The end part of this map really puts a strain on
  the Doom engine. I've eliminated all visplane
  errors (well, almost) but there is one case of HOM
  which cannot be fixed ('cept by running one of the
  Doom source ports). This occurs at the east end of
  the map if you open the red key door and look
  inside while the castle keep is in view.

May Not Run With...     : Works fine on Ultimate Doom v1.9 but Doom95 may
  crash at the end part of the level. This is caused
  by a visplane error (Doom95 allows slightly fewer
  visplanes than the DOS version). The visplane error
  is avoidable. If you get hit by it, reboot Win95
  and reload the game (you did save it, right?). Now
  try again but follow a different route. Doom95
  should work perfectly this time. Go figure.

Copyright: None. Do what thou wilt.


  The Story

   Your contact, a highly placed UAC official and former army general, whom
you know only as Commander Dwight, has informed you that an unidentified
person or persons at the UAC is believed to be conspiring with the hellspawn.
How this is possible is unknown but one theory is that the hellspawn have
bred human lookalikes who, over the course of several years, may have
established themselves in positions of authority on Mars and possibly Earth.
   Five years ago, there was a major scandal at Mars UAC because an important
research project funded by the Martian government which was purportedly for
the purpose of developing a fusion power capability on Mars was, in fact, an
attempt to build a fusion bomb with the potential to destroy a planet the
size of Jupiter. Fortunately, the researchers jumped ship when they uncovered
the true purpose of their research (they are now under protective custody on
Earth). However, it is believed that the research had progressed far more
than even the researchers themselves realized at the time and that the
results of the research may have fallen into the hands of some unknown power.
It is quite possible that a small fusion bomb has already been built. 

   This mission takes place in a sprawling castle in the Balkans. The owners
and occupants, two wealthy industrialists, are believed to be dead and UAC
Intelligence has discovered signs of hellspawn activity there. Intelligence
also reports that, over the past several months, there has been a series of
raids on interplanetary transports. Among the stolen items are a portable
power generator, a classified sub-space communications terminal, and four
ion-powered rocket boosters. They have been traced back to Earth to the
general area of your mission destination. Other items stolen in the transport
raids have raised the suspicion that someone is assembling a bomb of some
type. Since no plutonium has been found missing, it seems unlikely that the
bomb will use nuclear fission.

   "Imagine a rocket capable of being launched from any planet in the solar
system and aimed at any other. Imagine also that this rocket carries the
mythical fusion bomb as its payload. I like to call it the Doomsday Drone.
By any name, it shall be the most feared creation in the history of mankind.
To strike from the heavens with impunity, ah, that is the power of a god."

  - Martian Times Magazine, April, 2049


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